Fill Central Park, surround New York City and Long Island with wind turbines and leave us alone!

Is Long Island ready?  Answer: Only if they can’t see them.
Is Long Island Ready For Wind Power?
August 25, 2016

The New York State Comptroller’s Office defines a public authority as a corporate instrument of the state, created by the state legislature and established to further public interests of the state. Most public authorities have the power to make decisions and issue bonds on infra-structure projects without voter approval. Unlike state agencies, public authorities operate outside the typical oversight and accountability requirements. They are appointed by elected officials and governed by a board of directors.

"In Jefferson County, where the Galloo Island wind project six miles offshore would produce 110 megawatts of power for about 35,000 homes, some residents are upset because, they say, the turbines would ruin their views of Lake Ontario. A county planning board member recently accused the state of being conflicted in the process because it collaborates with wind developers."

POLITICO New York Energy
August 26, 2016
ALBANY --  WIND FIGHT SIGNALS CHALLENGES AHEAD FOR CLEAN ENERGY STANDARD - POLITICO New York's Scott Waldman: A long-running battle between rural towns in the North Country and Western New York and a wind developer highlights what could be one of the most significant challenges to the Cuomo administration's plan to build out renewable energy projects at an unprecedented rate. The fight over major wind projects has turned bitter, especially in Orleans and Niagara counties in Western New York.

While five hundred people turn out in falling rain to oppose wind turbines along an Orleans NY County Lake Ontario Shore, Jefferson County residents of its beautiful Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands seem to be remaining silent about the sacrifice of their Lake and River.

SOS rally in Barker draws 500 people

" if you don’t do that, don’t wail when the project is approved."

Outside Looking In

Raise up your voices

First published: August 26, 2016 at 6:53 am
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But in Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties, the tourism and vacation home assets rely in a very large measure on the beauty of their waterfronts. The Thousand Island region is internationally known and an enormous draw of money that could well fade away if a series of wind projects, spread nose to tail through the region, is allowed to prevail.

Citizens who want to follow Perry White's advice and comment to the New York State Public Service Commission regarding the sacrifice of Jefferson County Thousand Islands and Golden Crescent to monster industrial wind turbines can do so at the following links:

"We try to be transparent"

Residents get closer look at Number Three Wind project

"They shouldn't be lobbyists for the industry"

DEC will continue voting in Galloo Island Wind project review

You are forced to pay for the white towers of subsidy testosterone that might ruin your property values and lake and river lifestyles.

Costing out Cuomo’s green tax

by Kenneth Girardin |    | NY Torch
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.29.23 PMGovernor Andrew Cuomo’s new Clean Energy Standard is shaping up to be one of the largest tax hikes in state history.
Beginning in January, the standard will force electricity ratepayers to subsidize costly windmills and solar panel farms, along with money-losing upstate nuclear plants, by requiring utilities and other electricity customers to purchase “renewable energy credits” (RECs) and “zero-emissions credits” (ZECs) from the state.


Town of Clayton Draft Wind Law now available for public review.

Save Ontario Shores - Public Event Today (Aug. 25, 6:00 PM)

Citizen comments to New York State Public Service Commission matter of public record.

Citizen Comment to the New York State Public service commission regarding proposed Horse Creek industrial wind facility:

The applicant's response to the PSC recommendations to correct the PIP, while addressing most of the recommendations, has failed to provide information critical for a meaningful analysis of the proposed project. Atlantic Wind has so far succeeded in excluding from what it labels its Public Involvement Program any meaningful data which would inform and involve both the PSC and the "host" communities. There is no plausible reason not to amend the revised PIP to extend the visual impact to the 10-mile limit and hold off till the developer files the Preliminary Scoping Statement. More critical is the waffling on the turbine height. The developer keeps referring to the 500- foot limit, while propping the door wide open for taller turbines. The same law firm that handles Horse Creek also handles Galloo Island wind, the Apex project in the Town of Hounsfield. They increased the number of turbines, nameplate capacity and turbine height less than a month before producing their PSS. The developer counted correctly that the 21 day time limit under PSC rules would minimize public involvement and opposition to the changed parameters. Atlantic Wind will most likely follow the same course of action so successfully chosen by their legal team. Although the revised PIP addresses most comments of the PSC, incorporating some, rejecting others, it has failed to even comment on the recommendation to notify additional landowners whose residences are within 5,000 feet of a turbine as stakeholders. Under the heading of Public Involvement the developer announces the creation of "virtual office hours" Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and "members of the public are asked to leave a message requesting a call back if desired". The PSC recommended a response time of 5 days, the developer will respond "ideally within 7 to 10 calendar days". The office in Lowville appears to be real, albeit located in a neighboring county with virtual office hours and no indication that project representatives will be available to interact with the public. To sum things up: Iberdrola's in house developer Atlantic Wind LLC has engaged both the public and the staff of the PSC in a pre-application process designed to apparently follow the prescribed application steps but in reality doing everything in its power to minimize the disclosure of information and the involvement of the public. The company is apparently testing the PSC to see how far they can repudiate the article process. The few interactions of company representatives with host communities have demonstrated their contempt for local laws and the officials who created them to protect their residents. It appears that the developer has not changed their posture when dealing with the very agency whose blessings they need to push their project.

Have you voiced your opinion about the proposed sacrifice of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region to monster white towers of subsidy testosterone (wind turbines)?

You can submit your opinion with comments at these links:

Island PSC matter

Horse Creek PSC matter:

Don't take any wooden nickels from anyone who tells you that your voice is a waste of time.

American Bird Conservancy calls for 10 mile setback for industrial wind turbines from Great Lake shores.

The American Bird Conservancy is taking a strong stand against "close to shore" wind turbines in the Great Lakes!
(Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2016) A radar study released last month by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) provides stark evidence that wind turbines on the Great Lakes pose an unacceptably high risk to migratory birds and other wildlife. Yet this region in New York has been targeted for enormous wind energy projects, including the proposed Lighthouse Wind facility—one of the nation's 10 worst for birds, according to our recent report.

“This study is the smoking gun in the argument against installing wind energy so close to the lakeshore,” said Dr. Michael Hutchins, Director of American Bird Conservancy's Bird-Smart Wind Energy Program. “If risk to birds means anything to our elected leaders, this should be the death knell to projects like Lighthouse, which is currently under serious consideration by New York's Public Service Commission."

Visit the ABC web home at this link

Do you fear that your flock will be chopped by industrial wind turbines?

Thank you windtoons.com

If you have concerns about a chopped flock visit these links and make your voice known to the New York State Public Service Commission:

Horse Creek PSC matter:

Town of Clayton, NY reveals new wind law.

Reported by a JLL reader:

At the Clayton Town Board meeting held last night in Depauville, the release of a new wind law and a change in the zoning ordinance was announced. The draft documents are expected to be added to the town's website today. A public hearing is scheduled for September 14 at the Clayton Opera House on the wind law, while other hearings are scheduled for other agenda items on the same date at the Town's Board Room. 

You can visit the Town of Clayton website at this link.

Why Save Ontario Shores opposes the sacrifice of Lake Ontario to monster wind turbines.

Wind project opposed for many good reasons

Responding to an Aug. 8 letter: Nobody from Save Ontario Shores is opposed to intelligent clean energy.
• We are opposed to the placement of up to 70 wind turbines 650 feet high in the middle of a major migratory bird flyway.
• We are opposed to allowing wind turbines to kill our bald eagles.
• We are opposed to the erosion of property values ultimately reducing the tax base in Somerset and Yates.
• We are opposed to infrasound effect on humans and animals.
• We are opposed to the decimation of the bat population in our agricultural towns.
• We are opposed to an industry that will drive away residents, businesses and tourists, making it detrimental to future economic development.
• We are opposed to Apex paying less than its fair share of taxes through the use of a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement.
• We are opposed to Apex’s misleading statements, incomplete information and scare tactics.
• We are opposed to New York State’s Article 10 removing home rule.
• We are opposed to increasing the cost of electricity to consumers while giving billions of our tax dollars to wind turbine companies. Mass implementation of wind turbines in countries like Australia, Germany and the Netherlands is proving to be an economic disaster. The consumer cost of electricity has skyrocketed.
Susan E. Dudley


Town of Lyme has been added to the Galloo Island party list.

Subject: 15-F-0327: Scott Aubertine  Supervisor has been added to the Party List; Msg. Tracking No.: 74

Scott Aubertine Supervisor has been added to the Party List of the case 15-F-0327
Case No.: 15-F-0327
Case Title: Application of Galloo Island Wind LLC for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need Pursuant to Article 10 to Construct a Wind Energy Project.

Contact information: P.O. Box 66 CHAUMONT NY United States superaubertine@townoflyme.com 13622

Appearing on behalf of: Town of Lyme

Nature of Interest in the case: The Town of Lyme is named in the Galloo Island Wind Energy Facility Preliminary Scoping Document, identified therein as a Stakeholder and referenced in discussion of a number of matters of potential concern to the Town. These include, but are not limited to, the development of Road Use Agreements covering routing and road conditions; a reparation fund or bond and post-construction inspections to assure mitigation; possible inclusion in the formulation of the Route Evaluation and Transportation Impact Study. In his presentation to the Town of Lyme Board at its July 13, 2016 regular monthly meeting, Neil Habig, Project Manager, informed the Board of the possibility of utilizing a parcel of land located in the Town for ancillary purposes such as parking, loading and/or docking. The Scoping Document states that these ancillary features are applicable to local laws and regulations. As such, the Town has a substantial interest in the project. As with any proposed wind development, the issue of the effects on property values is of serious concern to our residents, as Galloo Island is clearly within the view shed of numerous properties in Lyme. The Board is also sensitive to the environmental and health concerns of its residents.

Party has consented to electronic service of Commission orders in this case : Yes

Party has consented to serve and be served by other parties by electronic means : Yes

Pursuant to the Commission's rules of procedure, parties have an opportunity to object to the granting of party status subject to deadlines and procedures set forth in said rules.