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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Spectator says, "Down with Wind!"

The Spectator I am writing about is a weekly British conservative magazine that has been published since 1828. It is a sister publication of The Daily Telegraph, and for nearly two centuries has  had a profound, if not driving, influence on British politics.

Past editors of the Spectator have gone on to become British Cabinet Ministers and have played important roles in public affairs. Brits pay attention to what is said in the Spectator.

This is the cover of the March 3, 2012

The headline above the "Down with Wind" report reads, "The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them so long?"

The first paragraph goes like this:

To the nearest whole number, the percentage of the world’s energy that comes from wind turbines today is: zero. Despite the regressive subsidy (pushing pensioners into fuel poverty while improving the wine cellars of grand estates), despite tearing rural communities apart, killing jobs, despoiling views, erecting pylons, felling forests, killing bats and eagles, causing industrial accidents, clogging motorways, polluting lakes in Inner Mongolia with the toxic and radioactive tailings from refining neodymium, a ton of which is in the average turbine — despite all this, the total energy generated each day by wind has yet to reach half a per cent worldwide.