Displeasure over industrial wind causes Canadian Community leaders to walk out on McGuinty.

Over 100 politicians walked out Monday on Premier Dalton McGuinty at the annual Ontario Good Roads Association and Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference.
The walkout was led by Arran Elderslie — and included several local politicians from Bruce, Grey and Huron Counties — to protest the Green Energy Act.
Conservative MPP’s Lisa Thompson of Huron Bruce and Bill Walker of Bruce Grey Owen Sound also took part in the protest.
Central Huron Councillor Brian Barnim was one of them.
Barnim says the main focus behind the action was a protest against wind development and how municipalities have no control in the Green Energy Act.


  1. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Disgusted with wind friends. I had a talk with one. She spent all her time
    with slander of the antis and not said one thing why their wind was good.
    Thanks for telling us these things.

  2. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Addie Russell, Bill Owens, K. Blankenbush, Will Barklay, and Pattie Ritchie please take note. Our displeasure is just like Canada.

  3. Anonymous3/01/2012

    KUDOS! to the Canadians. Wish I could have been there to join you.