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Monday, November 14, 2011

Claims of Cape Vincent voter fraud were based on one 2009 complaint.

Right after the passing of the Mason Law, all hell broke out for the Jefferson County Board of Elections. Regarding the issue, I had a very long talk with Jerry O. Eaton, Republican Jefferson County Elections Commissioner.  In all fairness to the BOE folks  I did not share with my readers what I had learned during my discussion with Jerry. The spurious charges launched by the pro-wind political operators had already caused a lot of unnecessary work and trouble for the BOE.

But, as for any evidence of voter fraud in Cape Vincent, Jerry Easton told me the same story that he told the person who made this JLL comment. The person making the comment is Anonymous to you but known to me.

 Anonymous said...
6:02 When Harold and Gary's petition was used by the Masons to stop seasonals from voting on the pretext of voter fraud I called the Jefferson County Board of Elections. I spoke with Jerry Eaton, the Republican deputy. I asked him how many documented reports of voter fraud his office received from the 2009 an 2010 elections in Cape Vincent. His answer was none. I asked if there were any undocumented complaints. He said he recalled one from Harvey White, who did not provide details, but just complained about seasonal voters participating in the 2009 election that ousted Harvey's buddy Tom Rienbeck. You remember that election, the one where Tom is quoted on the front page of the Watertown Daily Times saying the election sucks because he lost.

So, the voter fraud petition was a fraud. Anon 6:02 you were duped along with 200 others who signed the fraudulent petition. If you think about it, if there was widespread fraud it would have been a big story. The WDT would have been on it like flies on Dirty Frank.

6:02 I know you won't believe me or anyone else on this blog, but call the board of elections. If you hear them tell you the 2009 and 2010 elections were clean then maybe you'll begin to believe what all of us know. Harold Wiley and Gary King misrepresented their petitions, which is a nice way of saying they were bold faced liars. The only fraud in the Cape in the last two years was their fraud this summer.
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