Michigan local governments push to define true taxable cash value of industrial wind turbines.

I still believe that any further consideration of a Jefferson County Industrial Development Corporation PILOT for industrial wind would be a  sweet deal for corporations like British Petroleum and Iberdrola and a raw deal for the local taxing jurisdictions who would be foolish enough to agree to those tax breaks.

Although I am often singled out as Jefferson County's Head Nimby and anti-wind whack job, I am certainly not the only person in the world who believes that the normal way of awarding local tax incentives does not apply to the massive industrial wind developments that severely impact entire towns. Hell, even the proposed abomination on Galloo Island will severely change the character of shoreline homes along the Golden Crescent of Lake Ontario. And Upstate Power will never pay enough for the damage they will do.

According to a Kate Hessling, Huron Daily Tribune article, " Local governments are working under a tight deadline to develop a plan to substantiate what they believe are true taxable values for wind turbine developments."

Now what is important about this is that, in my town of Cape Vincent, Voters for Wind have been perfectly happy to let their new best friends, British Petroleum, decide what their turbines are worth and how much they want to dole out to the community that they want to crap up with their super-sized turbines.

In her article, Kate Hessling explains how Michigan is addressing wind turbines' taxable values:

Would you sign a Good Neighbor Policy
with these men?

Wind companies pay personal property taxes for wind developments, and the taxable values are established by the Michigan Tax Commission. Those values — and, as a result, the amount of personal property taxes wind developers pay counties, local townships, schools and libraries — decrease each year because of depreciation. And, per an October ruling by the state commission, there will be a larger than previously established drop in values this year.

The county expects the decreased values will mean a roughly $260,000 loss in revenue from local wind developments this year, said Huron County Commissioner Ron Wruble.

What local officials — as well as officials from other areas of the state experiencing wind energy development — want to know is what information the state commission used to determine a decrease is necessary. Though two attempts have been made to obtain that information via Michigan Freedom of Information Act requests, the requested information still is unavailable, said Mike Krause, member of the Thumb Regional Renewable Energy Collaborative (TRREC).

In light of the immediacy of the situation, where counties will lose at least 20 percent of revenue from local wind developments, officials are focusing on proceeding with their own study of true cash valuations rather than waiting to get the information from the FOIA requests, Krause said. He said they have until early March to develop a plan substantiating what values they believe are correct because that’s when assessments are presented to townships.

As we all know, industrial wind has a lot to hide and they have hid it well. 

Why else would it be necessary for a company like British Petroleum to sneak into town, make secret deals with secret contracts and be less than forthcoming with what they are paying the lease holders and good neighbors who have agreed to sell them our town?


Anonymous said...

What does any of this have to do with Cape Vincent. You are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Every wind farm and how it affects the community in the world is relative to Cape Vincent. I live in the Finger Lakes area where we now have wind towers. And yes even those who are being paid for having them have been saying they wish they did not get involved. You still don't have them and will suffer the same local problems when you do get them. The so called income is of very little consequence when no one wants to live here anymore. What is got has been exaggerated by talkers who get benefits for telling developer lies.
You are lucky that you have more information available than we did. My advice. Use it to your advantage. My family has roots in Cape Vincent. Don't destroy it.

Anonymous said...

You hear it over and over again from communities that have experience, "DON'T LET THEM DO IT!"

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to think about a ban. Cape Vincent has done it the right way. By first concentrating on a change of the politics. Nothing can be done without a voter referendum. And that has been accomplished.
Why do you think back in 2006 that your local wind lease conflicted star Darrel Aubertine wrote a letter endorsing conflicts of interest and warning against a referendum?
You now have the political power, when it comes to nitty gritty Article X will be protested.
There will be nothing smooth about Art. X. Back in the 80's it was a political disaster and it will be now.
How many people in a democracy are willing to roll over to state rule of their communities?
You main problem with be with Russell, Owens and Ritchie. Is their local rule claim only a facade while they collect support from the wind lobby?
As long as their homes are safe from financial loss, perhaps so.
Keep up the good fight in Cape and Lyme. You all deserve freedom from corporate rule.

Anonymous said...

I have never enjoyed the power of my vote so much! I can't wait until the next election. If we stick together, one by one they all shall fall.

Anonymous said...


I agree. And that is problem we have. The developer gets to them with money first and their education stops there. They pick towns that are not a hotbed of international experience. I actually heard a presenter say at a wind seminar that if the town has a Starbuck's you will have big trouble putting turbines there. The statement was accompanied by laughter and a lot of bobbling heads from those kissing big wind's ass.

The targeted North Country Towns are a perfect example of easy marks when it comes to wind.

Do me a favor though. Don't call them wind F%&#S.
That is the first pitch of the wind slicker. They are large industrial complexes.

Anonymous said...

What does any of this have to do with Cape Vincent. You are wasting your time.

3/5/12 6:57 AM

Why do you think Cape Vincent is different than the rest of the world?

We booted out the people that want to treat the Cape like some little hick town that they own.

Anonymous said...

All right He Man, you are so strong. You booted out all that trash in the last election in the Cape, yah right. Your power comes from the rock garden of the rock lady, big deal and the common sense of Rick Wiley Harold Wiley's relative, what a joke. Article 10 is coming and the state will get their money. Hoe hum.