Town of Cape Vincent's last letter to the New York State Public Service Department matter of British Petroleum's proposed Town of Cape Vincent Industrial Wind Sacrifice Zone.

Town of Henderson remains extremely concerned about possible Galloo Island industrial wind sacrifice zone. Schedules public forum.

Galloo Island Industrial Wind Impact Forum
July 16, 2105
7:00 PM 
Henderson Community Room
Next to Town Library

Jefferson County's Galloo Island could be sacrificed to 600 ft. wind turbines that could be seen from 30 miles away from hills and shorelines of the Eastern Lake Ontario Shore and the Golden Crescent.
The Town of Henderson, NY remains extremely concerned over impact on the Town that may occur as a result of the creation of a commercial wind farm on Galloo Island. 

Our concerns range from damage to our tourism and recreational fishing industry, falling property values, esthetic impacts to the pristine environment that surrounds the town and a variety of other potential negative consequences to our economic health. In order to fully assess what these consequences might be, the Town has been in discussion with researchers from Clarkson University about the creation of an empirical study looking at these and other issues that may come about as a result of a wind farm on Galloo Island. 

The Town is holding a public information forum on the proposed research study by Clarkson University on the possible impact to the town by the creation of a commercial wind farm on Galloo Island. This forum will be held on July 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the Henderson Community Room next to the Town Library. Members of the proposed research team will be on hand to discuss the project and answer questions. 

A brief description of the research proposal includes the following:

This proposal is designed with the purpose of assisting the Town of Henderson to secure the necessary data and empirical research to both inform their decision-making as well as assist in navigating the unfolding process regarding the Galloo Isle development. 

The Clarkson-Nanos Group proposes the following research and service options: 

Property Value Analysis: Use existing data on historical sales transactions and assessments for all parcels in the Town of Henderson; predict changes in property values based on projected visibility of turbines using a range of effects estimated in the literature. This analysis relies on the View shed analysis, and so can only be done in concert with that. 

Jobs/Tourism Analysis: Literature Review on tourism impacts, jobs in the sector, and affected jobs, applied to the Henderson context. 

PILOT Analysis: Assessment, Literature Review, and overview of general PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) options and best practices, including specific analysis for Town of Henderson, with specific relevance to conventional wind industry practices. 

Viewshed Analysis and 3D Virtual Model: The Viewshed Analysis determines for every location in the study area how many turbines would be visible to an observer on the ground, if any. The function would rely on currently available terrain and forest cover data only. It would not consider existing buildings when calculating the sight lines. The 3D Virtual model would allow unlimited viewpoints to be created that would show what the proposed wind turbines would look like as realistically as possible.

John Culkin
Town Supervisor

Henderson, NY


Dancing with Cuban children. United States and Cuba relations are warming up very quickly.

RWiley Photo

RWiley Photo
RWiley Photo
KWiley Photo

Dancing with Cuban children.

Three years ago we received the proper US State Department clearances and background checks and were given permission to visit Cuba. The Cuban government has been an oppressive regime.  But Cuban people are no different than you and I, except perhaps a little more optimistic these days.

 During our visit, Cubans realized  then that changes were going to happen. We often think of the families and children we danced with and what they are now thinking about and their hopes for tomorrow.

“There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all of our energy from renewables..."

Good for Bill!  He is exactly right.  We should put our $ into R&D rather than force everyone to subsidize technologies that have a poor chance of ever taking energy production to the next level.

Bill Gates is doubling his billion-dollar bet on renewables
·         by 
·         Geoffrey Smith

Bill Gates reckons he has already dropped a cool $1 billion on investments in renewable energy technologies. Now he’s looking to double that.
Gates, who according to Forbes will still have at least $78 billion left even after he’s placed his new bets, said in an interview with the Financial Times that investing in radical, ‘wild-eyed’ energy tech companies is the only way that the world is going to get the solution to climate change at an affordable economic cost.
Current technologies, he said, were too expensive.
“The only way you can get to the very positive scenario is by great innovation,” he said. “Innovation really does bend the curve.”
Gates wasn’t impressed by those who claim their new battery and energy story technology can solve the problem of unpredictability that dogs renewable sources such as wind and solar.
“There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all of our energy from renewables and be able to use battery storage in order to deal not only with the 24-hour cycle but also with long periods of time where it’s cloudy and you don’t have sun or you don’t have wind,” Gates said. “Power is about reliability. We need to get something that works reliably.”


Cape Vincent Town Board nearing an agreement that will satisfy inequities in water district #1 billing.

updated July 2, 7:20 AM

Tonight (July 1) The Town Board of Cape Vincent and the Village of Cape Vincent Trustees met in a joint work session to discuss mutual concerns. Among them was how to provide adequate emergency medical and ambulance service while suffering from a lack of volunteers. They discussed several options and Supervisor Urban Hirschey was charged with the task of meeting with the town attorney to prepare a proposal that would address the issue. The proposal would most likely need the assistance of one of the outside professional services and the board members and trustees asked that the details be finalized soon.

Mayor Maloney provided the boards and the public with a history of the need for a fourth filter. The cost of the fourth filter is being shared 50/50 by the Town of Cape Vincent and DANC. Debra Suller, a 2015 candidate for town supervisor, commented that as a businesswoman the arrangement does not make sense.  The village as the water provider should have included the filter project in the water rates charged to all of the village's water customers.  Village trustees agreed. However, the contracts were signed for a forty year period. 

A proposed waterfront dock expansion project at the village dock and East End Park was  discussed. The study will cost $50,000. The Town will contribute $12,500. The Village will Contribute $12,500 and $25,000 will come from a grant. Doing the study now would put the town  and village into a better position for asking for project funding next year. 

The Village asked the town to consider joining them with their  Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP). The village has had one on file with New York State since the 1980's but Village Trustee Pam Youngs explained that it is in serious need of updating and this would be a convenient time for the town to consider expanding the LWRP into their jurisdiction.

Owners of summer mobile home parks were in attendance and the town board members listened to their concerns that their water bills were being based on as many as 80 EDUs while larger users like the state parks, the prison and large farms were being charged based on 1 EDU. Village Mayor Tim Maloney said that the Village was adjusting their rates based on actual usage. Town councilman John Byrne said that it was only fair that the town do the same. There are years of experience that could be used to determine the proper EDU usage by each water district customer. Councilman Paul Aubertine agreed with Byrne that was the fair way to make the determination of rates. Supervisor Urban Hirschey told the summer mobile home businesses that they would hold another workshop or special board meeting to further address the issue and listen to input.

Mayor Maloney told the group that the village was in the process of adjusting their rates. He added that it wouldn't be much. Maloney also recommended that the town-village form a waster committee comprising of village-town board members who were responsible for making the decisions.

The joint village-town work session was attended by Thousand Island Sun staff reporter Pamela McDowell. Watch for her report in the July 8 edition.

Reject the Lake Ontario Lighthouse Wind Project

Opinion by A. Isselhard

As a result of the Town of Somerset wind survey that was just completed, showing that 64 percent of respondents do not want the Lighthouse Wind project in Somerset, and the supervisor’s letter finally taking a position opposed to the Lighthouse Wind project, the Somerset town board should pass a resolution against the Apex Clean Energy LLC Lighthouse Wind project at their next town board meeting.

The Somerset town board should pass a resolution declaring they will not sign a PILOT agreement with any wind developer and notify Apex of such.
After a town board resolution against this project, notice of this action should be sent to the New York State Public Service Commission and added to its web site under case #14-F-0485. Notice of this action should be sent to every stakeholder listed by Apex in their Public Involvement Plan. All towns in Niagara and Orleans counties should also be notified, by the town of Somerset, of its rejection of this project.
The Somerset town board should ask for help from state Sen. Rob Ortt and Assembly Member Jane Corwin to keep this project out of Somerset. The board should notify the Niagara County Legislature of its action rejecting this unwanted project and ask that the Legislature support keeping this project out of Somerset and Niagara County.
The town board should make a sincere effort to help get the coal-powered electric plant (formerly AES) converted to natural gas.
The board should view the award-winning anti-wind movie “Windfall” and pass a moratorium on wind projects until the zoning laws are updated.
It should also demand that Apex sign the NYS Attorney General’s wind ethics code and pressure the Attorney General to compel this action. 
Conflicted town board and planning board members and town officials should recuse themselves from discussing the Lighthouse Wind project at town meetings and should not vote on any part of this matter.
Somerset should quickly update its zoning regulations regarding wind as the regulations are too weak. Particular attention should be given to noise, setbacks, property values, decommissioning and turbine heights. The town should review and adopt the most restrictive zoning regulations it can muster to protect the community, particularly those regulations concerning noise. Setbacks should be 1 mile, minimum. Decommissioning should require that the wind developer leave reasonable cash with the town for each turbine erected, to be sure enough money is available to remove a turbine when it is not functioning and is decommissioned.
And since the Lighthouse Wind website claims wind turbines don’t affect the value of homes even when turbines are located within 1/2 mile from a home, Apex Clean Energy LLC shouldn’t mind a property value guarantee. A property value guarantee should be included in any new updated Somerset wind zoning laws.
Somerset land owners should be discouraged from signing leases with any wind developer either now or in the future. Keeping this Lighthouse Wind project out of Somerset will protect property owners that have made the grave mistake of already signing a lease with Apex.
The extensive, grim lease information presented at the April 29 informational meeting in Somerset is a huge warning to possible lessors. Beware the Apex Clean Energy LLC lease! Great Lakes Wind Truth has analyzed the Apex Lighthouse Wind lease in depth and concluded it is heavily detrimental to lessors.
Right now is the time the Town of Yates should follow suit with Somerset and reject the Lighthouse Wind project. Yates should also update its weak wind zoning laws, as the Lighthouse Wind project is threatening this community too.
This is a town election year and voters should elect anti-wind representatives. The town supervisor’s position plus two council seats are up for election. The town board’s position on Lighthouse Wind is critical, as important decisions in this matter rest with the town board in the immediate future and could determine a go-no go result on this project.
There are numerous strong reasons why this Lighthouse Wind project should not be built and we should all work toward that end, should Apex continue. If the state siting board grants a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need allowing Apex to build this Lighthouse Wind project, the affected towns should pursue this matter through the state court system vigorously.
I believe there’s a good chance the Power NY Act of 2011 could be declared unconstitutional, because our constitutional right to “home rule” has been stolen from us by the state and Governor Cuomo. 
The Somerset community has given its opinion and it’s nearly two-to-one against wind energy.
Alan Isselhard 
Mr. Isselhard is a Wolcott resident and a member of Great Lakes Wind Truth. Mr. Isselhard keeps up to date on the threat of Galloo Island 600ft. turbines and with the Coalition for the Protection of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region.

Town of Cape Vincent publishes 2014 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. Water District #2 not included.

The Town report appears to be complete except for District #2 which is supplied by the DANC line which in turn supplies a private water district and over a dozen outside users.

The Town Board will hold a joint work session with the Village  on Wednesday July 1, 2015 at 5:30 pm in the Recreation Park building, James Street. Addressing issues regarding the Cape Ambulance Corp will be a topic.

Bilboa, Spain skyscraper built with help from your federal, state and local subsidy bucks!

RWiley Photo

This incredible building  across from the Guggenheim Museum that I visited a few months ago rises out of nowhere in the small Spanish community of Bilboa. 

The building is 541 ft. or just 60 feet shy of industrial wind turbines that may still be in the future for the Town of Clayton, NY.    600 ft. wind turbines in Clayton  would be seen thirty miles away.

That means that much of Jefferson County and the Canadian and American Thousand Islands would have a spectacular view.


600 foot wind turbines coming to New York State.

This is a statement from Environment New York. This group also has never seen a wind turbine it didn’t like.  Some people are speculating that the real financing push with the “Green Bank” beginning in 2016 will be to underwrite a giant wind farm offshore of Long Island – far out over the horizon – invisible from shore. 

In the meantime there are two onshore projects proceeding with the Article 10 required Public Involvement Program paperwork --- in Chautauqua County and Clinton County. Confirmed today that the Clinton Co. project wind use the new “supermax” 600 footers. Nextera is the developer there.  The site is wetland and other developers have previously stayed away for that reason. NextEra says it can sufficiently mitigate any adverse environmental impact at that site. 

They will be visible from many high spots inside the Adirondack Park. If that project does get built (hopefully not) people from the TI Region should go there to see the 600 footers to appreciate the full visual impact.  600 ft turbines are coming to be the new normal in the wind business.

“The governor has created a blueprint for state action to reduce pollution and shift to clean renewable energy like wind and solar.”

The Guide to Everything That is Long Island

(Long Island, NY) Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today an ambitious plan to curb New York state’s carbon emissions by 40 percent by doubling the amount of power it gets from renewable energy to 50 percent, by 2030. The pollution reduction and clean energy targets would be the most ambitious in the nation, matched only by California. The plan comes as the United States Environmental Protection Agency gets ready to release the final Clean Power Plan, the nation’s first limit on global warming pollution from power plants, later this summer.

Heather Leibowitz, Environment New York’s Director issued the following statement:

Cannon found off Carleton Island visits Cape Vincent

Historic War cannon returns to NY in time for Cape Vincent Historical Weekend

RWiley Photo

Cape Vincent native Kevin Keiff, soon to retire regional director of the Thousand Islands Region of State Parks, discusses cannon's return to Cape Vincent for 2015 Historical Days with Mike Chauvoustie of the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce

RWiley Photo

The cannon was returned to storage until the proper arrangements are made  that will allow it to be displayed in Cape Vincent.

RWiley Photo

Mr. Keiff told me that he envisioned the cannon being placed at Cape Vincent's East End park overlooking Carleton Island. 
RWiley Photo

It is believed that that cannon, one of two sunk and recovered from near Carleton Island, was cast in Britain and was sent to New York in 1739.


Historical Days in Cape Vincent, June 27 - June 28

RWiley Photo

Saturday morning, Soldiers awoke to a campfire breakfast on Cape Vincent's waterfront village green.
RWiley Photo

Cape Vincent Village Green Encampment

RWiley Photo

The encampment was well supplied with 1812 period antiques.

RWiley Photo

Watching the opening ceremonies. 

RWiley Photo

Early in the day the waterfront was peaceful.

RWiley Photo

A Carleton Island Ft. Haldimand Cannon made a visit to Cape Vincent.

RWiley Photo

Pirates were not a problem in 1812 but these pirates paid a visit and made some music.

RWiley Photo

Volunteers were recruited into the militia and issued arms.

RWiley Photo

Kids who participated in the popular historical question scavenger hunt were rewarded with ice cream from Cape Vincent's favorite ice cream shop.

RWiley Photo

The raid came by sea. 

RWiley Photo

Cannon fire wowed the crowd but did not fend off the invasion which became a hot encounter
on the Cape Vincent Village Green.

Warning: Giant 600 ft. wind turbines are creeping closer to Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands Region.


US developer Invenergy proposes to build an up to 300MW wind farm in the northeast corner of New York State near the border with Canada.

 Invenergy takes Bull Run by horns... reNews.

The Bull Run project area encompasses parts of the towns of Clinton, Ellenburg, Mooers and Altona in Clinton County. Invenergy plans to place 50 to 100 turbines on land leased from private property owners, the developer said in a regulatory filing.

The New York State siting board is reviewing Invenergy’s proposed public involvement program (PIP), the first step in an application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need. A PIP must be submitted at least 150 days before Invenergy files a preliminary scoping statement.

The applicant expects the project will operate at an annual net capacity factor of 35% and, if the full 300MW is built, will generate about 918,800 MWh/year of energy.
Invenergy anticipates the interconnection facilities will include a four-mile 230kV overhead interconnection line and a 230kV switchyard built next to the New York Power Authority’s Ryan-Plattsburgh 230kV transmission line.

The proponent has applied for interconnection and the New York Independent System Operator and NYPA are performing an interconnection feasibility study.

Image: the Bull Run wind farm adds to Invenergy's New York State portfolio which includes Marsh Hill (Invenergy)


Rocky terrain might slow down completion of Town of Cape Vincent Water District #6.

State awards $2.85 million in funding for Cape Vincent water project

Tall ship in town for Historical Weekend.

RWiley Photo

The Cape Village Green encampment is set for a good night's sleep and tomorrow'a activities.
RWiley Photo

This tall ship and others not so tall are docked this
evening at the Cape Vincent village dock
next to the encampment at the Village Green