Massive Canadian industrial wind protest announced.

Massive Protest Planned by Rural Ontario  

The Wind Industry Thieves are blowing into Toronto for the Ontario Feed In Tariff Forum, April 3rd & 4th, at the Metro Convention Center, 255 Front Street West.
Protest Date – Tuesday, April 3rd
Time – gather at 11:30
Speakers – 12:00
Protest March – 12:30
Place – Simcoe Park on Front Street, beside CBC building and opposite Metro Toronto Convention Centre
The Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Christian Farmers Association have joined the call for a moratorium on further wind development. It’s time for Dalton to stop misleading the public.
Please mark your calendars, and inform your neighbours. It is time to stand up for Rural Ontario in the thousands!


  1. Anonymous3/15/2012

    The fight against wind in Canada is really heating up. Take note that those protesting are the farmers and others who many claim benefit from these damaging projects.

    The numerous turbine projects that have been built are noisy, killing too many birds, are driving electric rates sky high, are destroy community make up, destroying home values and lifestyle and are affecting people's health. Kudos to Addie J. Russell and other public servants who are now taking the bold step of having concerns.

  2. Anonymous3/15/2012

    These demonstrations do matter. When one was planned for and then scaled back for Cuomo's campaign trip to your area Watertown, demonstrators were immediately contacted and given a meeting after which the NYS AG investigation was announced. Cuomo was concerned about the corruption. Aubertine then lost his election but Cuomo won. Cuomo could not carry Aubertine because of his lying about wind leases and being paid by a developer.

  3. Anonymous3/16/2012

    5:29 sums it up well. Noisy, Killing too many birds, driving electric rates sky high, are destroying community make up, destroying home values and life styles and are affecting people's health.

    However, the above matters not to the people who continue to push forward for wind turbines. Money is more important than their friends, neighbors and community.