The following is a transcript of a discussion that occurred between Oswego County Legislator Shawn Doyle and New York State Assemblymembers Kevin Cahill and Addie Russell during a recent Article X symposium at Jefferson County Community College. I transcribed it from the Steve Weed Productions video:

Oswego Legislator Shawn Doyle:  First, I want to thank everyone for putting this together and particularly Ms. Russell for your vote (Opposing Article X) and for your advocacy on home rule. I think that we are at a little bit of a comfort zone right now with the lull in need. And, that is perhaps why you are a little more optimistic Assemblywoman Russell, that we're safe right now with this Article X overseeing industrial wind we have proposed here.  I was, with a lot of people in this room, very happy that the fight against the massive Great Lake Wind initiative that the late chairman of the Power Authority pushed. And, I wonder, I guess my main question would be, "What effect did the opposition that was locally engineered by so many people in this room to get county by county to oppose the Great Lake initiative, town by town to oppose it?"

Oswego County Legislator Shawn Doyle
make reference to the New York State
towns and counties who succeeded in
killing former NYPA Chair Richard
Kessell's attempt to turn Eastern
Lake Ontario into a giant wind factory.
It seemed like Article X came in as we were really succeeding in killing it to say like, there were people who were looking at this opposition that went from one end of the Lake to the other, saying maybe we need to put the state in charge and re-affirm that the state is in charge. So, I'm wondering. Down the road, we don't have the comfort zone, and low need, if the substantial state interest in over-ruling home rule going to be, "we're going to need the power and the state now has the tools to say we're going to do it and it doesn't matter what Oswego and Jefferson or any other county says against something." You guys now have the power to do it. Especially if we are below the generating threshold. 

Assemblymember Kevin Cahill:  That has been the case in the history of the State of New York with future legislatures. What future decision makers do in response to that new environment will be up to them and not us. But, it has been the case where there has been an overriding interest and the state does step in and assert its authority to override local rule consideration. However, that other point that you made is also an important way of protecting state policy. 

Unrelated to the subject of wind, except for the wind that comes out of every mouth when you smoke a cigarette, our indoor smoking laws came from the fact that our local counties around the state had passed earlier individual bans. And it actually came from the industry, mostly the restaurant industry.  They came to us and said please unify and have one uniform approach to this. So, the local government impact of what happens around the state does have an impact on future legislation. 

Oswego Legislator Shawn Doyle: I hope we will have some discussions on this super highway.

Assemblymember Kevin Cahill:  Highway. Not super highway.

Assemblymember Addie Russell.  Oh yes. Be careful. He's really touchy on the "super".  (audience laughter)


  1. Anonymous3/22/2012

    I am not a supporter of Article X. But it was state control after all that threw Richard Kessel out of NYSERDA.

    Thanks to the joint efforts of Oswego's Shawn Doyle and Jefferson's Barry Ormsby and many others who were followed by other counties from here to the Niagara Frontier in resolving to refuse to participate with Lake Ontario Wind.

    There is no question that industrial wind was an election issue that got Senator Aubertine unelected .

    Those running for office this year will have to pay attention to the fact that 27 billion US tax dollars has been poured into the industrial wind folly and it has brought nothing but trouble to our shores.

  2. Green Energy Advocates3/22/2012

    Wind energy is in trouble.

    What you can do.

    Call your representatives and ask that wind tax credits and rewards be renewed.

    Call the JCIDA and insist on them making the decision to remove ignorant locals from back door blocking of Clayton, Lyme and CV wind farms.

    Call Bp and Iberdrola offices and pledge your support.

    Call National Grid and ask them to provide you with wind energy only.

    Support pro-wind people for local and county governments.

    Insist that your schools teach the merits of wind farms. Wind in sight of schools educate and set examples for stopping global warming.

    Vote for Bill Owens. Vote against Addie Russell, Pattie Ritchie and Ken Blankenbush.

  3. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Not sure why he is touchy on the super.

    The idea of turbines being in general vicinity of the highway makes most sense. Building new delivery system out of the way does not make sense.

  4. Doug R3/22/2012

    To the Green Energy Advocates: Wind energy is in trouble because it is based on lies and a rapidly growing number of citizens are finding this out.Put all the wind facts on the table and wind power is a genuine failure. The quicker we focus on things that actually work the better.

  5. Anonymous3/23/2012

    The "Super highway" referred to is a "Highway plan " of transmission proposed for New York State, it was talked about just before I spoke. Just the type of project Article X will "clear the way" for I fear.

    Shawn Doyle

  6. Anonymous3/23/2012


    On several occasions when the Gov was talking the energy highways that come will come from Montreal down to NY City and from Buffalo to NY he did refer to them as super.
    He said some of that energy coming from Ontario would be wind.