Time to contact your Senators again!

The thieves who've been stealing us blind -- the American Wind Energy Association - Big Wind's lobbyist organization -- are trying to get OUR money once again!

Our Senators need to hear from as many of us as possible TODAY! Tell them to VOTE NO on S2204 -- and ANY other bill that would extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) & 1603 Cash Grants. 

The Senators Congressional Switchboard number:  202-224-3121 

Or, you can find all U.S. Senators numbers at this website: 


We are already $16 TRILLION Dollars in debt! We can NOT afford to throw BILLIONS more to the wind on an antiquated energy source which replaces nothing and, as Obama admitted, "will cause our electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket."

This is the FOURTH (4th) time Big Wind's lobbyist organization, AWEA, has managed to coerce the legislation which suits their bottom-line to be added for a vote within Congress in the past few months. Our legislators have wisely said NO THREE (3) times already. Yet Big Wind continues this onslaught against the American taxpayers & ratepayers in their relentless efforts to 'sWINDle' all of us out of BILLIONS more!

Tell the Senators they should NOT be trying to pick & choose winners & losers in the energy marketplace!  Whenever they do (i.e. - Solyndra) the only ones who end up losing are the American ratepayers & taxpayers! 

After calling your own Senators, it would be helpful to also call:

1.) the Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell,

2.) the four Democrat Senators who opposed the last attempt to extend the PTC & 1603 Direct Cash Grants in the Stabenow amendment, and tell them to do the same again: 

Joe Manchin (D-WV), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Mark Warner (D-VA), Jim Webb (D-VA), and,

3.) as many Republican Senators as you have time to call.

I know this gets tiring folks, but our phone calls have been working!  
Their goal is to wear us down!  We can't give up now!  PLEASE - it only takes a few minutes to call, tell the aide who answers the phone to tell the Senator you oppose extending the PTC for Big Wind, and that they should say NO on S2204.  

Thank you!!!

Contributed by Mary Kay Barton


  1. Anonymous3/27/2012

    Why bother when there hands are in BP's pockets digging for a hand out.

  2. Anonymous3/27/2012

    I love it BP has leases with people but no place to build and their pockets full of money because they don't have to pay anybody except those wonderful politicians on there pay rolls, the one's that are going to get them all that free money from the state and federal gov't that us tax payers work so hard for. Ho Hum.

  3. Anonymous3/28/2012

    No leases with me. Never will be. Not that I give a number two about your problems. A fowl wind blows bad news. Think of it as poetic justice. Years of myopia and petty politics got you here. Wallow in it.

  4. A brown substance3/28/2012

    Hey, Rick, I see you're the same old chickenshit blogger who can only regurgitate the same old feces every article. When will you face facts and realize your kind is in bed with BP whether you like it or not.