Northern New York's odd man out!

New York's 23rd. Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has said there is no place in the Thousand Islands for wind turbines. They don't fit. And, in regards to the massive industrial wind welfare that would make crapping up the Thousand Islands possible, Doheny has said that the government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.

Northern New York Assembly members Ken Blankenbush (R) and Addie Russell (D) along with State Senator Pattie Ritchie voted against the Power NY legislation that stripped local municipalities of their local rule in energy facilities sitings. Power NY has threatened our Golden Crescent and Thousand Island communities with Article X State rule in the matter of industrial wind turbine sitings.

When our three State Representatives from Northern, NY cast that NO vote, I believe they did so knowing full well that our communities, being targeted by large foreign corporations, were opposed to sacrificing their home towns to those in Albany and Washington who want to reward wind developers with massive taxpayer subsidies.

Why should foreign wind developers be rewarded for splitting communities  and destroying lifestyle and home values?

Congressman Bill Owens still intends to sell out industrial wind targeted Northern New York communities  by voting YES on Production Tax Credits for wind developers like Iberdrola and British Petroleum.

When it comes to Northern New York and protecting our communities, Congressman Bill Owens is the odd man out.

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Since he narrowly beat Doheny Owens has lost a lot of support. His yes vote for PTC will cost him even more.