The St. Lawrence view shed should be protected from industrial wind.

The following is a transcript of a discussion that occurred between Charles Ebbing of the Town of Orleans and Assemblymember Addie J. Russell at a recent Article X symposium at Jefferson County Community College. I transcribed it from the Steve Weed Productions video:

Chuck Ebbing:  Thank you for coming and talking to us and listening to us. We don't get enough of that and we really appreciate it. I have a question.  Why do we see industrial wind developed in such beautiful areas of beauty? Why is that? What are the natural areas in New York State? So, I went on Google and basically, they came up with ten items. The first one was Niagara Falls, the second one was Lake George, the third one was the Finger Lakes, the fourth one was the Thousand Islands, The Montauk Point, Hudson River, the Chimney Bluff which is on Lake Ontario, Letchworth State Park, and also the Catskills and the Adirondacks. 

Charles Ebbing of the Town of
Orleans agrees with Assemblymember
Addie J. Russell
that the St. Lawrence River
view shed should be protected
from industrial wind.
It's kind of interesting to look at this and say that all of those first ones that I mentioned are really adjacent to water. Either water coming through them or on top of them. All of these ten areas in the State consist of fantastic waterfalls and mountains, beaches, lakes, and rivers that offer visitors fantastic views and tremendous recreational activities. I say this another way, all of the ten areas in New York have fantastic view sheds. We all know what the definition of view shed is. It is basically what you can see. So, it seems incredible to me that we basically see the targeting of these areas for industrial wind. Addie, what you said, I think gets at the same thing. So, let me get to my question. What protection will Article X provide for these natural wonders of New York State? I know that  for instance that the Hudson River already has been designated as a scenic area of statewide significance.I don't know what that means other than getting a gold star. But, my point is do we have to go through this pain in each of these areas? And, they are going to be considered, I think. Any comments?

Assemblymember Addie J. Russell:  That's kind of been what I have been talking about today is specifically that issue. 

Chuck Ebbing:  I agree that's basically what you've been talking about.

Assemblymember Addie J. Russell:  That's absolutely what I'm talking about. I think that there are constituents in this state that if they exhausted intervener funds, I think they would spend the money to bring the legal argument forth to keep this area pristine, and make the argument that the view shed has to be protected. And, that's why I said be careful what you wish for because even if there is someone in this room that supports a project like what's proposed on Galloo, eight miles out to sea, with no near neighbors except for fish and the cormorant, you might feel differently about that project, if you are coming at it from unbiased. And if it was supposedly removed from the fly path and you demonstrate that it's not going to be like when you drive into Cape Vincent seen across the water, that the turbines are going to be much less intrusive on the horizon. Perhaps that passes muster, but I don't know if the folks downstate would consent to that. They would just  say no way, we can't take the chance.  I do believe probably this is it for industrial for industrial wind development (In this area) because of those scenic areas.


  1. Galloo is not out of the way for some of our biggest tourism spenders.

    One of the largest investments by visitors to our area is sailing. My nephew who lives in California keeps a sailboat in Sacketts. Over the last 15 years he and his crew have dropped thousands on their sole vacation of the year, sailing out of Sacketts. They are throughly disgusted that some in the community would support the Galloo project.

    They and their sailor and power boating friends constantly remind me that Wolfe Island wind is the worse thing that ever happened to their river and adding Galloo on the lake to the mix would be a Lake Ontario view shed disaster.

  2. Polly Information3/13/2012

    A few years ago we were designated by then Senator Aubertine as New York's energy Valley. Our Golden Crescent and St. Lawrence and Oswego and it's shores have no intention of becoming an energy dump for New York City Power. Thank you Mr. Ebbing for bringing up this point. It is time for the Seaway Trail and the Thousand Islands Tourism Council to defend our area and why they should still be funded by New York State while they stay silent on the issue of industrial wind impacts.

  3. Anonymous3/13/2012

    So a California resident should decide who does what 3000 miles away? Do we get to decide what happens there? If you are going to use testimonials, at least make them local.

  4. Anonymous3/13/2012

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  5. 11:14

    I failed to mention that the person from California making the testimonial is also a home owner and taxpayer in the Villaage of Cape Vincent. He has owned that home now for six years and pays taxes here. He plans on retiring here. I will now ask him to register here since he lives here over thirty days.

    But, the point that I wanted to make is that he and the numerous sailors that he brings with him to Sackets and the Cape drop thousands of dollars a year into our economy. And it is only because of the pristine and excellent sailing. They describe it as the best in the world.

  6. Anonymous3/13/2012

    MY point is that a lot of locals are sick of being told what's what by "residents" who spend 1/12th of the year here. Or is it all about the dollars? I spent 99% of my money here, 12 months of the year. What do I care about somebody on a sailboat?

  7. 11:41,
    "What do I care about somebody on a sailboat?"

    It doesn't matter what you care about or don't care about this point. Residency voting rights are well established law in all 50 states. Mr. Wiley's nephew would have the same rights in any state -not just NY. Get over it.

    The Cape Vincent oligarchy doesn't get to decide who is a resident. Good thing...there wouldn't be very many after their count.

  8. Anonymous3/13/2012

    Paul Mason claimed that home rule was lost in the last Cape Vincent election. What Mr. Mason seems to forget is Urban and Cliff won without the absentee ballots. Mr. Mason's champion Marty lost to the "30 days a year people"

    After the absentees were counted, it was a landslide AGAINST WIND.

    It's time to move on.

  9. Anonymous3/13/2012

    I don't own a business, but I would like the ones we have to stay open. Am I missing something? We are a tourist area on a river and lake. Who in their right mind wouldn't think a tourist with a sailboat pertains to our community. Something is fundamentally wrong with anybody who thinks we could survive without tourists and summer residents.

    My family has lived in Cape Vincent for generations and someday I hope to retire south and summer here...does that make me a seasonal? No. That makes me a hater of cold and too old to shovel.

  10. Tomorrow, I will be posting the transcript of Pual Mason's comments to Addie Russell and Kenvin Cahill along with their response.

  11. Anonymous3/13/2012

    You are probably wrong again, but maybe you don't travel to Watertown to shop. I doubt very much that you spend 99% of your money here locally.

  12. Anonymous3/13/2012

    MY point is that a lot of locals are sick of being told what's what by "residents" who spend 1/12th of the year here. Or is it all about the dollars? I spent 99% of my money here, 12 months of the year. What do I care about somebody on a sailboat?

    3/13/12 11:41 AM

    Get used to it pal, by next election there will be well over 600 of the 1/12 year people voting in Cape Vincent.

    You and your crooked friends brought this on yourselves by throwing 96% of the residents under the bus so you make a few dollars.

    The party is over!

  13. Anonymous3/14/2012

    R Wiley, I agree 100% with the title of this post. How about lets put forth our best efforts to convince the comp. Plan and zoning law committees to make sure we do protect it.

  14. 10:37

    I have been doing exactly that by staying in constant contact with the progress of both the comp plan committee and the zoning ordinance committee. I also have been staying in contract with other individuals who have been doing the same. If at any point I thought those committees were not preparing town plans that were not protecting what we have here on the St. Lawrence and in the very best way you would certainly hear about it from me.