Changing diapers is not the last change Baby Boomers made.

One of the myths often perpetuated by wind developers when they target a community is a warning to their indentured leaseholders and Voters for Wind that, "many in the older generation don't want to embrace change, which is a common theme throughout history."

Under my recent post, Poll: Alternate energy loses support,  a person claiming to be a 27 yr. old doctoral student with parents in the Town of Lyme made a comment to Mary Kay Barton who, in a previous comment, had provided JLL readers with some resources that documented the rapidly growing opinion that "wind is a bridge to nowhere and a complete waste of our resources."

This is what the doctoral student had to say:

Holy crap! I knew the sparks would fly after that comment. The Baby Boom generation and the generation of those of us even older has always been one that has challenged the way society views life. From the free love of the 60’s, to the women’s movement of the 70’s, we have set the standard for change. Now that many of us are in our 50’s and 60’s we, are challenging the concept of what it means to grow older in society. We have embraced the technologies and in retirement continue to use the great gifts were were given in the fifties and sixties.

We have not only lived on change, but we have challenged change which would come to no good. 

This is Mary Kay Barton's reply to Anonymous at 12:14:

For the sake of the doctoral student, when he/she presents the "Stagnant Oldtimer Theory"  to the review panel, hope that no one on the panel is over 60.