Last night's JCC Article X forum was recorded on video by Steve Weed Productions.

The March 8, 2012 Jefferson County Community College forum on Article X was recorded on video by Steve Weed Productions. I did not get the opportunity to ask Mr. Weed when it will be available for public viewing. But, I assure you that every North County citizens who has been living under the threat of impacts by big industrial wind will want to watch the Steve Weed video.


  1. Anonymous3/09/2012

    Was Kellie Greene there? Owens? Doheny?

  2. Anonymous3/09/2012

    Weed, where do you find a person with a name like weed. Sounds illegal.

  3. Anonymous3/09/2012

    The reason why Article X is so detested is because municipal home rule, which is guaranteed by the NYS Constitution, has been stripped from New Yorkers regarding power plant siting. Assemblyman Kevin Cahill co-authored this bill and last night attempted to defend it. In all of his initial comments - not once did he utter the words "home rule". He was also wrong about how many people can serve on the state siting board. And somebody later commented - How could he not even have a copy of the Power NY Act with him at the forum. Assemblywoman Addie Russel wasted no time getting to the home rule issue. The power NY Act needs to be repealed, it was specifically created to force wind factories into upstate communities so the power could be sent downstate.

  4. 10:45

    I made this comment Thursday night to Cahill and Russell:

    During the days before the Article X vote, I called and talked to 37 different offices of state representatives.

    Nearly every office, of the downstate reps, told me we needed the Art. X so they could close Indian Point and clean up the Hudson. Of course, they disagreed with me when I told them they should not be crapping up the St. Lawrence so the Hudson and downstate could be pristine.

    I am writing this from a Tarrytown Hotel on the Hudson. I would never trade the St. Lawrence River for what they have here.

    You could put turbines at the top of the hills here and with all the other infrastructure you would hardly notice.

  5. Anonymous3/10/2012

    I wish I could see the video but it won't work on my old computer.

  6. Anonymous3/10/2012

    So Wiley your saying it's ok to put turbines in the mountains on the Hudson, but not in the 1000 Islands. Well.

  7. JLL,

    One key difference between the Hudson Valley (where you are today) and the St.Lawrence Valley is that the Hudson Valley has many more people who are not so easily rolled over as we have here.

    A Big Wind developer who tried to venture into the Hudson Valley or the Catskills would have its corporate eyes scratched out in 30 seconds...wouldn't stand a chance.

    Try putting a wind project in the cherry or plum orchards overlooking the Hudson. Won't happen. The developers know that and Assemblyman Cahill knows that.
    Article X is effectively irrelevant as far as Big Wind goes in Mr. Cahill's district.

    I do sometimes wish that more St. Lawrence Valley residents (seasonals included) were a bit more tenacious and militant (downstate style) when it comes to protecting what we have. We could use a little less complacency and quite a bit more indignation.

    One thing for sure -- The Hudson Valley does not have have "representatives" like former Sen. Aubertine who would be willing to sell out his own region for a few pieces of silver for himself and a few buddies. Aubertine would not have even been given a day to resign if he had pulled that crap on a Hudson Valley constituency.

  8. Anonymous3/10/2012

    TI said, "..Sen. Aubertine who would be willing to sell out his own region for a few pieces of silver for himself and a few buddies."

    The sell-out by Aubertine doesn't stink as much as the way he did it. As an elected public official he quietly invited wind bums into town, set in motion payoffs to himself and a few neighbors he is connected to genetically, and then commenced to screw the rest of us. He was never the sharpest knife in the draw intellectually, but ethically, he is even duller.

  9. Anonymous3/10/2012

    Darrel Aubertine may have been my state senator. But he was never in any any sense representative of me.

    The time has come for everyone to recognize and accept the plain reality that the future of the Thousand Islands Region does not have a shared common vision. There are serious differences of opinion among those of us who live here and even more serious differences depending on precisely where you live within the Region.

    This contention will be resolved in only one way: by the dominate (majority) political voice of the people who live here, part time or full time.

    You know who you are who have the most to lose by being passive and the most to gain by being active. Those who think they can take a pass on this this wind controversy (or others coming)and watch from the sidelines are the ones who are destined to lose - big time.