Cape Vincent Democratic Confusion...

During this past week, more than once, people who called the Jefferson County Board of elections were told that Harold Wiley, the Cape Democratic Committee Chairman did not file on time for Cape Vincent to have a legal Democratic Caucus meeting tonight. However, I was told by the Jefferson County Board of Elections, twice,  that the Democratic Caucus was scheduled for 7:00 tonight at the community house. Also, someone put signs up around town announcing the same. 

All we know for sure is that there is a bit confusion in the form of Democratic senility. Regardless, I have been told that many people plan on showing up tonight at the community house in anticipation. If you really want to know for sure, then you have to do a drive by to check for yourself.

Perhaps the Democrats are just going to bag it this year and go with the Gary King Conservative Conflict of Interest Party.


  1. Anonymous9/16/2011

    They would be smart to not run anymore people. If they did Marty and Don or whoever they run will have no chance.

  2. Anonymous9/16/2011

    Look..you already have Don, Harvey and Marty and Kirk on a solid ticket. King is a smart guy and will win with them.

  3. Anonymous9/16/2011

    On the other hand, they may throw Donald under the bus tonight

  4. Anonymous9/16/2011

    Just be patient game fans. the fun is just beginning.

    I'm certain Harold is likely to provide us with some intriguing new twist to the plot!

  5. Anonymous9/16/2011

    " King is a smart guy and will win with them."

    I've known Gary King for 30 years. Gary King is a friend of mine and Gary King is not a smart guy.

  6. Anonymous9/16/2011

    At 6:53 the caucus is forming. Bud Constance is there, Donald Mason is there, Tom Rienbeck is there...enough to call a quorum.... and decide who and who is not a scumbag...

  7. Anonymous9/16/2011

    Maybe Rienbeck is going to run against Hirschey.

  8. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

  9. Anonymous9/16/2011

    Split the pro-wind vote with Rienbeck and White, no way.

    They won't dump Donny because he carried Harold's water/petition and manned-up with the illegal law. They'll reward Donny's loyalty with another endorsement.

    Donny can't go it alone, and besides, Marty already has his signs, in Democrat Blue placed around the town. Marty will keep Donny company on the ticket.

    No one else wants the Supervisor slot - no one. So, Harvey gets it by default.

    Kirk Grant has not other option but to crawl into bed with the other conflicted Democrats. He's got the spot.

    So there you have it. Conflicted tickets for both the Conservative and Democratic lines in November.

    Of course, if the rumors are right and Harold forgot to file the proper paper work in time, then all this is for naught.

  10. Anonymous9/16/2011

    So you think there will be two unethical parties this fall?

  11. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I think they will throw Harvey under the bus and will run someone against him. They will split the vote and Herschey will win.

  12. Anonymous9/16/2011

    It's there grand strategy, how to cram conflicted candidates down Cape Vincent's throat. Two lines on the ballot will get you twice as many votes. Good old boy smarts.

  13. Anonymous9/17/2011

    Better have lots of pens at the voting booths and you better be sure the voters can write and spell. Watch out for VFW poll workers sly moves. During the primary they instructed some about how to fill in the ballot but not others. This time they will need to write it out for them. It's a good thing those that were abandoned by Harold and Darrel have easy to spell names. In any event, voters have never been willing to put forth enough effort to write-in a candidates name. Good riddance Donnie and good luck Danny.