What the few supporters of Apex Energy and Iberdrola don't understand is that citizens who oppose being sacrificed to white towers of subsidy testosterone are already well educated about the impacts of industrial wind turbines and they don't like what they see!

A Jll Reader Contribution:

This letter in the Buffalo News is so typical of wind developer messaging spin.  This letter could have been written for hundreds of wind projects in the US, with only a few edits made in this case to add in some local/state factors.  It is probably based on a sample form letter in the wind biz playbook.
Likely submitted by a leaseholder but written by the developer, Apex.
Here is what this letter is really saying:

            “We, the developer, will tell you what you need to know when we think you need to know it.  Allow us to finish the various steps in the process without the distraction of all the public fuss you are creating out there.  It is not helpful.  Please be quiet as things take their unstoppable course toward eventual completion of the project.  You will have ample opportunity to speak but we would prefer that you hold off with your nasty questions until we have this thing pretty well wrapped up and momentum is completely on our side.
            If you will kindly allow us to educate you about the project and not be influenced by all the hysteria, you will come to appreciate that this project is going to have a benign effect on your community.  Relax.
            We have boxes we have to check and all this controversy makes it harder for us to do that.  You are dragging this out unnecessarily.
            After we have submitted our final application, and preferably after the turbines are up and running, then we will give full attention to any unresolved issues you may have.  You will be able to submit comments then by registered mail to our offices in Virginia.  
            Again, please relax, folks.  You are letting yourselves get all worked up.  It’s unnecessary.”

Letter: Patience, education key to understanding project 

on September 23, 2016 

I think there’s some confusion about the permitting process for wind farms in New York. The multiyear process is very complex, but understanding it can dispel a lot of myths.
Right now, Lighthouse Wind is in the pre-application stage. The company behind the proposed project, Apex Clean Energy, is in the second year of all sorts of studies that look at how a wind farm may impact different species and the surrounding environment. The studies are still going on, but when they’re completed, everyone can see the results in its final application.
Read the rest at the link below:

From the JLL email: Coalition Weekly News, A contribution by friends for the Preservation of Jefferson County's Golden Crescent and Thousand Island Region.

Go here to post a comment on the Galloo project:

Go here to post a comment on the Horse Creek (Clayton, Orleans, Lyme, Brownville) project:

If you would like to study the kinds of public comments that are coming in on the Lighthouse project in Yates and Somerset, use this link:
There are some scripted pro-wind comments posted by leaseholders.  The vast majority strongly oppose the project.

Parishville-Hopkinton-Colton projects FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/156835897709620/ 
Posted: 24 Sep 2016 03:50 AM PDT
Posted: 22 Sep 2016 04:51 AM PDT
Posted: 20 Sep 2016 02:53 PM PDT
Letter: Wind turbines will mar lovely shores of Ontario September 24, 2016  http://www.buffalonews.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/letter-wind-turbines-will-mar-lovely-shores-of-ontario-20160924

Copenhagen Wind Farm likely delayed over grid hook-up issues By STEVE VIRKLER SVIRKLER@LOWVILLE.COM PUBLISHED: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 AT 12:53 AM

Posted: 21 Sep 2016 03:30 AM PDT                                                                           

Posted: 23 Sep 2016 06:34 AM PDT

Study finds New York losing the most tax payers   Latest data point in longterm debate of state's population challenges


Saskatchewan rejects proposed wind farm to protect birds » read more

Posted: 21 Sep 2016 05:55 PM PDT

Push for wind farms along Great Lakes sparks controversy

Letter: Four years of misery caused by Hoosac Wind

Noise and windfarm construction off the Sussex coast

The UK Government made the following announcement:
The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has been looking into concerns about noise off the Sussex coast and the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.
Officers from the MMO have visited the area where noise has been reported. We are also working closely with the developer to understand and address any relevant concerns.
The windfarm developer, E.On, has made a number of changes to their processes to reduce noise impact. These include:
installing noise-reducing acoustic panels around pump equipment onshore (which for safety reasons has to run continuously) reducing speed of vessels and using anchors so that engines can be turned off scheduling maintenance activities where noisy tools are required to be in day time only instructing vessels leaving Shoreham Port at night to follow a different route in order to minimise impact on residences at Shoreham Beach
The developer has also committed to avoiding piling activity overnight when weather conditions mean excessive noise may carry to shore, for example during warm, still nights.
Any further issues can be reported to the MMO by emailing info@marinemanagement.org.uk">info@marinemanagement.org.uk
or calling 0300 123 1032. Please note the date, time and location of any occurrences so that these can be looked into.
Background to the Rampion development
to construct Rampion Offshore Windfarm in July 2014.
This followed careful consideration of the application and a supporting environmental statement. The statement https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/EN010032/EN010032-001542-6.1.27%20Noise%20and%20Vibration.pdf">assessed the potential noise impacts
including airborne noise and concluded there would be no significant impact as a result of piling activities to construct the wind farm.
Developments are only licensed when the Government is satisfied they meet legal requirements and any effects on the environment and quality of life are minimised.
The work includes constructing 175 wind turbine generators, with the closest turbine being about 13km from the shore.
Further details of the environmental impact assessment performed by the developers is available on the https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/south-east/rampion-offshore-wind-farm/">Planning Inspectorate website.

Details of the MMO's marine licensing remit with regards to the development are available https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rampion-offshore-wind-farm">elsewhere on this website.
How ‘green energy’ is ‘evergreen pain’! Times of India     18th September, 2016  http://www.daily-sun.com/post/167711
The new land rush in rural New York: solar farms
Developers aggressively contact farmers with tempting deals that would lead to the harvesting of energy, not crops  http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/development/the-new-land-rush-in-rural-new-york-solar-farms-20160917


Amherst Island residents worried wind turbine cement plant to be built near school

CKWS Newswatch It’s a heated topic on Amherst Island, the wind turbines. But, this time the concern has shifted. Residents are worried about a cement batch plant said to be a base for the project, that they allege will be built very close to the Amherst Island Public School. Beth Forester has lived on Amherst Island most […]


"...hard to believe anyone who lives here would support building ugly monsters in the sky..."

·         Opinion
Letter: Wind turbines will mar lovely shores of Ontario 

on September 24, 2016 

Thanks to The News for its superb article about the controversy regarding wind energy turbines in Niagara and Orleans counties. We are summer residents along the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. I find it hard to believe that anyone who lives here would support building ugly monsters in the sky along the shores of Lake Ontario to the tune of 570 feet, given what we have learned about the minimal benefit the turbines will have.

Citizens and taxpayers in another Northern New York town object to sacrificing their community to Iberdrola - Avangrid industrial wind.

Hopkinton residents not in favor of North Ridge Wind Farm project

Even though nobody lives there, Little Galloo Island is in danger of potential negative impacts as a result of infrasound from Apex Energy's proposed Galloo Island turbines.

Recently, a ten page document submitted to the public record of the matter of proposed Galloo Island informed the New York State Public Service Commission that, "A major oversight in the scoping document provided by Galloo Wind LLC, and the principal reason for this letter, is the failure of the parties to consider the potential negative impacts of infrasound on the colonial water birds that use Little Galloo Island."

September 21, 2016

Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess Secretary to the Commission Three Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12223-1350


Kevin Casutto
Presiding Examiner
Three Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12223-1350

Dear Secretary Burgess and Presiding Examiner Casutto:

After reviewing Galloo Island Wind LLC's Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS) I applaud the recommendation by the Pubic Service Commission (PSC) that the sponsor include an assessment of low frequency/infrasound noise impacts in their pre-application studies, as outlined in 16 NYCRR §1001.19 -Exhibit 19(e). I am concerned, however, with sponsor’s response (#121), “The evaluation of infrasound will be based on available literature of selected model(s). It is worth noting that infrasound1 data is not required as part of the wind turbine supplier's acoustic standard (IEC 61400-11).” It is clear from PSC comments that infrasound is a major noise issue at Galloo Island. It is therefore incumbent upon the sponsor to provide a detailed, comprehensive assessment of low frequency sound and infrasound impacts associated with their project rather than a cursory review of available literature or restricting their analytical approach because a turbine manufacturer does not supply the information needed for a proper assessment of noise impacts. 

You can continue reading the document and add your comment to the PSC Case Matter at the following link:


The worldwide industrial wind con is beginning to threaten the jobs of elected officials.

Dissatisfaction with industrial wind around the world is starting to make a political impact. Concerns are growing, and they will not go away as mistakes are recognized.

Around the world, industrial wind "political ground is shifting". Let's hope Jefferson's County's beautiful and significant Golden Crescent and Thousand Island region is not sacrificed and escapes what might be the biggest economic and political scandal of the 22nd. Century.

Ontario energy: Wind opponents see Liberals backing down 

By John Miner
The London Free Press
London, Ontario
Monday, September 19, 2016 6:06:27 EDT PM

Wind farm opponents are telling companies jockeying for new Ontario green energy contracts to enjoy the moment — it’ll likely be their last chance.

After a decade-long losing streak before environmental review tribunals and courts, activists trying to halt industrial wind farms say they sense the political ground is finally shifting in their favour now that power rates have become a hot urban issue and the Liberal government is taking notice.

Read about Canada's industrial wind political concerns here at this link below, eh?


Town of Clayton citizen known for his dedication to community governmental affairs tells the New York State Public Service Commission that Iberdrola's intent to seek an application that would allow them to sacrifice his town to industrial wind that, "This notification cannot be considered as meeting any standard of this process and should be considered as a false filing...."

At a recent public hearing on a draft law regulating industrial wind, Town of Clayton Supervisor David Storandt, when the hearing was over, asked the audience to read the documents submitted to the New York State Public service commission and to submit comments that would be entered into the public record.

The following comment is a recent entry and was submitted by a citizen of the town of Clayton who for many years has been active in assisting public officials with revisions and updates to their local community plan:

Document on document page filed  Doc. Title" Horse Creek Wind Farm, LLC, Petition for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need Pursuant to PSL Article 10 for a Major Energy Generating Facility." Is from 2012 and is pursuant to previous application for Horse Creek project. This document is outdated and contains factually incorrect information regarding the Town and the proposed development, its application per description provided by PIP. The document is on file currently, and is considered as a filed document, related to the new proposal/project, therefore the PSC must consider this as a false representation of factual elements directly related to the current application. By not requesting this be removed and replaced with a factually correct document, the developer demonstrates a lack of good faith efforts as well as disregard for the accuracy and standards that the Municipalities must meet regarding the current application process. The outdated, factual elements and any procedural elements of this document cannot meet any of the criteria or process steps of the current filing/application. Municipalities are required, and indeed their very legal and ethical standing in this process is dependent on providing the public and the PSC with up to date, factually accurate documents and information.  This document, as long as it is filed pursuant to this application, is what the applicant  calls "Re: Notice of Election, PSL Article10 §162[5] ­ Horse Creek Wind Farm, Town of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.".  This notification cannot be considered as meeting any standard of this process and should be considered as a false filing regarding the current application and proposal. The burden of proof in this process must be upon the developer demonstrating a factual, accurate, legitimate body of evidence for the PSC to properly preform its role in determining that a Municipality is incorrectly applying its abilities through Constitutional Home Rule to determine Land-Use Laws or regulations. This document on file clearly demonstrates the developer is unconcerned with being factual or providing updated, accurate documents to the PSC or the public. The developer sees themselves as being held to a different and lower standard than Municipalities, while maintaining a legal staff dedicated to finding and exploiting any perceived inaccuracies, procedural elements or factual inadequacies that are present anywhere in a Municipalities Zoning or land-use Laws. I would respectfully request the the PSC not only hold the developer to the same standards of factual, up to date and accurate information and documents that the Municipalities/ public must meet, but the developer should be held to a higher standard, as the developer is asking the PSC to overrule a Municipalities NYS Constitutional right to govern land-use and future development.

Please support the Town of Clayton by making a comment to the New York State Public Service commission at the following link:


Blue Creek Wind Farm is an Iberdrola - Avangrid Renewables company that has filed a lawsuit that seeks a court order to block state agencies from releasing wind turbine bird and bat kill data. They claim that doing so would would be divulging trade secrets. This is the same company that wants to put wind turbines right in the middle of a major flyway in Jefferson County, NY.

Wind farm sues to block bird death data release 


OAK HARBOR — An Ohio wind farm has filed a lawsuit against two state agencies, hoping to conceal the number of bird deaths that are being caused by its operation.
The legal dispute was generated by an Ottawa County birding organization, the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Oak Harbor, which contends that bird death data held by both federal and state agencies is public information. Blue Creek Wind Farm LLC, which operates a wind farm in Van Wert and Paulding counties in Ohio and Allen County, Indiana, says releasing its bird and bat kill reports would provide "trade secrets" to its competitors.

Last night, at Jefferson County Community College, during a worksop on how to write town laws for a community that does not want to sacrifice themselves to industrial wind, Christopher Eastman representing the New York Department of State summarized what he believed to be the community's best defense:

“If it’s something that the community feels should be implemented in zoning regulations and there’s a lot of justification for it, I think that’s probably your best defense,” Mr. Eastman said. “I don’t think that throwing up your hands because of Article 10, saying, ‘well the state’s going to do whatever the state’s going to do; it’s out of our hands’ is the correct response. It’s as important as ever to go through the comprehensive planning process and to have regulations on the books that reflect the goals of the comprehensive plan and the community.”

Eastman emphasized that  his recommendation was for legislation in those communities who choose to not have wind projects.

New York State is a home rule state and the choice to "have regulations on the books" is a local choice.

Clayton, NY was used as an example of a town which has made the choice to protect their town from the sacrifice to industrial wind. You can support their efforts by making your voice known in the public record at the New York State Public Service Commission at the following link:

New York Department of State tells towns how to write local legislation geared toward preventing their town from being sacrificed to large scale industrial wind projects.

State representatives hold wind law workshop at JCC

Is this what is in store for innocent taxpayers in the Jefferson County, NY towns of Brownville, Lyme, Clayton and Orleans?

Letter: Four years of misery caused by Hoosac Wind
Letter sent to multiple media including The Berkshire Eagle
Pittsfield, MA

POSTED:   09/17/2016 

To the editor:

For the third night in a row, I can hear Hoosac Wind from inside our home. Saturday evening, after spending a day on the river, we decided to cook dinner on a fire in the backyard. The noise from the turbines was hard to ignore and the experience wasn't enjoyable as it used to be.
Sunday evening was just as loud. Tonight, Monday going into Tuesday, I can hear the noise from the turbines inside our bedroom. I can tell the wind is coming out of an easterly direction because of the type of sound that is difficult to ignore. Sounds like a roar with "whoop whoop whoop," on and on endlessly!
I decided to call the complaint line and see if Iberdrola responds. I've called the number two other times with no response and I don't have much faith in the system. Now I wait to see what happens.
I've spoken with neighbors and they are also reluctant to call the complaint line. One of the reasons is that it appears to be "three strikes and you're out" and you are no longer able to get a response. This is my third time calling.
What will happen to Iberdrola if it doesn't show up to measure the sound levels? Even if it is fined that doesn't help the neighbors get sleep. Another reason for not having faith in the complaint line is that the testing procedure is biased to increase the ambient noise levels to stack the deck against the neighbors. Why go through the hassle and not have a fair assessment?
It's now after 3 a.m., no word from Iberdrola, and Hoosac Wind is still noisy! The woman who answered my call said I should call back in a half hour if I didn't get a call back. A half hour passed and no call. When I talked with her again, she said she did talk with the person responsible and he was taking care of the situation. I wonder what that means as they should be here by now? As I recall, protocol stipulates a response to the place of complaint must happen in two hours. Apparently I've been stood up!
I've been told that not many are complaining about the noise. No kidding, what's the use? My head is throbbing, I am stressed out, and while I'm very tired I can't sleep because of the noise from Hoosac Wind. In December, it will be four years that we have been impacted and nothing has really changed for the neighbors. We still have the noise, lowered property values and reduced quality of life in various ways, including health and well being. Apparently, no end in sight. Don't you people care what happens to us?
Larry Lorusso, Clarksburg


Clayton tells the New York State Public Service Commission, " the statistics presented on Page 2 are dubious at best, and show a total lack of transparency on the part of Avangrid Renewables and Iberdrola."

The following is a letter sent from David Storandt, Town of Clayton Supervisor to the New York State Public Service Commission, RE: Case 12-F-0575, Horse Creek Wind Farm Project, Jefferson County, NY.

Taxpayers and friends of the Town of Clayton can support Supervisor Storandt and the Town Board by visiting the Public Service Case Matter of Public Record and making your voice known with your own comments.

Go here to post a comment on the Horse Creek (Clayton, Orleans, Lyme, Brownville) project:


Clayton, Orleans, Brownville, Lyme wind developer faces protest in Vermont.

(Vermont Governor) Shumlin faces protest at turbine site

SEARSBURG — Activists opposing industrial wind turbines from all over Vermont greeted Gov. Peter Shumlin on Monday, some with rude signs and gestures, as Avangrid Renewables held a ceremonial groundbreaking for its 20-megawatt Deerfield Wind project.........

Avangrid, which is a newly formed subsidiary of energy giant Iberdrola Renewables, plans to erect 15 turbines on ridgelines in Searsburg and Readsboro, with half the project in the Green Mountain National Forest. The $80 million project will produce 20 megawatts of power.

Some New York State Towns seem to want industrial wind.

Copenhagen Wind Farm likely delayed over grid hook-up issues