Local web links affected by major cyber attack.

If some of your favorite sites do not work today, then blame it on a major outage resulting from a cyber attack. For example, SoundCloud which is used to bring programming from a local show hosted by a one time Mayor of Watertown who publishes a link on Newzjunky has been affected.

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Many sites including Twitter, Shopify and Spotify suffering outage


“Bribe or not, it’s clear that Iberdrola’s push in Vermont isn’t being driven by consumer demand; it’s being driven by subsidies….It’s being done in the name of climate change. But it’s really about corporate profits.”

Big Wind Tries Voter Payola in Vermont 
 A wind-energy company is so desperate for federal subsidies, it will give part of them to citizens. 

by Robert Bryce 
October 20, 2016 

A wind-energy company is so desperate for federal subsidies, it will give part of them to citizens. A foreign wind-energy company is in such a hurry to collect the maximum possible amount of subsidies from the U.S. Treasury that it has taken an unprecedented step: It has promised to share the federal gravy with individual voters in two Vermont towns, Grafton and Windham. Earlier this month, Spanish energy company Iberdrola announced that it plans to distribute about $565,000 per year among 815 registered voters in the two towns. The payments would continue for 25 years. 

But here’s the catch: On November 8, the towns of Grafton and Windham are holding referenda to decide the fate of Iberdrola’s 82-megawatt Stiles Brook wind project. If voters reject the project, Iberdrola will pay them nothing.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/441228/

Update: JLL readers have informed me that the link
provided by National Review is not working. I will
continue to work on access to this excellent article.

Western New York is vigorously defending their Lake Ontario Shores against becoming sacrificed to Apex Energy wind turbines.


Orleans Hub
Posted 18 October 2016 
The table below shows the results of an analysis of public comments made to the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) website in relation to the Lighthouse Wind Project as proposed for the Towns of Yates and Somerset by APEX Energy. A total of 855 comments submitted were assessed by quarter with comments tabulated and organized by support (in-favor) and opposition (opposed) to the project.
All comments made to the NYSDPS site regarding the Lighthouse Wind Project were included in the assessment and as stated, cover the time period from Q1-2015 through Q3-2016. All comments were read fully in order to ascertain position regarding the wind project. The positions were tabulated as in-favor or opposed to the project.
The results are as follows:
Date Comments In-favor Comments Opposed % In-favor % Opposed
Q1-2015 0 44 0% 100%
Q2-2015 0 98 0% 100%
Q3-2015 36 160 19% 82%
Q4-2015 56 140 29% 72%
Q1-2016 31 165 16% 84%
Q2-2016 3 33 8% 92%
Q3-2016 21 67 24% 76%
Total 148 707 17% 83%
The overall results for this time period are as follows
Comments In-Favor of Lighthouse Wind Project = 148
Comments Opposed to Lighthouse Wind Project = 707

Village of Cape Vincent solar project is still NOT connected even though it was completed last spring.

Village Board announces new plan for solar project


Apex Energy industrial wind facility sold to a Canadian company could "lead to the end of U.S. Navy flights" in the area. Should Jefferson County risk sacrificing Fort Drum operations to large scale industrial wind?

Wind farm construction begins ahead of U.S. Navy report

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - The Chapman Ranch wind farm project is now under construction and one Nueces County Commissioner does not feel that it is good news.
"I would say that I think this is a sad day for our community," Commissioner Mike Pusley said.
Pusley said the wind farm could lead to the end of U.S. Navy flights in our area.


Long time Thousand Island visiter and tourism customer tells the New York State Public Service Commission what his family thinks about sacrificing the beautiful region to industrial wind turbines.

The following comment was recently posted in the public record of the NYSPSC matter of the proposed Horse Creek industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone:

My family has been vacationing in the Clayton / 1000 Islands area for over 100 years.  My Grandparents vacationed and spent their honey moon in the area along with my parents and all other members of my family. There simply is not another place like it on Earth. We have become close friends with several of the families and people that reside in Clayton and surrounding communities. We had an opportunity to stay near Cape Vincent several years ago and had the dis-pleasure of having to observe the wind farm on Wolfe Island. One of the most horrible views we have ever seen in that region. And now, another one is being entertained to be parked right in the very area that we have grown to love coming to, Clayton. We visit several times a year as well as spending a great deal of money during our visits. We were hoping that our son would have been able to carry on our tradition when the time comes that we have passed on. However, if the blight of the proposed wind power site is approved and constructed, we will most surely abandon a long standing tradition and seek to begin a new path of vacation and tourism enjoyment elsewhere. It's not just the vast array of shops, businesses and people that we have come to know and love as being the only reason we have become so attached to the area. It is the second to none views and beauty of the entire area. In closing, I applaud the courage and tenacity of the citizens of Cape Vincent, another beautiful and quaint community, that stopped invasive wind advancement into their town. I only hope the wonderful people of Clayton and it's neighboring communities possess the same courage to protect not only their home town, but an area that has become so near and dear to those of us that it welcomes with open arms the year round.


White Pigeon (Release dove?) spent the afternoon mooching Wiley sunflower seeds.

RWiley Photo

When I was a kid it was not unusual to see a large flock of white pigeons flying around Cape Vincent. they were kept by the family of my good friend,  Brooks.

Weekly News summary by the Coalition for the Preservation of the Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region.

Go here to post a comment on the Galloo project:

Go here to post a comment on the Horse Creek (Clayton, Orleans, Lyme, Brownville) project:

If you would like to study the kinds of public comments that are coming in on the Lighthouse project in Yates and Somerset, use this link:
There are some scripted pro-wind comments posted by leaseholders.  The vast majority strongly oppose the project.

Parishville-Hopkinton-Colton projects FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/156835897709620/ 
http://images.pennnet.com/digitalmedia/newsletters/spacer.gif?bid=1552611&eid=294711299The agreed purchase price is set at $800 million, plus an additional $100 million of net working capital at closing. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year.
Posted: 14 Oct 2016 10:21 AM PDT
Posted: 15 Oct 2016 05:55 AM PDT
Posted: 14 Oct 2016 04:23 AM PDT
Posted: 12 Oct 2016 01:21 PM PDT
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GE buys out LM 

Tue Oct 11, 2016 http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161011005839/en

Posted: 12 Oct 2016 03:30 AM PDT
Clean Energy Investment Dropped 43% in Worst Quarter Since 2013

U.S. Tax Credit Powers Wind-Farm Upgrades
Wind-power producers rush to renovate existing facilities in boon for turbine manufacturers  http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-tax-credit-powers-wind-farm-upgrades-1475884313

Iowa wind farm generates more tax credits than electricity

It’s easy to list the benefits of renewable energy, but calculating the costs can be difficult, like the impact on birds.  http://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/32704/20161007/great-lakes-wind-farms-cause-concerns-about-risks-to-birds
Vermont cabin becomes lab to study wind turbine noise 

Sunday morning email from Jim Weigand. Buffalo area NRP article and public discussion.

Great Lakes wind energy plans cause concerns about risks to birds 

  OCT 3, 2016 
It’s easy to list the benefits of renewable energy, but calculating the costs can be difficult, like the impact on birds.


Comment to the New York State Public Service Commission regarding the sacrifice of the Towns of Orleans, Clayton, Brownville and Lyme to Iberdrola's industrial wind turbines: "The noise and visual impacts will diminish property values in the area and make my retirement home a nightmare. "

TO: Public Service Commission NYS

RE: Horse Creek Wind Farm Towns of Orleans, Clayton, Brownville and Lyme
In 2002, I purchased 100 acres of land in the Towns of Orleans and Clayton and constructed what I considered to be my retirement dream home.  My property now is right in the middle of the proposed wind farm or more appropriately an Industrial Wind Development.
It is my belief that wind developments of this size have no place in this area along the 1000 Islands and St Lawrence River.  Gone will be the days of the beautiful 1000 Islands majestic beauty.  The Horse Creek Project and the others that will follow this project will change this area more totally, more rapidly and more permanently that anything erected in the past.  New York¿s policy to increase to 30 percent the State reliance on renewable energy production promotes wind energy projects.
Hydro power already provides 19 percent of our electricity from renewables. All the wind farms currently operating in New York have driven up the cost of electricity, and have yet to produce more than one percent of the state electrical demand.
Development of a wind farm can change drainage patterns and diminish water quality for both humans and animals.  The blasting required to install the turbines for the Horse Creek development could destroy the aquifer within the project and surrounding area causing wells to dry up.
The proposed project is adjacent to Perch River, a 7,862-acre State Wildlife Management Area preserve well known for its water fowl, migratory bird, and fur bearing populations.   The operation of wind turbines will kill countless birds and bats.  The noise and visual impacts will diminish property values in the area and make my retirement home a nightmare.  
In summary; wind energy in NYS produces little more that 22 percent of its rated capacity.  This means the Horse Creek development estimated 205 megawatts of capacity would only yield about 45 megawatts of  demonstrated capacity.  One nuclear plant with 1000 megawatts of capacity could replace numerous wind farms the size of  Horse Creek and save 1000 of acres of land along the lower St. Lawrence River.
If it was not for Federal Five Year depreciation tax credit and the Production Tax Credit plus the New York State System Benefits Charge (SBC) which provides millions in grants for wind farms and the local County Industrial Development agenciess making projects exempt from local property and sales taxes for the first 15 years of operation in return for a payment-in-lieu of taxes worth about 25 percent of what they would otherwise pay, wind farms would not exist.

Read this comment and submit your own to the PSC at this link.

'“The settlement does not guarantee approval,” Mr. Storandt said."

Clayton town board and developer reach settlement on moratorium


"For its part, the wind power company agreed not to proceed with the Article 10 process before March."

Settlement Allows Clayton Wind 

Power Project To Move Forward


This is what Iberdrola wants to do to the Towns of Clayton, Orleans, Lyme and Brownville.

Today's Supreme Court Hearing of Iberdrola vs Clayton, NY in the matter of the Town of Clayton moratorium on industrial wind turbine meteorological towers did not take place.

Jefferson County citizens who showed up to observe today's scheduled 9:00 AM Supreme Court hearing at the Dulles State Office Building were surprised to find that, according to the court clerk, the matter was "settled out of court". No details of that settlement were given.

Also, it appears that no announcement has been made to the public by Iberdrola-Avangrid presently involved in a PIP (Public Involvement Program) as part of their seeking of an Article 10 application for the siting of their Horse Creek industrial wind facility in the Towns of Orleans, Clayton, Lyme and Brownville.

In the action, Iberdrola-Avangrid challenged the Town of Clayton's home rule right to set a moratorium on development issues of local concern.

From the JLL email, FAA revised lighting regulations for tall structures.

Contributed by a JLL reader:


I first noticed this the other day when visiting Clayton: There is a cell tower  across the road from Spicer Bay.  This was once lit with red lights, which have now been replaced by the white flashing LEDs, per the new laws. This creates a terrible flash on the water near Spicer Bay, often emanating into living areas of nearby homes.  It is like a strobe light at a rave or dance club. I imagine that many people (Spicer Bay, inside of Round Island, those with views back towards Spicer Back from islands in the River) have not seen this as they have closed for the season.  Now imagine many dozens of these lights due to wind towers.

The good news is that the FAA has also approved radar systems that can be put in place near tall structures that run these lights (including wind towers) that sense when there is an airplane within a few miles radius. When a plane approaches, the lights flash until the object clears the radar radius. When there is no hazard nearby, the towers are 'dark' and the visual resource of the Dark Sky remains unmolested. 

The second piece of good news is that there is already precedent for wind towers to employ this technology. One recent example in the Green Mountains of Vermont would employ this radar system, preserving the dark skies of the mountain ridge-line,  a not dissimilar visual resource to the dark skies over the islands and shorelines of the River. In fact, Vermont is planning on making this a requirement on all wind projects. 

Lyme draft zoning law re-defines Pt. Peninsula waterfront property.

Contributed by a JLL reader

The town of Lyme has entered the final stretch of their path to a new and revised zoning ordinance Unlike the Clayton, Orleans and Brownville wind laws, Lyme has emulated the Cape Vincent all inclusive feature, by integrating wind and other renewable energy sources into a single comprehensive zoning law. The town board voted last Oct. 12 to set a public hearing date for November 9 at 6:15PM. The proposed law changes the definition for waterfront properties. Where in the past waterfront parcels were only classified WF up to a 500 foot distance from Lake Ontario or the Chaumont River, now the entire parcel will be classified as WF. This, so I'm told, has no bearing on the assessment. The major impact is a patchwork quilt of WF parcels, some more than a mile deep that bear the label NP (not permitted) for a whole range of land uses ranging from wind energy conversion systems to farm operations. 

When defining waterfront property, the proposed Town of Lyme Draft Zoning Law, includes this version showing waterfront properties defined as parcels which would be bear the label NP (not permitted) for a whole range of land uses ranging from wind energy conversion systems to farm operations.

In contrast, the diagram below is the current zoning map for Pt. Peninsula which shows an overlay district in the middle of the island that sets industrial wind turbines two miles back from the shore line.