Congressman Bill Owens represents Washington in Washington while he claims he supports local rule.

Last summer Cape Vincent got a dose of Carol
Murphey's  chowder. This Thursday, Jefferson
County, under the cloak of education, will
get a dose of Kevin Cahill's Article X snake oil.

Last week I talked to Congressman Bill Owen's Washington Office (NY 23-D). I asked specifically for him to vote NAY on the PCT Bill that would cost American's 5.25 million for every industrial wind job created. I did not mention local rule, but in his reply to me, he played that card again. But this time, he went so far as to declare that he does not support Article X legislation.

That should give a little encouragement to COAX who will be resisting Article X on a State Level and citizens who will be resisting Article X on a local level.

We will keep that in mind when we attend New York State's Assemblyman Kevin Cahill's Article X medicine show (They call it a seminar.) at the Jefferson County Community College Thursday, March 8, 630 PM.

Here is Congressman Owen's version of the the letter he sends to people who call and ask him to vote NAY on massive industrial PTC welfare for wind at the cost of 5.25 million per job. I never brought up the subject of local rule.

Mr. Richard Wiley
Cape Vincent, NY 

Dear Mr. Wiley,

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns with Production Tax Credits, and specifically your concerns regarding wind power in New York. I appreciate that you took the time to share your views with me on this important issue.

As you know, I support pursuing domestic resources as we move towards energy independence when it is done responsibly and in coordination with local leaders and communities.

For that reason, I believe an "all of the above" energy strategy is appropriate to ensure the nation takes advantage of its unique resource advantages while allowing communities the flexibility to participate in America's energy strategy in their own way. That is why I support programs from the Keystone XL pipeline to nuclear power to renewable energy here in New York.

However, I have always believed that siting decisions need to be made at the local level, with a requirement for broad and proven local support before a power project like wind energy could be seriously considered. I understand that recent legislation in the State of New York has brought smaller-scale renewable energy projects, like wind energy, within the scope of Article 10 of the Public Service Law and largely under the purview of the state. Please know I do not support this legislation. Major power initiatives, including wind energy, should be locally decided to ensure a community's 
concerns are fully addressed.

This does not, however, relieve us of our responsibility to pave the way for a cleaner energy future that utilizes American-made energy by American workers. We have tremendous potential here in New York to attract new jobs and businesses with clean, low-cost power, and we have seen these efforts take shape on the eastern side of the Congressional District. 

I have the honor of representing a large, mostly rural Congressional District, and in places like Clinton County there is strong support for wind energy. I support aiding these efforts from the federal level when there is local backing to ensure solar, biomass, and hydro as well as wind energy can compete fairly in the marketplace with fossil fuels. This is the only way to meet the needs of local constituents, encourage growth in green jobs across the country and secure America's place as the world's leader in clean and renewable energy.

Please know I will keep your thoughts in mind in the months ahead, and continue to advocate for the rights of local communities to decide these decisions for themselves.

Again, thank you for contacting me about this important issue. To receive updates on my work in New York and Washington, please visit my website at www.owens.house.gov. Should you have additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door is always open as I believe that we function better as a society when we engage in nonpartisan, civil discourse.

PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER (Proof that Bill is green.)


  1. Anonymous3/06/2012

    "Please know I do not support this legislation. Major power initiatives, including wind energy, should be locally decided to ensure a community's
    concerns are fully addressed."

    Owens and Addie Russell are hoping that we have already been screwed over enough by foreign wind corporations and the State that it is too late for local rule to do anything about it.

    It is their bluff and weak attempt to get us to support them.

    The statement that we in the east of the 23 district support wind is pure bullshit. Stop insulting our ignorance.

  2. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Who cares, They'll both win in the Nov. Elections. Owens has two Republicans to split the vote and Russell being a female will naturally win because she's the only choice.