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A JLL reader and contributor asks, "Would wind turbines interfer with this"?

Missile-tracking computer data center opens at Fort Drum

“We’re going to be working through the Article 10 process,” Mr. Reinkemeyer said. “We will be engaging the Town Board and the townships in this area to kind of reasonably — you know — reasonable objective.”

JLL comment:

And, I suspect that Mr. Reinkemeyer would love to have Lyme Supervisor Scott Aubertine and others ignore the Article 10 process. Don't take any wooden nickels from ANYONE who advocates boycotting and ignoring the only process where everyone concerned can enter the public record with their concerns. Why make it easy for Reinkemeyer and his local advocates?

Yes, it is very likely that Town of Lyme residents will suffer potentially severe impacts if the Town of Hounsfield and Apex Energy get their wish and sacrifice Jefferson County's Galloo Island to industrial wind turbines.

RWiley Photo
This Apex Energy controlled boat house and ramp is suitable for barge landings and commuting to Galloo Island. It is located in a populated Pt. Peninsula cottage community on South Shore Rd. extension, Town of Lyme. If that is the case, increased road traffic and commercial activity could upset  serene lake Ontario lifestyles off the impacted homeowners.

Lyme Town Board questions wind developers at monthly board meeting

If Berry Freed was still hiding out in Fineview, Town of Orleans, I wonder what he would be thinking about Iberdrolas proposed Horsecreek industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone?'

JLL Comment:

A recent Perry White, Watertown Daily Times, report stirred old memories. It took me back to my days of working in A-Bay at the Thousand Island Club and Edgewood Resort as a commercial pilot flying hot air balloons and organizing the Kodak Thousand Island Hot Air Ballon festival.

During those days, I had the opportunity to meet and speak  with Johanna Lawrenson and Barry Freed. And, of course, there were rumors.

The resistance to those early assaults on the environment of our Thousand Islands region caught the winter shipping promoters and developers like oilman Augsbury by surprise.

And those of us who became  supporters, attending STR events, were a little surprised as well when we talked with Barry Freed and heard "outrageous" promises that he was able to keep.

You can view the Barbara Walters interview at this link.


Save the River took off and on July 23, 1981, Pete Segeer  helped fill Barry's shoes and came to the Clayton Recreational Arena and we enjoyed a night of entertainment that cost $2.00 for STR members. Segeer was a bit late because he rushed up here from funeral services of his good friend Harry Chapin who had been killed in a traffic accident. Although I never heard that Barry ever played the banjo, I always wondered if the guy in the tube on the  poster below was a characture of Barry Freed.

During these days when industrial wind developers have targeted Jefferson County's golden Crescent and Thousand Islands as industrial wind turbine sacrifice zones, I often wonder.

Where is the outrage!

Are seasonal residents now ready to give their Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands paradises to industrial wind turbine developers and their money hungry local supporters?

Who will fill the shoes of Barry Freed and Pete Seegar?

STRANGER among us: The Life and Times of Barry Freed

Sunday Morning email from a JLL reader:

Go here to post a comment on the Galloo project:

Go here to post a comment on the Horse Creek (Clayton, Orleans, Lyme, Brownville) project:

If you would like to study the kinds of public comments that are coming in on the Lighthouse project in Yates and Somerset, use this link:
There are some scripted pro-wind comments posted by leaseholders.  The vast majority strongly oppose the project.

Parishville-Hopkinton-Colton projects FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/156835897709620/ 

See attached, Hounsfield Planning Board did SEQRA and determined no affect in operating a wind project on Galloo, be interesting to FOIA the SEQRA process, must not have been a hard look, maybe it can be invalidated?

Posted: 22 Jul 2016 05:59 PM PDT
Posted: 22 Jul 2016 04:53 PM PDT

Posted: 17 Jul 2016 05:07 AM PDT

The executives must be told they have set their sights on the wrong place and that they are not welcome.  In all likelihood the information they get is filtered through their subordinates to sound positive, but that does not mean they don’t know exactly what they are doing and have found ways to justify it in the their heads.  They need to be told they are making very damaging mistakes in the case of our area.  Don’t think such inputs will not affect their thinking.  They put their pants on the same way we do. And any email sent to these guys should be cc’d to the PSC. 
It is also important for wind opponents and skeptics to show up at these developer orchestrated phony "information" events and ask all the tough questions.  Don't give the developers and their local enablers a free and easy forum that they can easily use just to check a “community outreach” box in their phony Public Involvement Program. They have no intention of answering serious questions with candid answers.  Try to make that all the more obvious by putting them on the spot.  This is an adversarial process.  At the very least it provides another opportunity to reveal that the developer is not interested in really answering questions at this stage – only in pretending they did – for the record. 

email the executives and tell them what you think

Mr. Frank Burkhartsmeyer
President and CEO
Avangrid Renewables, LLC
1125NW Couch Street, Suite 700
Portland, OR  97209

Chief Executive Officer
Atlantic Wind Energy, LLC
305 Stonewood Court
Chesapeake, VA 23320-3525


Mr. Sandy Reisky
Chief Executive Officer
Apex Clean Energy
Court Square Building
310 4th St. NE, Suite 200
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Mr. Mark Goodwin
President and Chief operating Officer
Apex Clean Energy
Court Square Building
310 4th St. NE, Suite 200
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The Town of Somerset, NY recently posted the list of comments submitted by people in a “wind survey” conducted by the town government.


How do you feel about all that US taxpayer money being poured into foreign jobs and office buildings?

This is a photo I captured of Iberdrola's office tower
in Bilbao. Millions of dollars of American taxpayer
corporate welfare was poured into this beauty.

At 542 feet, but still shorter than the proposed Horse Creek wind turbines, The
 Iberdrola Tower is highest building in Bilbao and the economic powerhouse in northern Spain.

Oh, around these parts, they pretend to be American and apparently
don't want you to catch on that they are foreigners taking Yankee Dollars
back to Spain.
How do you feel about that?

Do you think the Town of Clayton and the Thousand Island
School District should give them even more?

Daily Caller News Foundation

Wind Lobby Scrambles To Hide Alleged Influence Of Foreign Companies

The American Wind Energy Association, the wind energy industry’s main lobbying group, touts wind power as helping the U.S. economy, but a news report claims the group’s advocacy is being driven by a group of foreign executives.
To make matters more interesting, AWEA removed its list of companies on its Leadership Council from its website — the Leadership Council was still missing from AWEA’s website when this reporter went to check on its status. AWEA refused to comment on the removal when approached .................
Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/17/wind-lobby-scrambles-to-hide-alleged-influence-of-foreign-companies/#ixzz4F57fCxx7

A memory of the incredible Thousand Islands.

A few days ago, while in the dentist chair with a mouth full of cotton and a numb face, my dentist reminded me of my younger days when I logged nearly 400 hours as a commercial LTA pilot flying balloons over the incredible Thousand Islands. Using the ventriloquist skills I practiced as kid, much like Mortimer Snerd, I carried on. My dentist shared an experience with a balloon in the Thousand Islands, as well. An event that even I, despite my involvement with the FAA and safety training and other LTA issues,  was unaware of.

The  conversation also reminded me that when I return to the Cape I must to look for my copy of a book by Canadian author Shawn Thompson, River Rats, The People of the Thousand Islands. 

Oh, I am was quite thrilled during my balloon adventure days over the islands which qualified me to become one of Thompson's River Rats. But, I was even more thrilled one day over a river rat adventure experienced when I was about 5 years old and had not yet learned to swim. My friend Terry Fitzgerald and I planned and executed a journey across the St. Lawrence hand-paddling overinflated and patched inner tubes that we had snuck out of my dad's auto service garage. Now, to me that is River Rat extraordinaire. (I never claimed it was a smart thing to do.) 

But there is one minor edit I must make to Shawn's story which he learned about from my sister. Terry and I only crossed from the American side to Wolfe Island.  It was a one way by tube and we were tired. We returned compliments of Bill and Darrel Horn on the Horn's Ferry. 

I recall that we did not received the same hero's welcome Lindy received when he landed in France.


And, that was the day I decided it was time to learn to swim.

Cape Vincent, NY is a community of volunteers. Thanks to everyone who gives to our beautiful community.

Cape Vincent Improvement League’s community garden a success


From the Town of Clayton, NY. Updates to Town/Village Comprehensive Plan.

DRAFT Town/Village of Clayton Comprehensive Plan–UPDATED

Below, you will find draft sections of the proposed update to the Town/Village of Clayton, NY Comprehensive Plan.  Additional sections will be added as those drafts are finalized.
The Town/Village of Clayton Comprehensive Plan Committee is holding a public meeting on July 18, 2016, 4-7pm at the Village of Clayton Municipal Building to solicit input from the citizens of Clayton regarding the proposed comprehensive plan.  Participants may attend at a convenient time to discuss and offer suggestions on the various topics noted in the plan.   Our goal is to obtain the public’s ideas about the future development of the Clayton Community, as well as inform attendees about the process and progress made to date.

A letter from Mary K. Barton

'Industrial wind blight' costly to taxpayers

A recent article in the US&J, “NY looks to the wind” by Joe Mahoney, was full of half-truths and misinformation.

Top Secret! Do not share.

If New York City and Long Island want industrial wind power then fill the waters of New York City and Long Island with wind turbines. Leave Jefferson County, NY alone! For I am a NIMBY and Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands is my backyard!

A few months ago, the hoity toity editorial staff of the New York Times opined, using different words than mine,  that those giant white towers of subsidy testosterone (wind turbines) were so important to cooling the earth that hicks like you and I, who choose to live in the pristine pleasures of Upstate, should make the ultimate sacrifice so they could keep their lights on.

Screw them to the fencepost! I am a NIMBY and Jefferson County, NY's pristine Golden Crescent and Thousand Islands Region is my back yard!

"Wind Farms" is a bullshit term. In my opinion, they are  "industrial wind turbine sacrifice zones".  Sacrifice Central Park to wind farms.  Leave us alone!

Sorry about the hissy fit. 

Now that there is some serious consideration to  putting turbines in the lands of Larchmont lockjaw, we are reading  different opinions of some of its writers:

Read the New York Times Energy and Environment report at this link.


How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course

Contribution from National Wind Watch:

Wind turbines killing tens of thousands of bats, including many on the endangered species list   

Credit:  Wind turbines killing thousands of bats | By John Miner, The London Free Press | Wednesday, July 20, 2016 | www.lfpress.com ~~
Wind turbines are killing bats, including ones on the endangered species list, at nearly double the rate set as acceptable by the Ontario government, the latest monitoring report indicates.
Bats are being killed in Ontario at the rate of 18.5 per turbine, resulting in an estimated 42,656 bat fatalities in Ontario between May 1 and October 31, 2015, according to the report released by Bird Studies Canada, a bird conservation organization.

From the National View.

July 19, 2016
The party’s platform ignores the reality that wind and solar are not enough
The Democratic National Convention, in Philadelphia, doesn’t start until July 25, but a look at the party’s draft platform reveals one fact: Democrats remain hopelessly unserious when it comes to greenhouse gases and climate change.
To be sure, the platform contains plenty of phrases that aim to inspire voters, including references to income inequality, “greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street,” and the need to protect civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, LGBT rights, and so on.


Is Apex energy considering the Town of Lyme as a launching base for their proposed Galloo Island operations?

How would Apex Energy's proposed Galloo Island industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone affect the cottage community on The Town of Lyme's Point Peninsula?

The Galloo Island Corporation boathouse, land and barge loading ramp in the Town of Lyme,  South Shore Drive on Point Peninsula, is only a seven mile run (green line) by boat or barge to Galloo Island's Gill Harbor on the Northeast End. The landing is located in a high density summer community and on a one lane road that residents have to cross to access their beaches and docks.

The landing at Apex Energy's host community of Sacket's Harbor in the Town of Hounsfield, is a fifteen mile run by boat or barge (red line). Galloo Island traffic to the Hounsfield landing would go through high density Sacket's Harbor neighborhoods. 

Homeowners on Pt. Peninsula will receive some of the greatest visual impacts from Galloo Island. Wind turbine economic impact studies by the Town of Orleans, Cape Vincent and Henderson  indicate that those property visually impacted will likely suffer reduced valuation and sales much like the losses that occurred on Wolfe Island and in the town of Cape Vincent where some homes sold for much less than they were worth before the Wolfe Island wind turbines appeared. Even though the Town Of Lyme is within the visual and environmental justice study areas of the proposed Galloo Project, Lyme elected officials have not become a party to the Apex-Galloo Public Service Commission Matter, case number 15-F-0327 which can be visited at this link.

RWiley Photo
This deep water boat house and launching ramp on Point Peninsula, Town of Lyme,  is controlled by Galloo Island developer Apex Energy. With dredging and improvements this safe harbor landing would be well suited for servicing the island during and after wind turbines are built. It would cut the boat and barge crossing to Galloo in half.

RWiley Photo