Industrial wind has become a New York 23rd.congressional race campaign issue.

Last night, NY 23rd. Congressional Candidate Kellie Greene attended a Cape Vincent Republican Committee meeting and talked about her campaign agenda. Thirty people showed up to welcome Ms. Greene.

Kellie recently moved from Arizona back home to the North Country. She is originally from the City of Oswego.

Kellie's campaign claims that she is "The only principled Conservative Republican in New York, District 24". 

Last night Kellie Greene discussed the above issues which she has listed on her campaign card.

In addition to her printed agenda and without a question from the audience on the issue, candidate Green added some very harsh words for industrial wind power. "Wind turbines are ugly, they are overly subsidized and they kill birds and bats. The numbers are not there for them ever having a return on the taxpayers' investment." 


  1. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Sure sure sure. The newest rookie in Washington is going to accomplish nothing, and will vote the way she is told to vote.
    Fresh(wo)men don't make much of an impact.

    In the meantime, BP has popup ads all over the www bragging about their great job avoiding the costs of the Gulf disaster.

  2. Anonymous3/06/2012

    And by the way, what is her immigration policy going to do to all the fruit,truck and dairy farmers in her district?

  3. Anonymous3/06/2012

    No one ever pays attention to this crap and they will never know what Green says about wind and they don't care.

  4. Anonymous3/06/2012


    Then I have to ask you. Why are you here reading this crap? Why am I here? Why does the counter on the blog indicate over 668 thousand visits?
    I heard Kellie talk in Oswego Co. I have a deep concern. She brags that donkeys are joining her campaign because they don't like Owens. Is that the real reason?
    Are we being conned into giving a close election over to Owens again with a Conservative blunder? A true Conservative would yield to a Conservative Republican and not play the role of spoiler.
    My advice would be to let Kellie play the devil's advocate, bring out important issues that others don't dare to discuss (Like wind farms.) and then join in supporting Doheny so we can throw out Owens.

  5. Anonymous3/06/2012

    I was willing to give Ms. Greene the benefit of the doubt by listening to her speak recently. She was asked if she would support Doheny if she lost the primary and she said she would definitely throw her support behind Matt. Now, reading her Facebook comments where she has gone negative by bashing Doheny, calling his deputy campaign manager stupid and calling the Watertown Daily Times a bunch of idiots. On Sunday, she went on a big rant and now the comments have been pulled. She is a loose cannon and now has come out to say that, because she is a "principled conservative", she would find it hard to support Matt. She now appears to think that it is ok to flip flop when she originally gave her word she would support Matt. We do not need this nor her rants and negativity. I haven't seen anything from the Doheny camp attacking Ms. Greene at all. They seem to be quietly and steadily campaigning whereas Ms. Greene laments about having to study and write a paper rather than be able to watch a NASCAR race! Really? Sorry, but she has lost my interest and there is no way she can defeat Owens if this is all she has to offer.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Well we have Dohaney the doughnut and now Greene the female. You poor Republicans, who do you vote for now. The ringer is in the race. That puts the Democrat the winner while the Republicans splitting the vote Ho hum.

  7. Anonymous3/07/2012

    I know this is off the subject but I missed the Rep. meeting when Kellie spoke and obviously missed the business part of the meeting. If anyone knows - when is the date for the Annual Boat Cruise sponsored by the Rep. Party? 4 or 5 families in our neighborhood are planning family reunions and want to make sure to make the Cruise part of it. It's a GREAT event and we can't wait!

  8. Sadly, it was announced that the fund raising committee was not going to do the boat trip this year.
    However, it is still early in the season and if enough promised attendance perhaps they might change their minds.

  9. Anonymous3/07/2012

    No boat cruise? Thought that was going to be an annual event for the Republican Party...what are they thinking? It has always been a well excuted event that everyone enjoyed. The fund raising committee should rethink it's decision.

  10. Anonymous3/08/2012

    Get Ricky's row boat and cruise the wind turbines in Canada. Ho hum.