2011 Cape Vincent Absentee returns already very high.

According to a  Cape Vincent citizen, who is watching the election, the absentee voting return is very high. 493 Absentee ballots were sent out for the three Cape Vincent districts and already 373 have been returned.

In an apparent attempt to suppress the absentee vote, Cape Vincent Democrat Chairman Harold Wiley and Citizens for Fair Government Chairman Gary King sent out letters to out-of-town assessors telling them that certain people who owned property in their districts had chosen to register to vote at their Cape Vincent residence. Many of those assessors did pass on the message that they had received what some have described as "whistle blowing letters" about the Wiley-King targeted voters. But most assessors were nearly being informative.
Concerned Citizen for Fair Government
recently seen pushing sputtering Cape
political machine toward
Cape Recreation Park
Locals who were made aware of the Wiley-King letters wondered why they didn't contact our local assessor. He is the only one that really matters when determining who gets a STAR in Cape Vincent. Who cares about the Town of Podunk and Plowed Ground? Why would that be Wiley-King's concern?

So, It appears that Wiley and King were hoping that they could scare some absentee voters out of filling out their absent ballots or showing up at Rec Park by making them think they might lose their STAR exemption if they voted in Cape Vincent.  But, if they are already registered to vote here, they have a right to vote here regardless of their STAR exemption status. In fact, if the out of town assessor does deny them STAR status, they still can vote here and  have until early next spring to rectify the situation by re-registering to vote at their other home, if that is their desire.

I have talked to several Cape Vincent voters who did get letters from the assessors of other places where they own property. And frankly, all the Wiley-King letter did was piss them off and make them more determined to vote in Cape Vincent. In fact, I was told more registrations actually came in after, and as a result of, the Wiley-King letters.

In one case, an absentee voter told me that he and his wife didn't give a rat's ass if they did lose their STAR. They were so angry about certain Cape Vincent public officials having financial conflicts of interest that they were going to vote in Cape Vincent no matter what. Their love of Cape Vincent and their hatred of the threat of wind turbine impacts on their favorite home of choice was much stronger than the few bucks they might save on the STAR school tax exemption.

But, in summary, the Wiley-King letters are having little impact on the election and were just one more backfire in the sputtering Voter for Wind driven, conflict of interest, Conservative political engine.

In conclusion, If you know of any Cape Vincent friends or family voting absentee, give them a call or send them an email reminder to fill them out and send them.