New York State Article X gearing up.

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 17:28:06 -0400


CASE 12-F-0036 – In the Matter of Rules and Regulations of the Public Service Commission, contained in 16 NYCRR, Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities.

(Issued March 13, 2012)

TAKE NOTICE that a meeting of the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment (Siting Board) will take place on Friday, March 23, 2012, beginning at 2:00 P.M., in the Public Service Commission’s Board Room,  19th Floor, 3 Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York. 

Wind lobby lady Carol Murphy applauds as Andrew
Cuomo signs away home rule over New York
State's industrial wind sitings.
All members of the public are invited to attend. 

The purpose of the meeting is to consider initiating the rulemaking process for draft regulations to implement Article 10 of the Public Service Law, enacted in Chapter 388 of the Laws of 2011. Article 10 empowers the Siting Board to issue Certificates of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need authorizing the construction and operation of major electric generating facilities. 

Another purpose of the meeting will be to consider making a Determination of Significance pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act regarding such rulemaking action. Questions may be addressed to Hon. Jaclyn A. Brilling, Secretary to the Siting Board,  secretary@dps.ny.gov or (518) 474-6530.

The meeting will also be videocast to the New York City Offices of the Public Service Commission located at  90 Church Street. Anyone wishing to attend the New York City videocast must notify Jan Goorsky 48 hours in advance of the meeting at (212) 417-2378, and must be prepared to show valid photo identification upon arrival at 90 Church Street.

CASE 12-F-0036 -2- 

Disabled persons requiring special accommodations should contact the Department of Public Service’s Human Resource Management Office at (518) 474-2520 as soon as possible to make such accommodations. TDD users may request a sign language interpreter by placing a call through the New York Relay Service at 711. 

The meeting will also be Webcast and members of the public may view the meeting by accessing the link at http://nydps.onlinevideoservice.com.



Clayton said...

Will COAX be following or attending any of these meetings? I have heard that many people in the area have been already meeting with Art. X counsel as stakeholders. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Not fair. Leaseholder no longer have a say in putting them her.

Anonymous said...


Not true. Invest your money. Form a company and apply to the siting board for Article X siting. The only problem is now they rare saying that the State does not need any more proposed projects and they will pick the ones that are closest to already existing grid.

Anonymous said...

"Form a company and apply to the siting board for Article X siting."

If you read through the Art X legislation and the draft rules for the siting board, the hoops are bigger and more daunting than any of the SEQRA requirements at a local level. More hoops and higher hoops mean more money needed by an applicant, and this isn't the environment for wind companies to be putting more money into a crap shoot (crap shoot = trying to convince a siting board your project is a winner).

It would not surprise me that BP is thinking their best chance for a project might be to come back at the local level, since they have that option, so says Art.X law. They may wait and see what comes out of the Cape's zoning law for wind and then weigh their alternatives. Be prepared Cape planning board, be prepared.