Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cape Vincent boat fire quickly extinguished by CFD volunteers.

This boat, parked close to several homes in the village of Cape Vincent, caught fire this afternoon. The volunteer members of the Cape Vincent Eagles responded very quickly and prevented the flames from spreading to surrounding buildings.

Cape Vincent Town Board meets Thursday evening (September 18)

Cape Vincent Town Board Meeting
Thursday, Sept. 18 6:00 PM
Town Recreation Park

The last time the Town of Cape Vincent Board met they held two public hearings. One was related to setting a water rate for members of Water Districts #2 and #3 and the second was for comments on revisions to the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Law. During the meeting held after the public hearing, the town approved a water rate schedule and approved the zoning law revisions with a change that reduced minimum waterfront lot sizes.

A front page article in the Thousand Islands Sun described the recent Town of Cape Vincent public hearing and meeting as "lively". Another way to describe the conduct at the public hearing  is "rude, obnoxious and thuggish". The same group attends nearly every town meeting and acts out what appears to be an organized and concerted (and political) effort to harass and distract the members of the Town Board. It is not unusual for their gang to become out of order by shouting and laughing and targeting their political opponents. And now public swearing at another attending the meetings has been added to their method of operation.

The Town of Cape Vincent Board meetings are held for the express purpose of publicly conducting the business of all of the town's taxpayers. At the beginning of their meetings or at public hearings the town allows the public to have a voice. After the public is heard, the meeting then belongs to the town board members and it is up to the citizen audience to understand the order and behave appropriately.  

It is time for the Cape Vincent Democrats and CFG to live by their own political claim that "character counts and principles matter". Bad behavior at public meetings falls short of character that counts.

JLL asks a CFG-Dem politico if he thinks character counts and principles matter.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent Democrats-CFG have worked hard to prevent certain people from voting.

Last week, Town of Cape Vincent Democrats failed to come up with a Democrat candidate for the 2014 ballot. So, they selected a CFG favorite and registered Republican who recently lost the Republican Primary.

The CFG is a political spin-off of the defunct Voters for Wind and joined with the Cape Vincent Democrats in the extensive campaign that has taken organized measures intended to prevent many voters from having a voice in the town where they pay taxes on their residences.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The fall bird migration is under way and Cape Vincent, NY is a great place for birders.

RWiley Photo
I was out bird watching in Cape Vincent one day when I came across an Osprey nest fire. I was about to make a phone  call when I noticed the CVFD coming down the road.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sally Hirschey is Cape Vincent's Citizen of the year.

RWiley Photo
While taking a break from her busy civic volunteer schedule, Sally Hirschey, Cape Vincent Citizen of the Year,  is seen in the above photo sitting with John Lennon.

Michael Hasner is CapeVincent's Community Achievement Award winner.

Ms. Hirschey and Mr. Hasner will be honored at a Wednesday, September 24th 6:00 PM cocktail hour followed by a 7:00 PM dinner at the Sand Bay Inn.

For further details and dinner tickets, visit The Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce, call 315-654-2481 or email

Roll over, Beethovan and step aside, Chopin.

After spending a weekend in Cape Vincent listening to the Thousand Islands International Piano Competition, we traveled to Cleveland, OH to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

MShadow iPhoto Selfie
Right after I parked the car, our travel companions, the Shadows, jumped
out and started to jitterbug.

RWiley iPhone Photo
As soon as we paid the admission, my "rocker" sweetheart went straight
for the Rolling Stones exhibit.

RWiley iPhone Photo
And insisted on a picture of her and the boys.

RWiley iPhone Photo
The Elvis memorabilia and music drew a crowd.

RWiley iPhone Photo
I watched some old Janis Joplin clips and checked out her Porsche. 

RWiley iPhone Photo
Then I put away my iPhone and spent the morning enjoying the displays,
music and sixty years of rock and roll history. The Rock and Roll hall of Fame
does not allow flash photography or video. But, it is a fun place to test the incredible
capabilities of smart phone photography with the flash shut off.

RWiley iPhone Photo
On the way home from Cleveland, we stopped in Le Roy, NY, the birthplace of JELL-O, to
check out the museum.

Some days are more exciting than others.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The North Country is excited about Cape Vincent's Octoberfest 2014

RWiley Photo 2013 Octoberfest

Oom-pah and Polka.

The Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce Octoberfest 2014 will be a great time 
and fun for all ages.

RWiley Photo 2013 Octoberfest

The 2014 Cape Vincent Octoberfest will be held Saturday, September 27 on the beautiful Village Green in downtown Cape Vincent next to the St. Lawrence River Waterfront, a short walk from all boat docks.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Shadows are well and doing fine.

MShadow Photo

When were are out and about, we are often asked about our dear friends, the Shadows, our wonderful travel companions. Mrs. Shadow, joined us for a trip to the Carribean and is seen in the above photo taking a picture of a stingray.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cape Vincent Water District #2 users, Darrel Aubertine, Donald Mason and Wesley A. Bourcy, opposing new water rates have "established a total of 12 connections to users outside the district’s boundary".

Cape OKs zoning update without stricter waterfront rules

CAPE VINCENT — The Town Council decided to reject a proposed change to setback requirements for waterfront property before approving a revised zoning law during a public hearing Wednesday.
The rule, proposed by the town’s zoning revision committee, would have increased the minimum amount of water frontage required to be considered a buildable lot from 100 to 150 feet. The approved law will continue to allow 100 feet of water frontage. The committee met weekly from January through March to amend the law, which was last revised in 2012.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Unusual, nearly black whitetail buck hanging around the Wiley house.

RWiley Photo
The last few days, this nearly black  buck has been hanging around my property. This picture was taken Saturday evening Sept. 6 when he and his  pal 
were raiding my bird feeder.

RWiley Photo
Definitely a deer of a different color. Deer with dark fur are melanistic and although very rare, they can be completely black.

RWiley Photo
This picture of his  pal was taken at the same time, under the same lighting as the first two above. His normal color fur demonstrates a definite difference in the colors of the two visiting bird feeder marauding bucks.

RWiley Photo
Apparently, the younger of the two thiefs  has not yet learned that after being caught stealing,  deer are suppose to "high-tail-it" not "low-tail-it"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cape Vincent's Canvas Concert Hall has been pitched, the grand piano is tuned, the contributors and volunteers have been warming up and Cape Vincent is ready for the prestigious Thousand Islands International Piano Competition for Young People.

RWiley Photo

Thanks to the efforts of The Cape Vincent Arts Council and scores of community volunteers, fund raisers and generous benefactors, admission to Cape Vincent's Comfortable Canvas Concert Hall is free. Over a dozen young pianists from all over the world have traveled to perform for the adjudicators and audience.

RWiley Photo

The annual Cape Vincent event is  held on the beautiful grounds of Maple Grove Estate,  West Broadway  on the St. Lawrence River. The estate was built in 1838 by Charles Smith for Theophilus Peugnet an officer in Napoleon's army who emigrated to Cape Vincent along with other loyalists.

RWiley Photo

Early Friday, the first contestant had practiced and was ready with warm hands.

RWiley Photo
This is year number 12 for the Thousand Islands International Piano Competition "which has a history of generosity in its desire to recognize young performers of the highest caliber".

RWiley Photo
Early Friday morning the piano was tuned and the stage was set, waiting for the first contestant.

RWiley Photo
Admission to the competition is free. A program which tells the history of the event, lists the competitors and includes the schedule is $1.00. The program also provides a blue ballot insert that allows audience members to vote for their personal favorite performer. The winner of the audience favorite award receives a generous cash prize.

RWiley Photo
The first musician  to play in the weekend competition was Raymond Feng, age 12 from Pittsford, NY. Ray's competitive performance was to be  followed by other young artists from Princeton, NJ, Beijing, China, Manlius, NY, Toronto, Canada, Shanghai, China, Carlisle, PA, Soul, South Korea, Lewiston, NY, Montreal, Canada, Seattle, WA, Austin, TX, Bellevue, WA, Rochester, NY and Watertown, NY.

RWiley Photo
On Sunday morning, these young performers were relaxing in the sun.

RWiley Photo
While their friend was performing for the adjudicators and audience.

Questions about the Piano competition and related events,
please email:

Riding the train to Lake Titicaca

RWiley Photo
After a few grueling days hiking around Machu Picchu, Peru, we spent a relaxing day on the train to Lake Titicaca

RWiley photo
Incredible scenery from the rear platform.

RWiley Photo
And, from in between the cars.

RWiley Photo
Even while sitting at our dining table.

RWiley Photo
We took a station break at 14,750 feet.

RWiley Photo
The view, the short walk and the lack of oxygen  took our breath away.

RWiley, Photo
But, oxygen was available at the bar.

RWiley Photo
The scenery inside was as good as the scenery outside.

RWiley Photo
Our passing train did not deter the local marketeers.

RWiley Photo
Why chase a car when you can chase a train?

RWiley Photo
The Peruvian cities moved aside for a few brief moments then closed back in behind us.

RWiley Photo
I have no desire for a sports car, but I would like one of these.

If you want to be assured of the best accommodations, it pays to cozy up to your travel agent.

My travel agent has fulfilled many of my childhood dreams.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent passes Rate Schedule for Water Districts #2 & #3 and approves new zoning revisions with a change in waterfront lot size minimum.

Town of Cape Vincent passes Rate Schedule for Water Districts #2 & #3 and approves new zoning revisions with a change in waterfront lot size minimum.

After two Sept. 3 public hearings and a lengthy executive session, the Cape Vincent Town Board members passed two resolutions which were the topics of the hearings held earlier in the evening.
Resolution #42 set a water rate schedule for members of Town Water Districts #2 and #3. It is the same rate schedule (below) that was approved in May of 2014 for a period of 90 days.
Resolution #43 approved the work of the Town's Zoning Revision Committee with a change of an approved waterfront lot from the originally proposed 150' down to 100' frontage. The reduction of the lot size was a popular request made during the public hearing.
 Water Rate Schedule 

In May, 2015, the above water usage fee schedule  was approved by the Town of Cape Vincent Council for a period of 90 days. In August, it was voted on by the board to extend the same schedule and review it at the Sept 3 public hearing. After the public hearing, it was approved as Resolution #42.

In District #2, account #20000 is the Town of Cape Vincent transfer site. They do not use any water from the DANC line.

In District #2, account #20050 is Donald Votra. He does not use any water from the DANC line.

In District #2, account #20100 is Wesley Bourcy. According to a Fourth Coast investigation map, he may be providing water to two outside users.

In District #2, account #20150 is Donald Mason. According to a Fourth Coast investigation map, he may be providing water to two outside users.

In District #2, account #20175 is Darrell Aubertine. According to a Fourth Coast investigation maphe may be providing water to seven outside users.

Happy birthday to the world's best travel agent, guide, and outfitter.

RWiley Photo

We crossed a rough and wild sea in a rubber boat, waded through the dangerous surf, hiked a desert island under a burning equator sun and somehow my travel agent wife managed to come up with this fancy drink.

Happy Birthday!