Monday, July 28, 2014

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

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During the month of August, Cape Vincent's Breakwater Galley, presents Fine Food, Fine Wine, Fine Art.

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Cape Vincent's Breakwater Gallery is located on the waterfront near the village public dock.

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You are not likely to see my photo, "Microwave Breakfast" on display at the Breakwater Art Gallery during their August 2014 Show, Fine Food, Fine Wine, Fine Art

Opening Reception
Friday, August 1
5 to 7 PM

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Safe journey, my friend.

A JLL reader traveling through Cape Vincent, Sunday evening, and heading downstate after a Thousand Island weekend submitted this smart phone photo he captured from Horne's Ferry.

Town of Cape Vincent is working on resolving Water District 2 problems.

At the July  17, Town of Cape Vincent Board meeting, after an announcement of a Friday morning 8:00 special meeting workshop, a long discussion ensued about the timing and purpose of the proposed meeting.

At one point, Councilman Paul Aubertine stated, "This particular meeting, and correct me if I am wrong, Mark (town attorney) would just be for the members of Water District 2 and the town and the attorney under attorney client-privilege."

Council Member Michelle Oswald immediately replied, "You can't do that, it has to be open to the public" at which point Town Attorney Mark Gebo rendered his opinion to Councilman Aubertine who replied, "Correct, but I guess I am saying that for this meeting, they would be, not necessarily a closed meeting but they would be physically invited, the members of Water District 2. So, before we re-schedule the meeting, we would want to be sure they could make it."

Councilman Aubertine's father, an employee of the New York State Comptrollers Office, is a member of Water District 2. The elder Aubertine's water allotment comes from a DANC line. The rate for the District 2 water is set by the Town of Cape Vincent which is the commissioner of all water districts. The present rate for the 3 legal district users was set during a spring public hearing, but the schedule became effective for only three months. Using privately installed infrastructure, the elder Aubertine passes on a part of his allotment to seven private residences and farms. Using private water lines, two other Water District 2 members also pass on part of their allotments to neighbors

The public "work session" meeting, which is another step in the contentious and expensive resolution to the Town of Cape Vincent's  Water District 2 problems, is scheduled for Wednesday, July 30, 6:00 PM at the Town Recreation Park. The town attorney will be present and the meeting will be video recorded by Steve Weed Productions.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cape Vincent, NY, July 26, 2012, A busy day.

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Early this morning, I came across these tough old birds performing on the street across from  Cape Vincent's Saturday morning summer market on the Village Green.

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Yes, I said tough old birds.

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They were playing and singing American Folk music, and they were good. They told me they were on a Cape Vincent vacation, are from the Filmore, NY area, and perform around Rochester.

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Just up the street from where the tough old birds were performing, the Cape Vincent Recreation Park is hosting a  young women's fast pitch softball tournament. Using the park's facilities and adjacent two elementary school fields, numerous games will be played Saturday and Sunday.

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I stood behind the screen for awhile and watched this young lady pitch a softball the size of  a melon a zillion miles per hour. I ducked, the batter didn't.

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She Scored.

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Thanks to the Town of Cape Vincent's Recreation Park director and community volunteers, the Cape has one of the finest and busiest community facilities in Jefferson County.

I would like two Cornell Sauce Barbecue Chicken orders to go, please...

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The famous Cornell Barbecue Chicken Sauce was created in the 1950's at Cornell University's Home Extension. It immediately became a must eat item at every State and County Fair around the world.  But, you don't have to go around the world. You can feast on the Cornell Barbecue Chicken today, July 26, at Cape Vincent's United Church.

The Village of Cape Vincent and the Town of Cape Vincent are separate jurisdictions.

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Building under construction at the end of James Street, Cape Vincent, NY

When talking to people about Cape Vincent politics and jurisdictional matters, you will often notice  that issues are muddied because of the two separate governments; the Town board of Cape Vincent and the Village of Cape Vincent Trustees. Although the Town of Cape Vincent and the Village of Cape Vincent do participate in a few shared services, such as the hiring of an LDC Development Coordinator, there is a distinct boundary line which separates the two in all jurisdictional matters.

A good example is the question of who is responsible for the zoning regulations for the new building being constructed at the end of James Street on the waterfront in the Village.  The James Street building project falls under the jurisdiction of the Village of Cape Vincent.

Hotel room sunset, Lima Peru.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Matt Doheny drops out !

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Local North Country candidate Matt Doheny, pictured above departing a bit of political wisdom upon my grandson, announced today that he is dropping out of the New York 21 United States Congressional Race in favor of Elise Stefanik of Wilsboro, NY. Matt and his family reside in Watertown and Alexandria Bay, NY.

During today's gathering in Watertown, NY Matt said, "“I am not going to be a Doug Hoffman. I’m a Republican and that is why I signed up for the primary. I support the party. I am angry at some elements of the party ... but instead of trying to burn the place down, you have to do the right thing.”

Cape Vincent's Horne's Ferry holds photo "cover" contest.

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Looking back at Cape Vincent in the Winter
George and Bruce take the day off.


Want to show your super fantastic photographic skills?? Want to be somewhat famous for a month on an international border crossing?? Now accepting photo submissions from travellers far and wide, young and not-so-young. Photos of the ferry itself or photos taken from the ferry depicting the surrounding area (ie Horne's Point, Cape Vincent, the water, the trees, the get the idea). 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE is July 31 and the winning photo will be presented as the Horne's Ferry cover photo for the month of August. Submit photos by posting on our timeline. Limit one photo per contestant.

GOOD LUCK! and Happy Traveling.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Town of Cape Vincent sets special meeting "to continue to resolve what the town sees as lingering problems with Water District 2".

On the front page of the July 23 edition of the Thousand Islands Sun, staff writer Pamela McDowell reported:

For the past several years the town has tried to get a handle on the specific details of the district (Water District 2), which had been somewhat privately constructed. In past meetings, board members indicated that some of the add-ons to District 2 extend from the water system of Darrel Aubertine.

The Town has set a date, July 30, for a special public meeting that will address Water District 2 issues. According to Town Clerk Michelle Bouchard, the public meeting scheduled for 6:00 PM will be held at the Town Recreation Park.

The meeting will be video recorded by Steve Weed Productions.

Cape Vincent Tibbetts Point Race Sign Boards missing.

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On race day July 20 a volunteer placed signs, like the one above,  marking the course. He put them out (laying on the ground) prior to the start of the race. When he went back to set them up, two were missing.  They are brand new and were borrowed from his college.

Two large white sandwich boards, on loan to the Tibbetts Point Run Committee, went missing Sunday morning July 20th between 7:30 am and 9:00 am between Recreation Park and Tibbetts Point prior to the race.

A reward is offered for information leading to their return to Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce office.  Call 315-654-2481 or email

Shelley F. Higgins
Executive Director
Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce

This is what you would see if you hang around a busy intersection in Havana, Cuba.

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Or, you could attend the Cape Vincent, NY annual auto show.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winners of Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce 2014 Tibbetts Point Run

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Early in the Race,  the male devision 10K and 5K early leaders and winners were running side by side.
JLL Reader contributed photo

Kids Fun Run

JLL Reader contributed photo
The Start of the Tibbetts Point Run

JLL Reader contributed photo
Kid's Fun Run Winners

JLL Reader contributed photo
5 k winners Austin Scola, Medfield, MA  and Megan Kiley, Kingston ON

JLL Reader contributed photo
10k winners Chris Buchanan, Cicero, NY and Jennifer Hudson-Mosher,
Watertown, NY

JLL Reader contributed photo
Corrine Thompson, Alexandria Bay and Mary Eckstein, Clayton, NY

JLL Reader contributed photo
Nancy Werthmuller , Scott Township, NY  and Sylvia Hungerford, Webster, NY

Cape Vincent woman's "selfie" confirms existence of a halo.