Conservative support for Matt Doheny grows.

Updated, 3/8/2012 

And, I bet you a dollar to a Doheny donut that when it is all said and done, NY 23 Conservatives will all climb on board and support Matt Doheny for Congress.

This just in from Jude Seymour:


TOWN OF PLATTSBURGH – For the second night in a row, Republican committee members have overwhelmingly supported Matt Doheny in his bid for the 23rd Congressional District.

Members of the Clinton County GOP unanimously endorsed Doheny, a Watertown businessman, at their meeting Wednesday at the Plattsburgh Town Hall.

“Matt has been here many times,” said Don Lee, committee chairman. “He’s worked very hard. He’s got the political acumen and business acumen to be one heck of a good congressman and we just can’t wait for that to happen.”

Added County Clerk John Zurlo: “Hard work will pay off. And on this trip, Doheny is going to go all the way.”

Doheny was endorsed Tuesday by the Fulton County Republican Committee. Both Fulton and Clinton counties backed the candidate during his prior campaign.

The Madison, Oswego and St. Lawrence Conservative parties have already thrown their support this year behind Doheny, as well as Essex County GOP Chairman Ron Jackson and Essex County Acting Conservative Chairman Bill McGahay.

“I give my thanks to Chairman Lee and the Clinton County committee for again choosing me as the candidate to represent the Republican Party this November,” said Doheny. “I’ve been fortunate to make a lot of friends here these past two years. Many have offered their help to get me to Washington because they know I am the best candidate to help grow our economy and reduce unemployment, keep taxes low and reduce onerous regulations on our small business. I am grateful for their support.”


  1. Anonymous3/07/2012

    We'll see. I like the third party canidate, that good looking female.

  2. I have been a conservative Republican
    for over 40 years. I cannot support or vote for Doheny.
    Last election I voted for Hoffman.
    I will not vote for Doheny.

  3. More conservative support has been added since my first post.

    Now, I wish I had bet a dollar to a bottle of Seltzer since I am on a diet.

  4. This will be interesting to see if Conservative Republicans contribute, again, to the election of a more liberal candidate.