In March 2104, British Petroleum pulled the plug on a proposed Cape Vincent, NY USA industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone.....

"Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan"....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Senator Stabenow asks for PCT extension.

According to POLITICO Morning Energy Report
Mar. 8


The Senate -- A package of alternative energy tax extenders from Sen.Debbie Stabenow that would extend the production tax credit, which is set to expire at year’s end, through the end of 2013. It would also revive the 1603 Treasury grant program which expired at the start of 2012, pump an additional $2.3 billion into a clean energy manufacturing credit and extending several other renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives.

-- A counter-amendment from Jim DeMint that would repeal a host of targeted energy tax incentives.