Town of Cape Vincent cancels public hearing on new tobacco policy.

The public hearing on a new Town of Cape Vincent tobacco use policy on town owned public gathering areas, which was scheduled before tonight's regular town meeting, was canceled. Supervisor Urban Hirschey explained that, as a result of further review of the policy, he felt the new smoking rules were probably too restrictive and ultimately unenforceable.

No one spoke during this evening's privilege of the floor session.

Councilman Brooks Bragdon reported that the Town Planning Board will recommend raises of various fees in April. At that time they will be considered for Town Board approval.

Supervisor Urban Hirschey reported that the swallow wort spray program will take place for about a month's duration sometime in June or July. Hirschey asked that the landowners with swallow wart infestation assist in locating and marking of the areas on their land.  This cooperation would save a lot of time for the person doing the spraying. As a result of the time saved, more areas will be able to be treated.

Recreation Park director Dave Croft reported that he had updated the rules regulations and various procedures for public use of the hall. It had not been updated since 1998. Part of his work included new usage rate changes. His work was addressed later in the evening in the form of Resolution #19.

Councilman John Byrne gave a report on his attendance at the Village Board of Trustee Meeting.

Urban Hirschey said he had feedback asking why someone from the town was attending the Village Board meetings. He said that the purpose was to understand what was going on in the Village so the addressing of common problems could be coordinated.

Councilman Clif Schneider reported that the Thousand Islands School District was making drastic cuts. They soon have to put their budget together and there will be public meetings scheduled for the public's understanding prior to the budget vote in May. Clif also reported that the Town Zoning Board of Appeals has refunded the application fee of five residents who had made applications for the erection of personal wind turbines. They will be able to re-submit their applications after the town ban on wind development is lifted.

Supervisor Urban Hirschey reported that he has been conducting some very serious discussions with DANC regarding water distributions amongst the various town water districts. He said that he had found that DANC has been abiding with the principles that they agreed to years ago and it falls upon the town to look into the various inequities and problems in an effort to come up with fair solutions. DANC has agreed to allow the town access to all of their financial records for the last ten years. The town will conduct a audit of the districts. Hirschey said it is very hard work and it will take a month or two to resolve the water district's  distribution problems.

The board has tabled discussion and action on requests for funds for the Community Food Pantry and the Cape Vincent Public Library. They will make those considerations next summer.

Resolution #19 which enacted the Dave Croft revision of the Town Recreation Park usage policy revisions passed.

Resolution #20 which amended the budget to increase the General Fund to allow for the payment of services to Shulman, Curtin and Grunder passed. Councilman Clif Schneider said the funds were necessary to pay for legal services incurred by the committees working on the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance revision. Schneider added that it was more acceptable to budget the money now rather that juggle lines items at the end of the year.