Protest by municipalities against Ontario industrial wind intensifies.

Dalton McGuinty will be speaking on February 27th at the Good Roads/ROMA meeting.  Many Ontairio municipalities have agreed to walk out on his speech if a moratorium is not in place by that time.  Please send your Council this document and urge them to participate. 

This is a copy of the protest letter which is being adopted by Ontario municipalities:

Whereas, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture which is Ontario's largest farm organization has asked Premier McGuinty and the Provincial government to suspend the building of Industrial Wind Turbines across the province as of January 20th, 2012; and

Whereas, Dozens of municipalities across this province have repeatedly asked for a moratorium on the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines until questions such as health concerns of people living in proximity to the Industrial Wind Turbines, proper setbacks of Industrial Wind Turbines, devaluation of neighboring properties, decimation of the rural landscape, and destruction of wildlife habitats are properly studied and addressed; and 

Whereas, Many of these municipalities have asked for the province to hand back the planning authority of Industrial Wind Turbines, but to no avail; and

Whereas, The Ontario Auditor General have even tried to explain to this government the serious errors being made under the Green Energy Act with regards to more jobs being lost than created, the consumer and taxpayer subsidizing the Industrial Wind Turbine projects to create huge profits for large off-shore companies while making electricity very expensive for the citizens for this province, or the implications of decommissioning Industrial Wind Turbines twenty years from now; therefore 

Be It Resolved, That the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, along with all other municipalities across this province who share these concerns regarding the damaging and devastating repercussions within our communities, hereby request that the Premier invoke an immediate moratorium of one year, with yearly extensions as required on the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines within the Province of Ontario until the concerns noted above are properly studied and addressed; and further Be It Resolved, That if the moratorium is not announced prior to the start date of the conference, that all municipal officials in attendance at the conference representing municipalities in opposition to the autocratic and dictatorial processes utilized by the government in establishing the Green Energy Act, shall leave the room immediately when the agenda reaches the point that the Premier or his designate addresses the conference, in a show of solidarity to once again demonstrate to our provincial government our frustration, anger and disappointment over their complete and total mishandling of the Green Energy Act and Industrial Wind Turbines in particular; and

Further, That this motion shall be forwarded through AMO to all municipalities in the  Province of Ontario, Premier McGuinty, Local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Minister of Energy and the Minister of the Environment."

Yours truly,


  1. Anonymous2/21/2012

    The Canadian protests are for real and they are not going to go away. No amount of bloody government bull is going to make the misery of wind turbines go away.

  2. Anonymous2/21/2012

    There will be many coward Mayors that will not walk out. They will hide behind the Green Energy Act and thereby be complicit and facilitate the hostile corporate take over of our once beautiful rural lands. Make sure to publish their names in every small town newspaper so that future generatons can see how easy is was for corporate interests to walk in and seduce the gullible, throw some money at some desperate farmers, add to the coffers of the rich ones and pay some absentee rural landowners and “‘have their way with us” Slam bang,… thank you mame..

    And our municipal representatives quivered in their boots, afraid of losing provincial grants if they spoke out against tyranny. I am so glad my father and his father are not alive to bare witness to this soleful repeat of history. Shame on us all for not taking to the streets!

  3. Anonymous2/21/2012

    We too have what you call welfare queens. Most of those are land investors not our farmers.

  4. Anonymous2/21/2012

    Stacy Gonigam, a Hamilton Township resident, said her family has rejected Mainstream's offer to have turbines on their farm. She wasn't impressed with the company's offer of money to neighbors in Bureau County. "It sounds like they're bribing the neighbors to keep their mouths shut," said Gonigam, the township's supervisor. "I don't think that's a good neighbor."

  5. Socio-patholitics2/21/2012

    This reminds me of a time when all of the students and faculty got up and walked out as one of our former presidents was receiving an honorary doctorate. Typical of that family, where they never really earned what they took for themselves. They were protesting the murder of several hundred miners in far away Tanzania, Africa. A Canadian Mining company did very well at the hands of this former president. He also gave them exclusive rights to a silver mine in Utah and even waived the $10,000 fee for the rights. Yup, his son went on to bring the country to the glory it is today, and our current president has assured that he will keep it just the way it is. What's really so absolutely absurd is how this entire issue is about the views from someone's lovely home, and yet no one seems to really be seeing anything at all anyway.

  6. pots and pans2/21/2012

    "You run your mouth off boy and some day someone's going to come along and shut it for you" And so the true philosophy of putting word to paper was born. All they have to do now is burn all them damned books that keep telling people things they don't want them to know. The pen is mightier than the sword. It gets people thinking. That can be a very dangerous thing in a dictatorship. Those damned liberals, they keep teaching our children how to read. What next? Culture films at the local library? "What library, hahahahaha" So it goes. I agree, taking to the streets is long past due pretty much everywhere. That's changing.