The full Jefferson County Legislature will consider the resolution at its July 5 meeting.

County Committee Says, 'NO' to Wind Farm Tax Breaks

Here is what the proposed Horse Creek industrial wind sacrifice zone (some call them wind farms)  might look like from Depauville, NY, Town of Clayton.

Citizen comments to the New York State Public Service Commission regarding growing opposition to Jefferson County tax abatement for industrial wind turbine sacrifice zones

This comment was recently posted on the Clayton-Horse Creek New York State Public Service Commission matter:

I sincerely hope the people who will be making the decision to approve or disapprove this facility will take note of the opposition from the residents and towns of Orleans and Clayton boards,  In addition, just last week the Jefferson County Legislators stated they will not entertain any pilots for wind or solar projects.  They feel the amount of tax dollars lost do not justify the number of permanent jobs from these facilities.  More and more it is obvious the residents of Jefferson Counties are getting much more knowledgeable of the real dangers and misconceptions of what is touted to be green energy.


Make your voice known to the New York State Public Service Commission.

Help us prevent Jefferson County's Fort Drum, Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands from becoming sacrificed to hundreds of industrial wind turbines.

The New York State Public Service Commission matters regarding proposed Galloo Island and Clayton, NY (Horse Creek) Industrial wind turbines are your only opportunity to enter your concerns into the public record. The PSC matters are your opportunity to make your voice known regarding the proposed sacrifice of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region to industrial wind.

Don't take wooden nickels from the wind developers, the leaseholders or anyone who makes the claim that
your voice in these matters is a waste of time.

"Board members devised the resolution after it was decided that alternative energy projects don’t bring a sufficient amount of economic gain to warrant tax relief by the county."

Jefferson County Board Finance Committee passes tax abatement policy for energy projects

From the JLL email, Author unknown.

Imposing in there hundreds,
Such an army on display,
Those alien grey metal monsters
I saw while on my way.
Aliens on our shores have landed,
So tall, backs straight and true,
At night they watch through flashing eyes
Of red, at me and you.
Some have scaled the mountains,
Others near schools and homes,
Of one thing I am certain,
Those aliens have no souls.
No “whispering” from their ranks at all,
An unearthly sound they make,
It envelops each and everyone,
No more can humans take.
Three giant arms revolving,
Enveloping all around,
They’re here to ‘save the planet’,
The biggest “con” I have found.
Such hideous tall grey monsters,
Invade green and pleasant lands,
To stay for generations,
Unless the people make a stand.
These aliens feed on power and wind,
Without either, they will die,
They’re NOT environmental friendly,
They’re for profit, (at a cost), that’s WHY.


A traditional Viking ship that set sail from the west coast of Norway in late April is on the St. Lawrence Seaway. It may be in Cape Vincent to pick up a pilot at approximately 7:00 PM (Estimated Time of Arrival)

On June 27 a Viking ship picked up a pilot at Cape Vincent and set sail across Lake Ontario

Learn More about their voyage at the following link:

Draken Harald HÃ¥rfagre

Sailing the worlds largest Viking ship from Norway to America

Enjoy these pictures taken as it sailed by.

RWiley Photo

RWiley Photo

RWiley Photo

RWiley Photo

In 2014 my wife and I visited the Viking Museum in Norway.  Inside the museum we  roamed the decks of a similar viking ship on the hard. And, at that time I learned of a ship under construction for the purpose of taking an American voyage. Little did I know at the time that the adventure would take the modern day Vikings to to my beautiful home of the Thousand Islands and Cape Vincent, NY, USA.

Safe journey. A trip across Lake Ontario can be a hell of a ride in a vessel of any size.

1993 Rosborough RF 246 Trawler for sale.

RWiley Photo

For twenty years, this 1993 Rosborough RF 246,  built in Nova Scotia, has taken my sweetheart and I through nearly every lock in the Northeast USA and Canada. You could not ask for a better vessel to travel in or to answer questions about at the dock as it draws a lot of attention. Too many things to mention, but the fuel-stingy five cylinder BMW diesel is a start. 

And 24 MPH top speed is not bad for a heavy boat like this with nearly a 3 foot draft and keel. 

Oh, and then there was the time we were surprised by a big wind storm that tested its seaworthiness. I don't ask for trouble but when the trouble caught us by surprise, this small trawler,  we christened  Tier I in honor of our retirement system, took us safely  to port.

The vessel is in the hands of a broker, Precision Marine,  whose proprietor has also been the vessel's  mechanic for nearly 20 years. Precision Marine knows the vessel inside and out and for good reason the owner always insisted on driving her to buy dock to be sure she was ready for the season. Hey, it is stingy on fuel and our pleasure since the guy works hard and deserved a break.

Parting ways with this old friend is bittersweet. But the thought of our pleasure being passed on to an interested party is honey sweet.

Call 315-654-3722, Precision Marine, Cape Vincent, NY

It is in the water and ready for a test drive and  sail away.

During the winter of 2013-2014 Tier 1 was on the hard receiving a complete hull, outside cabin and deck restoration by St. Lawrence Restoration in Clayton, NY.  Hey, you know their reputation! New upholstery, too by a Cape Vincent craftsman.

Call 315-654-3722, Precision Marine, Cape Vincent, NY

If I were a younger man I would not hesitate to throw some more money into this hole in the water and take it around the Great Lakes circle and down into New Orleans. But, my sweetheart and I have now reached the stage where we need a bigger boat more like a Celebrity cruise ship.

If you don't find what you are looking for, email me.

Since many years ago, when JLL became interested in the proposed sacrifice of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands to industrial wind, I have published 6,940 posts. However, due to the large volume that slow things down, not all of those posts are available in the published archives.

Readers and writers interested in the history of proposed wind development in Cape Vincent, Town Meetings, wind developer meetings, Jefferson County meetings, etc. often contact me asking for help refreshing their memory about an event or meeting.

A lot of our local industrial wind history has been erased from the internet by industrial wind developers. 

Because of the threat to our county, business is brisk. I have talked with many of you on the phone. I have met with many of you in person. And the endless email connections. So you know I am willing to help when I can. There is a link to my email in the right hand column of this page.

Rick Wiley

Why would Jefferson County, NY want to sacrifice their beautiful Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands to the impacts of an industrial wind turbine industry that has made Australians as cross as a frog in a sock?

What I learned during a last winter visit to Australia.

Last winter I visited Australia. As luck would have it, my wife and I befriended a couple who held high positions in the Australian agriculture department. For ten days,  we met every evening for an hour or so of  cocktail time, sharing our fascination with Pastaferianism,  Seinfeld, travel and politics.

And, of course, the subject of industrial wind was brought up. And, believe it or not, I was not the one who mentioned the subject first.

Our new friend's opinion of Australia's "experiment" with industrial wind was that it had become a disaster. He predicted  that  "the queen of agriculture dole", would become a hot political issue during the next elections. Watch our news, "He said", "our Australian media are as cross as a frog in a sock over the wind scam and will be sending the politicians to the blood bin over this one."

This excerpt from a recent interview transcript between Australian broadcaster Alan Jones and Western Australian Liberal Senator, Chris Back.

Alan Jones AO: We’re running towards a half a billion in debt in government debt in this country. The interest on our debt is well over $1 billion a month and both parties are spending up.
I want to thank you for the letters that you write when you tell me rather flatteringly that I make complicated things simple. I’ll tell you what, this today has been a struggle. But please listen up because if this isn’t the greatest swindle that you’ve ever known, my name’s not Alan Jones. And the reason  there’s no debate about this is because the issue is complicated and so the money, billions of dollars, is just being thrown up against a foreign ownership wall.
I’m talking about wind turbines, wind power, renewable energy and renewable energy certificates. Just forget for a moment the fact that farmers are bought off initially by the wind turbine industry to shove these things up and of course the wind turbine industry can offer farmers buckets of money because they are just making a fortune out of this. Forget it also, because I won’t do this today, the demonstrable and drastic health consequences of all of this, but of course where people are paid to have the wind turbines on their property they then have to sign letters that basically prevent them from saying anything, on the basis that well, you’ve been adequately compensated. So, that has bought your silence. Shut up.
We’re paying this mob, the wind industry, for every turbine that they stick up, sorry you’re paying them you’re paying them, foreigners, your paying, that’s why our want you to listen. The impact of some of these things, wind turbines is such that people can’t open the windows the noise at night they can’t entertain at night because of the noise they can’t sleep. They suffer nausea, headaches and of course they can’t sell. Farmers who’ve accepted the money in good faith, believing that this alternative energy was good for the country, they swallowed the story, and now they’re saying they’d never ever do it again and that no wind farm anyway should be built within 20 km of a property.
And farmers are telling me and they are writing to me their properties are totally reduced in value some of them useless. But if the wind turbine mob pay the farmer money, the farmer must waive his right to speak publicly so it’s difficult to get information. That’s not what I’m talking about today.
I’m talking about Renewable Energy Certificates. The figures are mind blowing. One politician whose done phenomenal work and has gone almost no credit for this is the outstanding Western Australian Liberal Senator Chris Back. I’m sure that most Australians know 5/8 of nothing about this. But when you hear the figures your brain will explode because it’s your money. And Chris Back is on the line. Chris good morning and thank you for taking this call at a ridiculous hour in Perth.

JLL reader and contributor reports:

Jefferson County leaders will set their PILOT for wind developer policy.

The agenda for the June 28 meeting of the Finance & Rules Committee of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators includes a draft resolution mandating that PILOT agreements on wind, solar and biomass projects with a capacity of 25 Megawatts or greater require full tax payment. In the JC Policy Statement the legislators provide background and a well reasoned justification for this policy. They further repudiate the claim that any tax realized from development is better than no increase in development or tax revenue. The County further calls upon the JCIDA to follow the same full valuation example. 

Item Number 7 on the Board of Legislators June 28, 2016 agenda addresses their policy regarding PILOTs for wind development:


All my birding expert friends who read and contribute to JLL should be outraged by this news.

Wind farm sues to block bird death data release 


OAK HARBOR — An Ohio wind farm has filed a lawsuit against two state agencies, hoping to conceal the number of bird deaths that are being caused by its operation.

The industrial wind politics of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. Is she willing to sacrifice Jefferson County's Fort Drum and Golden Crescent to industrial wind?

Or, is Elise Stefanik willing to help the citizens and elected officials in Jefferson County defend them selves against the severe impacts and economic losses that come with industrial wind turbine sacrifice zones?

A JLL reader contribution.

Climate Change is contentious and complex. However, there is substantial evidence that Elise Stefanik may not have an ‘independent voice’ when it comes to environmental decision making. Like most politicians, she is financed through special interest groups. Shouldn’t her environment-related campaign contributions raise questions about her ‘independent voice’ in regards to these issues? 

-Take for example her acceptance of a four-figure campaign contribution from the American Wind Energy Association, the leading pro-industrial wind lobby:

-Or, the fact that her fourth-largest campaign contributor, Blackstone Group, has subsidiaries like Transmission Developers, which has teamed up with Iberdrola and former Iberdrola Renewables Management to push for increased industrial wind power in New York:

As for supporting H-Res 424 with Rep. Chris Gibson (NY-19), it is documented that Rep. Gibson was partially financed by Iberdrola. 

Iberdrola, along with the entire Wind Industry, wants legislation favoring alternative energy (and therefore resolutions on Climate Change that lead eventually to increased alternative energy production). NY Republicans Richard Hanna and Tom Reed, also financed by Iberdrola, supported the resolution well. 

Out of over 240 House Republicans, only 13 sponsored the ‘Gibson Resolution’. 4 of those were NY Republicans, and all 4 were financed either by Iberdrola or the Wind Industry Lobby. 

Was the resolution a good idea? Perhaps. But that is not the point being made by Stefanik: her selling point is supposed ‘independent voice’ on environmental matters. I look at publicly- available campaign finance records in relation to her actions and have my doubts. If she would like to ensure the public of her independence on environmental matters, she should not accept money from organizations, like those referenced, that create substantial doubts about her record. 

As for advertising guidance from Save the River, from whom exactly does she receive guidance? Hopefully not from the STR Board of Directors President, who is currently barred from any Wind Industry / Horse Creek – related meetings, resolutions and matters due to an ongoing wind lease conflict of interest.  

Read this link to the Watertown Daily Times article about Stefanik's "‘independent voice’ in discussing environmental record"


Will New York Senator Pattie Ritchie and Assembly Members Addie Russell and Ken Blankenbush express concerns to the New York State Public Service Commission regarding Horse Creek and Galloo Island industrial wind turbine siting matters.

A JLL reader comment and contribution:

Friends and citizens of the Thousand Islands and Golden Crescent of Jefferson County,

It is imperative that we defend Jefferson County against proposals to turn our lake and river properties into large scale industrial complexes having a risky future. And that risk includes the possible sacrifice of Fort Drum.

Western New York shorelines are facing the same risk to military operations at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station and their New York State representatives have not only recognized that risk but have joined the community in expressing their concerns directly to the New York State Public Service Commission.

Please encourage New York State Senator Pattie Richie and Assembly Members Addie Russell and Ken Blankenbush to express the same concerns regarding the siting matters by Apex Energy and Iberdrola proposals for Clayton-Orleans and Hounsefield-Galloo Island wind farms.

See attachment:

From Save Ontario Shores: Organizations comment to the Apex-Lighthouse Wind New York State Public Service Commission and others regarding the sacrifice of their community to industrial wind.

The Courage to Stand up for their Community!

JLL Comment regarding public participation in Public Service Commission matters:

The New York State Public Service Commission matters regarding proposed Galloo Island and Clayton, NY (Horse Creek) Industrial wind turbines are your only opportunity to enter your concerns into the public record. The PSC matters are your opportunity to make your voice known regarding the proposed sacrifice of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region to industrial wind.

Don't take wooden nickels from anyone who claims
your voice in these matters is a waste of time.


Hurling Boos at Iberdrola and Sierra Club officials. Will Sierra Club come to help Iberdrola sacrifice the Thousand Islands?

Hurling 'boos,' hundreds oppose wind farm on Bethlehem's watershed at zoning hearing

PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP — The question of whether a wind turbine farm can take root on pristine acreage surrounding Bethlehem's water supply contains all the ingredients of a raucous public battle: home values, big energy and bald eagles.
The passions over those issues electrified the Penn Forest Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 hall Thursday during a zoning hearing packed with nearly 300 opponents. Some critics hurled boos at a Sierra Club official for supporting the project and applauded verbal jabs against the wind energy company, Iberdrola Renewables.


From National Wind Watch. Experiences in other parts of the nation imply that Jefferson County's Fort Drum might suffer serious impacts from the sacrifice of Galloo Island and the Clayton, Orleans, Lyme, Brownville Thousand Island wind turbine zones.

For wind farm watchers, look to North Carolina   

Credit:  By Christopher Collins of the Times Record News | "June 25, 2016" | www.timesrecordnews.com ~~
While at least two Texas legislators are drafting proposals that would limit the construction of wind turbines near military bases, a similar effort is underway in North Carolina.
The Times Record News reported on Thursday that Texas Rep. James Frank is working with a New Braunfels senator to propose legislation limiting state tax abatements awarded to wind energy projects in a 25-mile radius of military installations.
North Carolina’s legislative body already has begun a push to limit wind energy development in prescribed areas of the state where lawmakers believe the structures could interfere with military flight training missions, The Charlotte Observer reported.
The proposal recently passed a vote in the state’s Senate and is being considered in its House. The measure reportedly would prohibit wind energy development in large swaths of central and eastern North Carolina.
In North Texas, two possible wind farm developments in Clay County could threaten flight training missions and radar operations at nearby Sheppard Air Force Base, according to base officials and wind energy opponents. The worst case scenario, they say, is that Sheppard’s missions are moved elsewhere and Wichita Falls loses an estimated $750 million in annual economic impact.
Representatives of Horn Wind LLC, the developer of the projects, and Alterra Power Corp., the Canada-based owner, have repeatedly said they want to minimize any potential impact the developments have on Sheppard missions.
They also have contracted with a aeronautics consulting firm to determine whether projects in Bluegrove and Byers would unduly interfere with base operations. The study had not been completed as of Thursday.
Though Rep. Frank said he a proposal to protect military installations from wind farms has been drafted, no measure can be considered until the Texas Legislature next meets in January.
As it stands now, Texas wind energy developers are required only to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration before starting construction – the FAA may or may not consider the consequences projects have on military operations.
The Department of Defense’s siting clearinghouse could arbitrate negotiations in Clay County’s wind developments, though the agency’s involvement is not required.
Source:  By Christopher Collins of the Times Record News | "June 25, 2016" | www.timesrecordnews.com