"Even if the mandate comes too late to keep the reactor at the FitzPatrick plant operating, state officials hope it could prolong the life of the Robert E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant near Rochester."

Gov. Cuomo to Order Large Increase in Renewable Energy in New York by 2030
NOV. 22, 2015

Frustrated by the pending shutdown of two nuclear power plants on Lake Ontario, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo plans to order state regulators to mandate that, by 2030, half of all power consumed by New Yorkers be generated from renewable sources that emit much less carbon dioxide, people briefed on the matter said.
Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, has already declared a goal of having 50 percent of the state’s power come from solar, wind, hydroelectric or other renewable sources in 15 years, but the state has had no means of enforcing that directive. The governor intends to have the Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities in the state, codify the requirement, these people said. Some of them, including a Cuomo administration official, spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not have permission to discuss the proposed mandate.


“New York has not kept pace with the rest of the country,”

Advocates push for early voting in New York State 

At a hearing held by the New York State Assembly on expanded voting, advocates argued that New York needs to join more than half of the other states who offer some kind of extended voting.
New York state has among the lowest voter turn out rate in the country, ranking 46th out of 50th in the 2014 statewide elections, which included the race for governor.


U.S. State Department issues worldwide travel alert.

Worldwide Travel Alert

The State Department alerts U.S. citizens to possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats. Current information suggests that ISIL (aka Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, Boko Haram, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions.  These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics, using conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests.  This Travel Alert expires on February 24, 2016.
Authorities believe the likelihood of terror attacks will continue as members of ISIL/Da’esh return from Syria and Iraq.  Additionally, there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis.  Extremists have targeted large sporting events, theatres, open markets, and aviation services.  In the past year, there have been multiple attacks in France, Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, and Mali.  ISIL/Da’esh has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Russian airliner in Egypt. 
U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation.  Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowed places.  Exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events.  U.S. citizens should monitor media and local information sources and factor updated information into personal travel plans and activities.  Persons with specific safety concerns should contact local law enforcement authorities who are responsible for the safety and security of all visitors to their host country.  U.S. citizens should:
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities.  Monitor media and local information sources and factor updated information into personal travel plans and activities.  
  • Be prepared for additional security screening and unexpected disruptions.
  • Stay in touch with your family members and ensure they know how to reach you in the event of an emergency.
  • Register in our Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
Foreign governments have taken action to guard against terrorist attacks, and some have made official declarations regarding heightened threat conditions.  Authorities continue to conduct raids and disrupt terror plots.  We continue to work closely with our allies on the threat from international terrorism.  Information is routinely shared between the United States and our key partners in order to disrupt terrorist plotting, identify and take action against potential operatives, and strengthen our defenses against potential threats.

Cruise company "released a statement blaming the accident in Massena for the bankruptcy filing".

Operator of cruise ship that stops at Clayton files for bankruptcy


Hmmmmm...will it be the baked guinea pig or the grilled alpaca?

RWiley Photo
Aguas Calientes Machu Picchu

State Senator Ritchie asks NYS DEC to explain their involvement in the proposed Galloo Island Industrial wind turbine project.

RWiley Photo

This is an untouched photograph of Wolfe Island turbines seen from behind Galloo Island at the eastern end stony beach.  The Wolfe Island turbines are 15 miles from the point of Galloo shown. The turbines suggested for the Galloo Island turbine sacrifice zone will be nearly twice as high as the ones shown in the picture above.

Cape Vincent's Granadier island is only seven miles from Galloo and thirty six parcels on the south shore of that island would suffer severe visual impact from the proposed 575 ft. turbines.

RWiley Photo

Above is a view of the old U.S. Coast Guard Station in Gill Harbor on the east end of Galloo. It now belongs to the New York State Department of Conservation and is located in the Island's only safe harbor. Jefferson County Golden Crescent residents have expressed fears that the DEC has made some kind of an agreement with Hudson Energy to sacrifice the Lake Ontario gem to big industrial wind. DEC land appears to be included in the project.

Towns whose citizens and visitors are directly impacted by the Galloo Island PSC matter include Cape Vincent, Lyme, Brownville, Hounsfield and Henderson.


"“Seeing these results sends a strong message"

Blowback: ‘No’ to turbines; Swanton voters 731-160 against   

Credit:  By Matthew Preedom, St. Albans Messenger | Posted on November 18, 2015 | www.samessenger.com ~~
SWANTON – On Tuesday Swanton voters voiced their disfavor with a proposed wind-powered, electrical generation facility to be cited in their town. By a vote of 731 to 160, Swantonians said, no, they did not want Swanton Wind to install turbines on Rocky Ridge.

Town of Cape Vincent certified 2015 election results.

Town Supervisor

Debra J. Suller (R) -  660

Alan N. Wood (D) -  547

Town Council

 Marty T. Mason (D) - 627

Daniel A. Wiley (D) - 593

Hester M Chase (R) - 589

Allen L. Walker (R) - 541

Town Council (To fill vacancy)

Edward P. Bender (D) - 612

Sam DeLong (R) - 553

Town Justice
Judge Colleen Knuth (R) - 662

Judge John D. Blodgett (R) - 869

Kirk E. Grant (D) - 610

Highway Superintendent

Danny P. Hubbard (D) - 936

Village of Cape Vincent Trustee

Pamela H. Youngs (R) - 315

Willard F. Kirchgessner (R) - 162

Elisabeth P. Brennon (D) - 259

"Infected wildlife could threaten other animals and humans because the disease remains in carcasses, which can cause additional toxin growth."

Lake Ontario birds killed by botulism, DEC advises caution for hunters, anglers

"Spring runoff of the snowpack is a key factor in determining lake levels."

Great Lakes levels expected to stay mostly above average; Lake Ontario near average


Cape Vincent Improvement League and Food Pantry benefit from grant.

NNYCF PR 11-19-15 Lighthouse.pdf

"It was pulled off the list for now..."

POLITICO New York Energy: Clean energy fund on hold
November 20, 2015
By David Giambusso and Scott Waldman
PSC SHELVES $5 BILLION CLEAN ENERGY FUND, FOR NOW — POLITICO New York’s Scott Waldman: The state Public Service Commission on Thursday abruptly shelved its expected approval of a $5 billion fund central to the Cuomo administration's push for more renewable energy. The PSC was due to vote on the Clean Energy Fund, which would be used to support the growth of renewable energy in New York, as well as an energy efficiency initiative. However, at some point in the last few days, it was pulled off the list for a possible vote, even though it is supposed to replace a number of programs that expire in just a few few weeks. In an unusual move, PSC Chairwoman Audrey Zibelman addressed the removal of the items from the meeting agenda and said there's nothing to see here. http://politi.co/1T2ra3u

"Generating power is big business in Oswego County. Along with three of the state’s six nuclear reactors, it has large steam and hydroelectric plants."

Plans to shut a nuclear plant rattle an upstate community

"Crime in New York State reached an all-time low in 2014".

Crime in New York State reached an all-time low in 2014, with 409,386 Index crimes reported.

The state also experienced significant declines in crime rate (the number of Index crimes per capita) and crime volume (the total number of Index crimes reported) over the past decade. 

Change in Crime Rates: 2005 vs. 2014

Over the past 10 years, the overall rate of Index crimes per 100,000 residents declined 18 percent. The rate of violent crimes fell 18 percent and property crimes were down 19 percent.
From 2005 to 2014, the largest reductions in crime rates were reported for motor vehicle theft, murder, robbery and rape (See Appendix 1, which details a statewide, annualized comparison of crime rates). 

You can visit the New York State Crime Report at this link.

"Officials should pass a bill that allows nuclear plants, like solar and other renewable energy producers to get tax credits that lower their production costs."

Campaign to save FitzPatrick plant focuses on human impact 

Entergy said it will close the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant because it wasn't economically viable. Gov. Andrew Cuomo scolded that statement, saying there is much more in a company's "bottom line." As uncertainty about the plant's future grows, a new campaign to keep FitzPatrick open is putting a face on the issue.
The County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency is releasing the multimedia effort that focuses on the ramifications of losing Fitzpatrick. The campaign's website Upstate Energy Jobs and advertisements include pictures of Fitzpatrick workers, local business leaders and statistics about what the plant generates for Oswego County.