To ban or not to ban, that is the question.

It should come as no surprise to any Cape Vincent and Lyme Citizen that a main concern among members of the town committee reviewing the Cape Vincent Town-Village Comprehensive Plan is how industrial wind turbines fit into our St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario Communities.

The working committee is wresting with whether the Comprehensive Plan should ban wind turbines outright or to discourage them. Their meetings are held on Thursday afternoons and are public.

Strangely, the pro-wind advocates don't seem to even care what the Comprehensive Plan says since they now seem to be fully convinced that British Petroleum has come to their rescue. If a giant multi-national corporation like British Petroleum, using Governor Cuomo's Power NY-Article X legislation, can't succeed in taking over the Towns of Lyme and Cape Vincent, who can?


  1. Anonymous3/04/2012

    No one is going to look at the comprehsvie plan. The state will have the say not the town. Your waisting you time. Get over it.

  2. Anonymous3/04/2012

    So that means that you, 8:17, are perfectly willing to allow the State to tell you want you can do with your land?
    That your town should have no control over their own destiny.
    That you are perfectly willing to let your former friends to take severe losses in their home values.
    I have never commented here, but I can't let this one go.
    I have family that managed to live through the Holocaust and one thing they passed on to us was to never let a government eat away at your freedoms of choice and life.
    And that is why I served active duty in Vietnam.
    Don't ever roll over to State control on local matters.
    You may think that Bp is rewarding you, but you are the one that is paying the price.

  3. Anonymous3/04/2012

    I think industrial wind should be banned in Cape vincent.

    There is enough worldwide evidence to support a ban for the protection of the town and village.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2012

    There is State evidence to support a ban as per the fracturing bans. Local choice no matter how you look at it. Our problem in Lyme and Cape is that there are people willing to sell out their former friends and family. Aubertine is one. Bp will buy him and the town board off.

  5. Anonymous3/04/2012

    8:17 "no one is going to look at the comprehensive Plan"

    You forget-RICH EDSALL is no longer in control of the government in Cape vincent.

    The comprehensive Plan will be given its proper consideration as the guiding principle behind our zoning law.

    That is why it is of utmost importance to relay your concerns to the Comp. Plan committee,now while it is in the formulative stage.

    Kudos to R Wiley for bringing this issue to his blog.

    The issue is not only simply whether to ban or not to ban turbines. It is whether when you consider all the negative impacts, is there anywhere in the township ,that would not be impacted by allowing turbines? Are there any properties that would not be devalued? would there be any air space left as a safe refuge for avian wildlife? If the waterview,and rural landscapes are preserved ,where could we site any turbines, If we create setbacks from existing property lines to protect residents from harmful noise,would we be limiting any future residential development in an overlay district that would result? Isn't it one of our intended goals to promote residential development in the town? Wasn't this a primary objective when the town originally decided to create and expand our municipal water districts into the interior of the town? Isn't it an objective now to increase our population to support our local school ?

    what area of the town would we exclude from the vision statement expressed in our Comp. Plan- "to protect the integrity of the small town atmosphere" ?

    Which properties would we exclude from the desire expressed in our zoning law preamble to "preserve property values"?

    Do we have a shared responsibility to preserve the scenic value of the 1000 Islands region?

    Some would like to characterize the idea of prohibiting turbines as a radical,unreasonable notion. To the contrary it is a very sensible and logical option based on objective consideration of all the factors.

  6. Anonymous3/04/2012

    If the Town Board would negotiate with BP we ALL would be better off financially. If the State takes them on, We will not get as many benefits. So Town Board get on the ball and work out some details. You can't stop them now with NYS ready to take over.

  7. Anonymous3/04/2012


    Unfortunately, because of the bad wind ethics and the conflicts of interest of the past town council our town was placed in severe risk. Acciona was a misplaced project to begin with. It was so careless, it never should have even been considered. I once would have agreed with you. But unfortunately Voter for Wind people refused to negotiate any safety, sound, property value, view shed air bird or bat kill impacts. It was all or nothing. Now you have Bp who has no intention of negotiating anything, Peter Gross told many people that during his last trip to town.

  8. Anonymous3/04/2012

    "ALL would be better off financially."
    My friends on the river have confirmed that they have lost 30% home value because of Wolfe.I can't see Wolfe and have not lost that yet.But I am told by a broker that there is no question of will with them surrounding me.My home is worth 175,000. Those turbines will cost me 70,000 in home value. My chances of selling my home are nil. No way will I ever be compensated for that. Even Don Mason said my taxes will not go down with wind. WE ALL will not make more not matter what. I will lose because I am you neighbor.

  9. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Do the Cape residents know why they were offered good neighbor agreements.It is because the turbines will cause you discomforts. Those discomforts will cause your home values to plummet. Close enough to be offered an agreement? Figure a 40% or more loss and a home that will never sell. New safety guidelines being considered by all governments mean the property will be to close to even use. Can't get the truth in the U.S. or still confused. Take a good look at all other wind nations. Even China is putting them away from its people.

  10. Anonymous3/04/2012

    It was fairly obvious after the recent election that the majority would vote to ban them if they could. Industrial size wind turbines and people don't mix well. The big fear is that, even with the comprehensive plan, Albany will tell us what to do in regard to this industry. Does anyone know if the recently enacted bans on hydrofracking in a couple of towns will carry over to banning industrial wind?

  11. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Did BP spend any money buying out Acciona? They certainly did some legal work. Now why would BP do that if the deal is off?

  12. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Bp is also a land grab holding company....they have lease holders on the hook...Utica shale.

  13. Anonymous3/04/2012

    Maybe someone could explain why we should not ban turbines.

  14. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Wind is bad enough on a town. But pity yours because you are under the guns of Bp.

  15. Anonymous3/05/2012

    11:48. 'we all'!?!? I will lose the value of my home and the only place I ever considerd home to an industrial field. You are sadly mistaken if you think anything good will come out of putting up windmills. Money may buy a few happiness, but the rest misery. Are we really that easy to sacrifice?