Friday, October 24, 2014

Your community-minded Cape Vincent candidates with whom you can trust the business of your town and village.

Town and Village voters will find their Cape Vincent Candidates on Republican Line B of the 2014 ballot.

Is the Cape Vincent Democrat Party leadership so ashamed of their candidates that they threw them under the bus and failed to get them a spot on the 2014 Ballot?

DANC's answers to 20 questions fail to support Cape Vincent Citizens' Water Committee contention that Town Water District #2 members are being treated unfairly and that a proposed raise in Village of Cape Vincent water rates is DANC's fault.

Town and Village of Cape Vincent continuing "Water Wars". Political Smoke and Mirrors by the Cape Vincent Democrat-CFG?

For years now, Town of Cape Vincent Water District #2 members have been complaining that their water rates are unfair. Three members of the Water District #2 get their water directly from the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) water line and are billed by the Town which is the Water Commissioner, having a legal agreement with DANC. In turn, using private infrastructure, they provide (sell) water they purchase from the town to numerous "outside users" who are not members of any town water district. 

As the legal Commissioner of Water for all of the Town of Cape Vincent, Water Districts, the town board has set a water rate schedule for District #2 and is responsible for collection of the fees. 

In the spring of 2014 a Citizen Water Committee, never recognized as an appointed function of the town board, was formed and is chaired  by Town of Cape Vincent Democrat Chairman  and Darrell Aubertine political ally, Tim White. Tim White, who has spoken for the committee at town meetings, has publicly promoted the appearance that something was amiss with DANC's water line operation and with the way the Urban Hirschey town board  had set the fee schedule. White has referred to Water District #2  DANC water as the purchasing of "bad chicken". Tim White worked hard to get Darrell Aubertine's son, Paul, who sits on the town board elected. Councilman Aubertine's  immediate major role on the town board thus far has been that of an advocate for his father's and other member's Water District #2 as they sought a better deal, while trying to make the Urban Hirschey Town Board and DANC look bad.

Marty Mason, the Cape Vincent Democrat choice for town board (Although they failed to get any candidates on the 2014 ballot.) , is a member of Tim White's Citizen's Water Committee. Darrell Aubertine, a member of District #2 ,who is passing on water to numerous outside users (customers), has also been speaking at town meetings. At one time Mr. Aubertine suggested that the town take legal action to get money back from DANC.  Marty Mason also spoke at a town meeting suggesting that the agreement between DANC and the town was not fair. However, as a past member of the town board, before he was removed by the  voters, Marty signed the legal agreement with DANC. The same agreement that they now claim is unfair.

Marty Mason seems to be working very closely with District #2 members and their "water committee" in getting them a special deal and special recognition and special rates for water that they pass on to others using privately owned infrastructure. In return, the Tim White committee seems to be working very hard to stir the pot and create a diversion from legitimate town business. A political diversion that might help get Marty elected by making him look good and the town board, except Darrell's son, look bad.  A diversion that goes on and on. A diversion which is costing the taxpayers big bucks in additional legal fees and is distracting them from other necessary business.

Any necessity to raise water rates for the Village of Cape Vincent does not appear to be the fault of the Town or DANC.

The Village of Cape Vincent is presently conducting a public hearing regarding a proposal to raise water rates in the Village. At the public hearing, a political ally of Marty Mason spoke and attempted  to blame DANC for problems which, in this author's opinion,  after following the Water Wars for years and reading the DANC final answers, do not even exist. To me this looks like another unnecessary political diversion. During the Village public hearing, it was brought out that a Village water customer was allowed to fall behind by over twenty thousand dollars in water fees, yet uncollected. It appears that  uncollected debt might be a major reason why the village might want to raise water fees a little bit so they can balance the books. The customer is a former farmer, living outside the village and the farmer is a major political ally of Marty Mason who had joined Marty as a plaintiff in a New York State Supreme Court SLAPP action lawsuit that was filed against bloggers and numerous "John Doe" citizens who were speaking out against their industrial wind ventures.

Village water customers who pay their bills should not have to pay more to make up for uncollected debt.

According to the Mayor at the hearing, the Village  did file a lean against the farm. Recently, the farm went out of business. Before raising water rates for all of us, I think the village should push to enforce and collect the lien against the farm and whomever takes over the property or operations. It is not the business of due diligent water customers who pay their bills to cover the bad debt that the Village Trustees may have failed to collect.

I believe the years of the Town of Cape Vincent - District #2 Water Wars has been nothing more than Democrat-CFG political smoke and mirrors; a chicken-little political attempt to create unnecessary problems for the town and DANC in the hopes that the voting public will think that Marty Mason is somehow instrumental in "saving our community and our water resources from the big bad wolf, DANC." Not to mention, that the Tim White's citizen committee avoids any discussion on the real problem which is the existence of the private water delivery businesses that are being operated within in the town and absent of any normal inspections, testing and regulation.

While seemly attempting to make themselves look like the experts with the answers, White's committee and Darrell Aubertine  pressured the Hirschey town board to deliver, on behalf of the committee, 20 questions to DANC. 

DANC received, answered and delivered the answers to those questions to Supervisor Urban Hirschey who at the October Town Meeting passed them on to Water District #2 member, Darrell Aubertine.

The DANC answers contain no smoking gun, they show nothing unusual about the way DANC has conducted their regional water business,  nothing unusual about way the town of Cape Vincent has set water rates for District #2, and they point out that a Marty Mason motion made to the DANC water line membership which would allow the Village of Cape Vincent to divert additional funds from a DANC reserve to the Village of Cape Vincent did not receive a second from any of the other membership towns for whom the fund was set up as a normal fiscal protection for all DANC members.

What the DANC answers confirm to me is that perhaps Marty Mason's influence upon the elected officials of the Village of Cape Vincent did not lead them to working out the best of deals as the provider of Water for the DANC line and the other Town's it serves. And now, somehow Marty and his political buddies who run a private water line blame the deal on the Town and DANC? 

If anything, the DANC answers also confirm my suspicions that the Tim White Water Committee and Darrell Aubertine's public claims of his water district being treated unfairly are nothing more than an elaborate  political scheme to "take back the Cape" and put Marty Mason into a position that would help the good old boys cover past mistakes and delay the inevitable problem of how the town will deal with private water businesses and the serving outside users.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letter to Voters in Town of Cape Vincent, NY, "“All politics are local.” Cape Vincent citizens need to take time to make a clear decision for the Town Board.

Michelle D. Oswald, Republican candidate/current board member, supports current Town Board beliefs: providing open comments from citizens at every meeting, following NYS procedures for Town Board actions, supporting right to vote for all town citizens, expecting town board members to sign/follow ethics pledge, putting the overall good of the community over individual citizens, recording town board meetings to insure all citizens have access to the town board actions, promoting town development within the Town/Village Comprehensive Plan, cooperating with the village board and school board for community development. 
Her opponent is a previous board member defeated in 2011.  His actions/behavior as town board member, included, among others:  voted on wind issues while holding wind leases (against ethics pledge and NYS law), voted for an illegal resolution to limit voting rights of town citizens, refused to vote for the repeal of this illegal resolution (even after the NYS attorney general declared it illegal), reported the town supervisor to the attorney general for releasing wind sound study data to the public(claim of illegal action dismissed by that office),  sued local citizens in an attempt to limit their freedom of speech, voted against town board audits that had not been completed in many years (lack of financial responsibility), tried to prevent public comments. What were his goals then? In September he lost the Republican primary, then was nominated by the Democrats (but will not be on the Democrat ballot line since the local committee did not follow county election regulations). His past actions speak louder than words.  What are his goals now?  Is he claiming that he has changed, wind was wrong? Why now? Is he claiming that village water rates are going up because of a Town Board decision? Was he on the town board when that DANC agreement was signed? Is he all the local Democrats have to offer?  
I base my vote on candidate actions. Vote Michelle DeJourdan Oswald for ethical behavior, focus on the whole community, transparent government following proper procedures and decisions focused on looking forward.  She has a long family history here (DeJourdans), loves the Cape and will insist on fair local government. She has no financial conflicts of interest.
Vote for the government the Cape deserves, vote Michele DeJourdan Oswald.
James K. Hill
Cape Vincent NY

Jefferson County Board of Elections expedites absentee voting by extending their hours.

Cape Vincent Democrats fail to provide the community with respectable candidates.

Town of Cape Vincent's "Dead Donkey" Democrat leadership fails to secure a line on the 2014 ballot for legitimate Democrat Town and Village candidates.

Town of Cape Vincent residents who wish to serve in public office running as Democrats in the 2014 Village and Town elections were once again let down by the Cape Democrat leadership (sic) who did not follow proper Board of Elections' procedures that would legitimize their caucus and secure a party line on the ballot for their candidates.

Sadly, one incumbent and long time public servant has been thrown under the bus by the less than diligent Cape Democrat-CFG and has been left with no alternative other than trying to hustle a few write-ins.

In the last few election years, the Cape Vincent Democrat leadership has been pre-occupied with the Citizens for Fair Government in a joint movement, (Democrat-CFG), spinning their wheels in efforts to  intimidate and disenfranchise a major block of  legal voting residents and year-round taxpayers who the CFG-Democrats claim do not have the right to vote in the town. The "secret fraternity" Democrat leadership has wasted their political capital and efforts on the elimination of voters, spreading political prejudice, filing phony legal claims, re-writing ethics and promoting self servitude when they should have been cultivating  political candidates who understand the cultural and business dynamics of the two Cape Vincent voting communities.

Fortunately, for the citizens of the Town and Village of Cape Vincent of all political affiliations their local Republican Party has held its trunk to the grindstone. Through due diligence, open monthly committee meetings and an open local primary  the Republican party has delivered to the Cape Vincent voters three excellent candidates who can be trusted with the business of running their Village and Town.

Vote Row 1B

Michelle DeJourdan Oswald - Town Council
Jerry D. Golden - Village Trustee
Joseph J. Gould - Village Trustee

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Assembly candidate John Byrne receives endorsement.

CONTACT: JOSHUA REAP (315) 463-7539

ABC Endorses John Byrne for Assembly

Syracuse, NY – The Empire State Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) endorsed John Byrne in the 116th New York Assembly District.

“ABC is proud to support John Byrne in his candidacy for the New York Assembly,” said Brian Sampson, president of the Empire State Chapter of ABC. “John Byrne understands the challenges faced by North Country employers. As a small business owner, he grew a plastics manufacturing company from the ground up, providing jobs and economic opportunity in his community.”

“John Byrne will work to cut Albany’s red tape and help to create jobs and opportunity, just as he did as Vice Chairman of the local development corporation to bring MetalCraft Marine to Cape Vincent,” said Sampson. “As a leading trade association, ABC looks forward to partnering with John Byrne to promote open competition as well as quality training opportunities for construction contractors to help train the next generation of skilled craftspeople.”

ABC has endorsed 48 candidates in New York Assembly races across the state. The full list of endorsed candidates as well as an incumbent scorecard for the New York State Legislature and an explanation of the endorsement process can be found at    


Empire State Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is the New York State chapter of a national construction industry trade association representing nearly 21,000 chapter members. Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC and its 70 chapters help members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically, profitably and for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work. Visit us at

First Annual Cape Vincent Zombie Walk this Saturday, October 25.

Zombies invited to walk, or shuffle, to Tibbetts Point Lighthouse on Saturday

Sacred Valley of the Incas

RWiley Photo
The Sacred Valley of the Incas or the Urubamba Valley is a valley in the Andes of Peru, close to the Inca capital of Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. It is located in the present-day Peruvian region of Cusco. In colonial documents it is referred to as the "Valley of Yucay." According to recent researches it encompasses the heartland of the Inca Empire.

RWiley Photo
While there, we stopped to visit a vicuna, alpaca and llama farm.

RWiley Photo
Although it is claimed that the annual income of Peruvians is only $750, the country is rich in agricultural resources and products and with a 3.5% unemployment rate Peru is enjoying one the world's fastest growing economies. 

RWiley Photo
These animals are hidden under piles of wool.

RWiley Photo
Which is turned into fine products.

You should always listen to your teachers, but.....

KWiley Photo

With Captain Bob in Cruz Bay.
My high school physics and chemistry teacher reminded me daily that, "if you don't learn this stuff, you will end up on a park bench!"

Well, I learned it, aced it through college, got a bunch of degrees, got a job and here I am, nearly sixty years later......and I still ended up on a park bench!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent Water District #2 members who are complaining about their water rates are passing on their water via private infrastructure that serves over a dozen additional "outside users" who are not members of any town water district. Many consider the business of privately selling DANC and Town Water to "outside users" to be an "illegal practice" that could lead to serious future legal and economic problems for all the taxpayers in the Town's jurisdiction and water commission.

Town Water District 2 users must pay fair share

I have been reading about Water District No. 2 in the town of Cape Vincent. I am not sure why they feel they do not have to pay their fair share for water usage. I am being forced to be in the new water district that is being placed up the Tibbetts Point Road when there has been water to my property since 1942.
In 1989, the seven who are on our line paid for an upgrade to the line with approval by the Village Board and having been paying our bills directly to the village. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be on the village water system, but why we have to give up what we paid for all those years ago, I cannot understand. I have asked this question many times, and I never get a clear answer.
Read the rest of the Watertown Daily Times letter to the people at this link.

JLL reader comment:

The answer to, "I am not sure why they feel they do not have to pay their fair share..." seems simple enough. The Water 2 people look like they are in the business of supplying water to others. They buy that water from the town of Cape who are the commissioners and from DANC the provider. The cheaper they get it the more they can profit from passing it on to the ones they are serving it to.

If you like lighthouses.....

RWiley Photo
The Maiden's Tower  is a tower-lighthouse lying on a small islet located at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus off the coast of IstanbulTurkey.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent's desperate diminishing despots and Democrat-CFG resort to cutting down and stealing opponent's political signs.

Running on a less than admirable past political record  with an etched-in-stone history of conflicted interests and oligarch-like self-servitude, even resorting to voter intimidation and disenfranchisement may not be working well for the opponent of Town Council member Michelle Oswald. So, as a last resort those lacking a positive and constructive agenda and stuck with only a name from the sordid community splitting-past have, with bolt cutters in hand, resorted to dirty political trickery while stooping low enough to the ground to cut down Michelle Oswald's political signs. 

JLL Reader Photo

JLL Reader Photo

Lacking a substantial political platform and an understanding of ethical government, Michelle Oswald's opponents are resorting to political trickery with their embarrassing  attempt to take this election "down to the wire".

JLL Reader Photo

The pictures above show a Michelle Oswald sign that was in the yard of a town resident. 

While political signs are sometimes blown over in the wind - this one was clearly cut off and left on the lawn. Vote Michelle Oswald, incumbent Town Council member on Nov 4 - she will support ALL citizens....even those with a legitimate concern who desperately  resort to cutting down her signs.  

Life can be puzzling.

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But filling in the pieces can be fun.