Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do not hang an albatross from your neck.

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The Waved Albatross lives in the southern seas and returns to the Galapagos to raise their chicks.

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They have a great sense of humor and mate for life.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent Republican Primary Candidate Marty Mason is a CFG member who voted for an illegal Town of Cape Vincent resolution intended to get him re-elected.

Town of Cape Vincent Republican Primary Candidates

Marty Mason

These signs placed around town by the 2013
 CFG-Democrat campaign were an act of
political desperation, self 
servitude and
community division.
Mr. Mason is a member of the Cape Vincent Citizens for Fair Government. The CFG is spin-off of Voters for Wind and an alternate political group that has taken organized measures that have been described as "anti-seasonal" and "anti-outsider". In 2013, members of the CFG posted red "Had Enough Yet?" signs around the community. Many felt that the red signs were inappropriate, further divided the already spit community and threatened Cape Vincent business activity.

In a formal political life, Mr. Mason was once a co-chair of the Cape Vincent Republican Party. During the 2009 elections campaign, Mr. Mason publicly refused to endorse the Cape Vincent Republican Candidates. He is a former Town of Cape Vincent Board member and Bp lease holder who lost his council seat and his election after voters became disappointed in his public service conduct including voting against the conducting of an audit and voting twice for a voter registration resolution that was declared by the New York State Attorney General to be a violation of New York State Election law. Mr. Mason, as a  Bp lease holder, became one of the CFG members and Voter for Wind members who were plaintiffs in a New York State Supreme Court SLAPP action that, among other things, intended to hunt down and financially punish up to ten John Does who were voicing their opinions opposing industrial wind. And the SLAPP tried to punish and shut up others who he claimed deprived him of his public office. One plaintiff told the Watertown Times that they would spend up to fifty thousand dollars on the action that the New York State Supreme Court Judge referred to as a SLAPP. After the SLAPP was resolved members of the CFG continued to wage a slur campaign in the open comment section of the Watertown Daily Times. Many people feel that anti-seasonal actions by the CFG have done severe damage to local Cape Vincent business. Mr. Mason once said, "The Cape is dying anyway, so we might just as well get wind." During public forums, CFG members and supporters often disparaged the Cape Vincent community by painting a doom and gloom, less than pretty picture of our beautiful community.

Michelle DeJourdan Oswald

Michelle is an active member of the Cape Vincent Republican Party and a positive resident of the Village of Cape Vincent.  Michelle is the incumbent Town Board member and candidate. Michelle is a local businesswoman who promotes a positive attitude toward all Cape Vincent business including the potential of the summer population and summer trade which consists of 80% of the Village and Town of Cape Vincent tax base and revenue. Michelle is a former career military family member who understands the United States Constitution and believes that all of the voters registered in Cape Vincent have a right to vote.

JLL reader submitted opinion from a friend of Michelle DeJourdan Oswald

You can read other Cape Vincent voter' concerns about Marty Mason's past public record and primary challenge of incumbent Michelle DeJourdan Oswald at the following links:

Michelle Oswald Best Candidate for Council

Letter to the people - Cape Vincent Republican Primary

American Citizens residing in Cape Vincent, NY have the right to vote in Cape Vincent, NY elections.

Cape Vincent Republican Primary - Letter to the Editor

Slow down for turtles....

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If the turtles in Cape Vincent were as big as this guy we stumbled upon while hiking in the Galapagos were as big as this guy, perhaps the drivers would be able to see them and slow down.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't get caught in the political web being spun by Cape Vincent's CFG and Democrat Party......

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Vote for Michelle DeJourdan Oswald, Town Council, in the September 9 
Republican Primary.

Town of Cape Vincent sets two public hearings for Sept. 3

Proposed Zoning Law revision

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent shall continue its public hearing on
proposed Zoning Law changes which commenced at its meeting on August 21, 2014. The hearing will be continued on September 3, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., such hearing to immediately follow the hearing scheduled for the same time on water
rates. The hearing will take place at the Recreation Center located at 602 South James Street, Cape Vincent, New York. The hearing will include comments on revisions to the Zoning which were posted to the Town's website on August 15,
A full text of the local law is available on the Town's website and at the Town Clerk's Office during normal business hours. Any persons requiring special accommodations to attend the meeting and participate,should notify the Town Clerk at least three (3) business days prior to the date and time of the public hearing.

Water Rates for District #2 and #3

Please Take Notice that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent has scheduled a public hearing for September 3, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Recreation Park Building, James St., Cape Vincent, New York 13618. The public hearing is being held for the purpose of setting water rates for Water District #2 and #3. A copy of the proposed water rates are available for review at the Town Clerk's office and on the Town's website. All Persons wishing to be heard on this issue should be
present at the date time and place aforestated or have submitted written comments in advance. Any persons
requiring special accommodations to attend the meeting and participate should notify the Town Clerk at least three (3) business days prior to the date and time of the public hearing.
Proposed Water Rate Schedule

The above water usage fee schedule intended to be for one year was approved by the Town of Cape Vincent Council for a period of 90 days. It was voted on by the board to extend the same schedule and review it at the Sept 3 public hearing. 

In District #2, account #20000 is the Town of Cape Vincent transfer site. They do not use any water from the DANC line.

In District #2, account #20050 is Donald Votra. He does not use any water from the DANC line.

In District #2, account #20100 is Wesley Bourcy. According to a Fourth Coast investigation map, he may be providing water to one outside user.

In District #2, account #20150 is Donald Mason. According to a Fourth Coast investigation map, he may be providing water to two outside users.

In District #2, account #20175 is Darrell Aubertine. According to a Fourth Coast investigation maphe may be providing water to six outside users.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cape Vincent voter opinion: "Darrel Aubertine, Marty Mason and Paul Aubertine are all working to create a water district that has its own unique rules."

Michelle Oswald best candidate for council

Wind is gone for now from Cape Vincent.
Yet wind showed us the character and judgment of Marty Mason, who is now challenging Michelle DeJourdan Oswald for her Town Board seat in the Republican primary on Sept. 9. If you had hoped Marty Mason had learned and grown from the wind experience, you need only watch Steve Weed’s recordings of the of Water District 2 and 3 hearings to find out.

Village of Cape Vincent holds public hearing on proposed water rate increase. During the Trustee's business meeting, residents discuss concerns about golf carts on village streets.

Last night (Aug. 27), a large attendance listened to Mayor Tim Maloney and the Cape Vincent Village Trustees explain their need for raising water rates for village residents. After the board explained their necessity for the increase, the bottom line was that a little more money was needed to cover the expenses of providing village water. The proposal is to raise the base quarterly water rate by $5.00 per quarter but increase the quarterly allotment before additional charges are added for usage above the allotment. The $5.00 base rate increase would generate a little over $10,000 per year.

One village resident pointed out that a Town of Cape Vincent farm, formerly an outside village user,  owes the village over $20,000 in uncollected water fees. Mayor Maloney confirmed the uncollected debt and announced that the village has placed a lien on the property and that the farm was now disconnected from the village and hooked up to the town water supply. A trustee added that the village shuts off the service to delinquents who fall behind. It was pointed out to the trustees that collecting that debt would go a long way in covering the shortage of village water department funds.

Residents asked some water district financial questions which the Village Clerk was not able to answer at the hearing but said the information would be made available for those who stop by the village office.

In a related Town of Cape Vincent water district matter, an independent "citizens committee" has been formed and is advocating for more favorable water fees  for town Water District #2 members. Town supervisor Urban Hirschey and the Town Board has told the independent "citizens committee" that they should take up that issue directly with DANC at their quarterly  meeting. Marty Mason, the village of Cape Vincent  head of public works is a member of the independent "citizens committee" and, as a former member of the Town Board, signed the town agreement with DANC.

At the close of the hearing, Mayor Maloney thanked what he described as a "record crowd for a village meeting" and assured those attending that their public comments would be taken into consideration before the trustees make their decision.

In other Village business, a resident expressed concern that a police officer told the driver of a golf cart that if they did not get it off the road, he would ticket them. Other residents expressed their opinion that golf carts are not approved for use on public roads. It appeared from further comments by other village residents that use of golf carts on Cape Vincent Village streets has become a growing problem.

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, golf carts can't be registered as motor vehicles and are not approved for use on New York State public highways, roads and streets. That information is available at this link to the NYS Motor Vehicle Dept. website. From what is further explained by the MVD, it appears that neither the village nor its enforcement officers have the authority to endorse the use of golf carts on the streets within their jurisdiction.

How a St. Lawrence River lover started his day.

JLL Reader Cell Phone Photo

A deck, a cup of coffee and the St. Lawrence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A recent foggy morning in Cape Vincent, NY

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The breakwater was hardly visible.

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It was hard to tell if the boat,  moored in the harbor was there.

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And Horne's Ferry slipped out of sight as soon as it passed the former Coast Guard dock.

Excited about Cape Vincent and a visit to the River.

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Cape Vincent waterfront revitalization project progressing very well.

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Bikers arrive at the Horne's Ferry adjacent to the Village of Cape Vincent's International border crossing.

When I was a kid, 10 years old, my older sister, who moved down to the East Side as a nanny to watch over a dear Cape Vincent friend, would turn me loose on my own and let me roam the Big Apple. I could see almost everything "Neu Yawk" had to offer, on a quarter a day, using the subways.
Carefully planned free transfers would make a nickel go a long way.

I didn't always spend my allowance and would save a dime or two to buy a handball so I could get up a game at my brother-in-law's summer recreation program in Queens.  

(I wonder what ever happened to Bubba, who I would let win handball and who tried to beat the crap out of me when I hit a home run and was rounding HIS second base?  And, I wonder what ever happened to "Big Bob" my wonderful friend and protector who saved me from Bubba and loved my stories about a place with fish and a lot of islands while I, in return,  enjoyed his stories about a life in a big city filled full of people of all colors and traditions?)

Now, getting to the point.... One of my favorite activities, when I wasn't riding the trains or the ferry to Staten Island and back or learning to play chess in the park, was to peek through a hole in the big fences placed around the construction projects going on all over Manhattan. ( Like now, I was short and it was not always easy to see... one time a Bowery Bum offered me a cinder block which allowed me to heighten.)

Not a problem with the waterfront revitalization project underway in downtown Cape Vincent;  no big fences to hinder my gawking and enthusiasm for what is going on at the end of James St. 

I like what I see.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tickets to Cape Vincent Chopin prelude are still available.

Thousand Islands International Piano Competition Sept. 5-7 begins with a gala on Sept. 3