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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cape Vincent family has purchased and will operate the Hotel Roxy and pub.

Hotel Roxy Sold !

Local professional fishing guide and businessman, Adam Swenson, of the village of Cape Vincent, NY, has contacted and confirmed  with JLL that he has closed the deal and will be operating the newly renovated Hotel Roxy.

Mr. Swensen added that, very soon,  he will be sharing more about his plans for this exciting business venture.

Cuban childrens' lives are about to change.

RWiley Photo
These Cuban Children are not in Jail. They are in school.

RWiley Photo
They were released for the morning so they could put on
a dance performance for their visiting American friends.

RWiley Photo
Their dance coach and choreographer was very proud of them
and the New York Yankees.

RWiley Photo
And their dramatic performance.

RWiley Photo
Dance, to a bongo beat.

RWiley Photo
While wearing festive costumes.

RWiley Photo
And big smiles.

RWiley Photo
My wife always travels with a supply of stickers.

RWiley Photo
And they become part of the "look".

Will there be big changes in travel to Cuba?

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When I visited Cuba in 2012, one big difference I noticed between the Communist country and the others in the Caribbean was the lack of sailboats in Havana Harbor. Perhaps that will change now that there are some talks of lifting travel sanctions on American travelers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cape Vincent Elementary First and Second Graders give their "Teacher's Gift" to Cape Vincent Community Food Pantry.

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In lieu of receiving a Christmas gift from their students, the first and second grade teachers at Cape Elementary suggested that they give a cash donation for the Cape Vincent Community Food Panty. It has become a Cape Elementary tradition for the first and second grades.  One teacher proudly told of one of her former students, now in a higher grade,  who remembered his day at the pantry and stopped by her room with a donation. 

The teachers then take the students and the donations to French Town Market along with a shopping list for items needed by the pantry.

RWiley Photo
After a busy time shopping, the students carried their purchases to the Cape Vincent Food Pantry. They can be seen above, admiring their purchases while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

RWiley Photo
The First and Second graders then assisted the food pantry volunteers stocking the shelves with their donations.

RWiley Photo

The volunteers of the Cape Vincent Food Pantry are very proud of the Cape Elementary Students and their teachers and thanked them all. This past November the Cape Vincent Community Food Pantry provided food for over a hundred people thanks to the generosity of the community.

Village of Cape Vincent cancels December 23 Board of Trustees Meeting.

**Please be advised that the next Village Board set for Tuesday December 23 has been CANCELLED.  The next Board meeting will be January 13, 2015**
Happy Holidays !

Visit the Village of Cape Vincent at

Town Board of Cape Vincent work session on Local Law #4 & #5 - Dec. 18

The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent will hold a work session on Dec. 18, 2014 at 5pm at the Recreation Park Building, James St. This work session will be held prior to the continuation of the public hearing on the Subdivision Law/Lot-Line adjustment Law and regular Board meeting.

Cape Vincent's summer population is 2.5 times the full time population.

The Mostly Untapped Political Clout of Seasonal Residents
A JLL Reader Contribution

In 2007, Saratoga Associates (a consulting firm) conducted a substantial study of Cape Vincent for BP Alternative Energy.  A section of that study captioned, "Overall Population and Density of Development" says this: 

"The population of the Town of Cape Vincent was just 3345, including 760 residing in the Village of Cape Vincent... there is a total of 2825 housing units within the Town of Cape Vincent, of which 1891 (67%) are classified as seasonal, recreational, or occasional use.  Since the study area is within a region where the population may increase during its tourism season(s), these seasonal residents may be quantified by assuming that 2.61 persons reside in each seasonal housing unit. The seasonal population of the Town of Cape Vincent can then be estimated at approximately 8281 (including 1060 residing in the village of Cape Vincent).  This is nearly 2.5 times the town's year-round population."

If we assume that the estimates of Saratoga Associates are at least ball-park correct, we can then go with their conclusion that there are at least a few thousand seasonal residents of Cape Vincent.  We can further reasonably conclude that at least half of those seasonal residents are voting age adults!  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"It's continued good news for lakefront property owners who struggled with useless, high-and-dry docks and community marinas that required expensive dredging just three years ago."

USA Today
Great Lakes see record water level recovery
Keith Matheny, 
Detroit Free Press 8:12 a.m. EST December 11, 2014

After a record low point in January 2013, Lakes Michigan and Huron have gone on a record-breaking rebound.

Connected Michigan and Huron, as well as Lake Superior, saw dramatic water level recovery from January 2013 to this November. Going back to the mid-1800s, there has never been a faster recovery over a 23-month period, beginning in January, said Andrew Gronewold, a hydrologist with the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor.

Watching a duck dive and wondering if he was successful.

RWiley photo

What do the living and the dead have in common?

Zombies wear "ugly" Christmas sweaters and join the Cape Vincent Parade.

Which already promises to be one of the biggest 2015 events in
the Thousand Islands held at one of the most beautiful spots 
in the Thousand Islands.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nice gifts for friends and family.

Shopping & Wine Tasting in Cape Vincent, NY

Thursday, December 18 at 6:00 PM at Taste of Design, Broadway, Cape Vincent

Featuring Cape Winery & MadyMae. Bring non-perishable food for the Food Pantry to receive tax free on gift items. Please RSVP by December 17th. Thank you for shopping with your local businesses.

"We keep Cape local wine on hand
for special occasions and spontaneous gift giving."...JLL

"Is New York State hopelessly divided between big city dwellers swilling coconut water after yoga class and rural upstaters kicking cow patties off their work boots?"

To find the answer, visit:

NY's upstate-downstate divide: Voting, funding, population changes highlight differences

New York Daily News advocates hand count in close elections.

Every vote must count 

Only a hand-tally of ballots will ensure integrity of close-call elections

Sunday, December 14, 2014, 4:00 AM

Two candidates who may or may not have won their elections will be sworn in as members of the state Assembly next month.
The tallies on electronic vote-scanning machines say Republican Karl Brabenec was the victor by just 38 of the 33,000 votes cast in a district straddling Orange and Rockland counties, while Democrat Addie Russell prevailed by 96 votes out of 28,000 up near the Canadian border.

Addie Russell's opponent John Byrne was contacted by New York Daily News regarding the close count. Mr. Byrne commented in an email to Jefferson's Leaning Left, " I am not supporting a recount.  She won fair and square.   We should all move on." 

Town - Village of Cape Vincent Certified 2014 Election Results

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cape Vincent Christmas Parade 2014

Thanks to community spirit and volunteers the 2014 Cape Vincent Christmas parade was huge. Over 30 floats and displays participated. 

RWiley Photo
The parade benefited the Cape Vincent Community Food Pantry whose volunteers were on the route to collect food and donations that will be shared with others.

RWiley Photo
Local businesses contributed truckloads of  smiles and Christmas Joy.

RWiley Photo
A wonderful day of family fun and keeping hands warm.

RWiley Photo
Kids and alpacas.

RWiley Photo
Mr. and Ms. Clause were special guests.

RWiley Photo
I thought if I enclosed two pictures of the gift giver, I would score some extra points.

RWiley Photo
The parade was held at 4:30. Good timing for showing off the lights.

RWiley Photo
This float was incredible.

RWiley Photo
This float looked edible.

RWiley Photo
The Christmas Committee rode in a very special float. Missing from this picture
is the parade organizer who was very busy and was being very, very good.

RWiley Photo
Community organizations aplenty.
One sweater slipped by the reviewing committee and marched anyway.
But, what the hay!  It's Christmas!

RWiley Photo
There were so many in the parade that I wondered if there were any left to watch the parade. But, the Broadway route was crowded. There was plenty of candy tossing going on.
Even though I was busy driving, I scored a Tootsie Pop.

RWiley Photo
On the top of Santa's list.

RWiley Photo
And, Santa was everywhere!

RWiley Photo
Sometimes Santa has to use a boat.

RWiley Photo
The very long parade started at the Catholic Church and stretched over seven blocks.

RWiley Photo
A community achievement award winner got to ride in a cool truck.

RWiley Photo
Out of the darkness and mist came the biggest float of all.
Pulled by Rudolf the red-nosed Tractor.

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays
From Cape Vincent, NY