Cape Vincent Democratic Chairman screws up the local Democratic caucus.

JLL Political Analyst
Carol Rove
My brother Karl once told me if you wanna win a caucus, hold the caucus in a closet. But ya gotta get your guys into the closet first. "It helps if you create a lot of confusion about when the caucus is and how it works, too." he says. My brother is such a little sweetie. He forgot those tricks were my idea.

You see, I had to sleep in the same bed as my little brother until he was thirteen. I taught him all I know about politics. He made the big time, I made the small time, but what the hell. I live good, real good. It pays to be pretty.

A little earlier tonight, the Cape Dems had their caucus. I made my boyfriend go to hear stuff. His wife lets him outta the house for "politics". We met later, so it was a win-win.

The first thing he tells me is that the Democrats wasted their time gettin' together tonight because the head Dem Chairman guy forget to tell the election people on time that they were meetin'. I says to him, "Dumb ass, when did that ever matter to you boys? It's jest a rule." "Good point", he says, "Beside the Board of Elections don't enforce crap!"

But then he goes on to tell me that the Cape Democratic chair, Harold Wiley, did say that there would be no Democratic line on the Cape Vincent local ballot this year because he did "forget" to file the caucus date on time. So, this November 8, the people they selected at tonight's meeting will be write in candidates, only.

Liz Brennan wants to be a write-in candidate for Village Trustee.  Wind lease conflicted town councilmen Marty Mason and Donald Mason want you to write in their names.  Wind lease conflicted Joe Wood wants you to write his name in for County Legislature. Kirk Grant wants to people to write his name in for judge. And Danny Hubbard wants you to write his name in for Highway Superintendent. The Urban Hirschey guy gets a free ride. Well almost a free ride.

Then someone actually said they were going to go to school to learn how to do a write-in. I bet my brother Carl could help with that. He learned to write in the fourth grade. Someone else said they should do a blog. Not a blog like this one, a positive one. Tell me, do I look negative to you?

Jim Wiley said the "screw up" was his fault and Harold Wiley said it was "his fault" and Darrell Aubertine said all is not lost and they should stick with the caucus system because it is grass roots and works so well.

But just the same, the Democratic committee will meet shortly on whether or not to continue with the caucus system or go to the primary. Provided they can remember to tell each other the date of their meeting, that is.

When my brother Carl reads this he will think I have made it all up. I hope my dumb ass boyfriend got his facts straight.