Town of Cape Vincent cancels public hearing on new tobacco policy.

The public hearing on a new Town of Cape Vincent tobacco use policy on town owned public gathering areas, which was scheduled before tonight's regular town meeting, was canceled. Supervisor Urban Hirschey explained that, as a result of further review of the policy, he felt the new smoking rules were probably too restrictive and ultimately unenforceable.

No one spoke during this evening's privilege of the floor session.

Councilman Brooks Bragdon reported that the Town Planning Board will recommend raises of various fees in April. At that time they will be considered for Town Board approval.

Supervisor Urban Hirschey reported that the swallow wort spray program will take place for about a month's duration sometime in June or July. Hirschey asked that the landowners with swallow wart infestation assist in locating and marking of the areas on their land.  This cooperation would save a lot of time for the person doing the spraying. As a result of the time saved, more areas will be able to be treated.

Recreation Park director Dave Croft reported that he had updated the rules regulations and various procedures for public use of the hall. It had not been updated since 1998. Part of his work included new usage rate changes. His work was addressed later in the evening in the form of Resolution #19.

Councilman John Byrne gave a report on his attendance at the Village Board of Trustee Meeting.

Urban Hirschey said he had feedback asking why someone from the town was attending the Village Board meetings. He said that the purpose was to understand what was going on in the Village so the addressing of common problems could be coordinated.

Councilman Clif Schneider reported that the Thousand Islands School District was making drastic cuts. They soon have to put their budget together and there will be public meetings scheduled for the public's understanding prior to the budget vote in May. Clif also reported that the Town Zoning Board of Appeals has refunded the application fee of five residents who had made applications for the erection of personal wind turbines. They will be able to re-submit their applications after the town ban on wind development is lifted.

Supervisor Urban Hirschey reported that he has been conducting some very serious discussions with DANC regarding water distributions amongst the various town water districts. He said that he had found that DANC has been abiding with the principles that they agreed to years ago and it falls upon the town to look into the various inequities and problems in an effort to come up with fair solutions. DANC has agreed to allow the town access to all of their financial records for the last ten years. The town will conduct a audit of the districts. Hirschey said it is very hard work and it will take a month or two to resolve the water district's  distribution problems.

The board has tabled discussion and action on requests for funds for the Community Food Pantry and the Cape Vincent Public Library. They will make those considerations next summer.

Resolution #19 which enacted the Dave Croft revision of the Town Recreation Park usage policy revisions passed.

Resolution #20 which amended the budget to increase the General Fund to allow for the payment of services to Shulman, Curtin and Grunder passed. Councilman Clif Schneider said the funds were necessary to pay for legal services incurred by the committees working on the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance revision. Schneider added that it was more acceptable to budget the money now rather that juggle lines items at the end of the year.


  1. Anonymous3/16/2012

    The issue with the water districts is that the three people in district 2 are paying one tenth the cost of 35 uses in district 3.

    Contrary to the rumors that the village mayor is spreading around, this water issue is not because the town does not care about our water districts and want DANC to take over.
    That is not their intention. As with many other issues it looks like our former town board was not doing a proper job for the people on many issues.

    Since Donald Mason and Marty Mason are involved in those districts it appears that they are publicly trying to distort to us around the village the real issue with the water situation and making it something that it isn't. We are hearing a lot of their wanting payback.

    Also,folks I am surprised that the Village would object to a town board member attending the village meetings. What do they have to hide and is it time for their meetings to be done on video so we can keep better track of them. Marty is brag gin around town that he will not attend meetings if the guy who beat him is there. Marty is a village employee we pay for doing his job. Nothing more. Time for him to butt out and let the duly elected run the government free of the influence of and corruption of conflicts of interest with wind developers.

  2. 6:03

    I attended the special board meeting when Matt Cooper of Bernier and Carr gave a detailed presentation to the town board about the water districts.

    I was also at the special meeting at the rec center that addressed districts 2 and 3 and was attended by many of those district users.

    I saw nothing in the discussions that indicated that the town did not care and wanted DANC to take over the operation of all of the water districts. Quite the opposite since they have committed themselves to firming up the security of the districts.

    The concern of the town board discussions right from the beginning was to make sure that they fully understood the financial operation of the water districts, DANCs procedures and that every town customer of every water district was paying its fair share.

  3. Anonymous3/16/2012

    What about the issue of the waterline to nowhere?
    Why was it ever built?

  4. Anonymous3/16/2012

    The waterline to nowhere should be high on the list on questions the new town board demands answers to, we, the public, have a right to know.

    I agree the village board meetings must be videoed, and Marty has no say on who attends these meetings, he is an employee, not a public official.
    If he chooses not to attend, then maybe he should look for another job.

  5. Anonymous3/16/2012

    In any other community most everywhere it is customary for the public employees to mind their political p's and q's. Where the hell does Marty Mason get off thinking his village job is one of political influence and conflict of his own self interest?

  6. Anonymous3/16/2012

    These same bitching democratic jackasses almost cost Danny his job and they cost our ok judge his job. The corrupt people have been voted out. Now, they should just go away. They cost us our wind tax money too.

  7. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Get your facts straight.There was no issue about paying water bills.The trouble came when Mr. Hirshey decided on his own to send letters to water distict 2 and with no advanced notice decide to up their rates.He expected one person to go from paying $20.00 a month to over $700.00 thats not including water.Go to the people who received these letters they will be more and happy to show you.
    At the meeting Clif said he had no clue about the water lines,he has to read up,same with John,Brooks and even Urban.Mickey declined to say anything because his was one of the water lines.Come on stop blaming the past. It's only March and how many screw ups have been done.How many issues have been handled incorrectly and has to be done over. 1-Personal turbines..2 smoking ban.3-Sending lettersout and thinking people out in the country are so stupid that they will pay something because the Supervisor says they have to.
    The board should decide on these matters together.Instead of Hirshey writing letter and demanding and telling people what they can do not do.John running around calling the news to interveiw him about a smoking ban that he did and now the board couldn't have a public hearing on it because now they decided it was to constrictive,not because it was done wrong.

  8. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Thanks, 9:19

    Now then can you explain why they set up a district with only 3 people on it and how you would try to combine so there is less risk.

    Aslo, why did the former board run a waterline out Pelo road when there war no customers out there? The only thing that was there was a proposed batch plant for Acciona. There could be potential development there but it isn't it illegal to use federal grant for water to private and potential development.

    Yes, I agree 9:19 a lot a fishy things were done with water development. The previous boards did some dumb things with setting up districts, too. But Hirschey does not make up the bills does he?

  9. Anonymous3/16/2012

    "There was no issue about paying water bills."
    First the guy above you said there was not an issue over water bill. Then you said you got a letter saying the bill was going to go up. Not the usage part but still a bill. Sounds to me like in the past that perhaps there was some funny stuff going on in those districts in the past. Frankly, I trust this board will straighten it all out. Three of the former town board members are involved in those districts. Maybe they overlooked something before.

    I will join the above anons asking about the Pelo Road situation.

  10. Anonymous3/16/2012

    IF the board is so great,tell them to find out about Pelo road and let them announce if and what the wrong doings are.I like you have no clue about that line.
    Explain to us and justify why a bill would go from $20.00 to over $700.00 from one month to the next.
    Figure out the % pay hike. At the special Board meeting ,most of the board had no clue,they didn't know anything about the water districts. So tell me how a decision to that magnitude could be made by one person and the rest of the board have no clue whats going on. Mr. Hirshey even said "I guess I shouldn't of sent it out. He been doing that alot lately.

  11. Anonymous3/16/2012

    10:03 Look more into it.Hirshery made all the decisions on this one.He made the bill up and decided what to charge and sent it.Yes he made this bill. Again get all the facts.Go see these guys. The only reason Hirshey met with these guys is again he made another HUGE mistake and people caught it and wasn't going to let it slide.

  12. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Hey folks, I don't completely understand the problem.

    Cheer up on the issue. We now have people who will get to the bottom of it and resolve it. The past board completely ignored the public. When presented a petition to do a moratorium they ignored 800 people.
    Then ask to do something about a corrupt and abusive town planning board chair, they completely ignored the people. They scoffed at an audit that was proven more than necessary. The last board was corrupt and the pb got caught holding a secret meeting. Even downstate politicians recognize that they were corrupt. My bet is that Hirschey and the gang will resolve the water district inequities. But, setting up a 3 person water district may have been a mistake that this board can rectify.

  13. Anonymous3/16/2012

    11:51 You still have no idea what your taking about.You got to much hope for the new board,well maybe except Mickey.4 board members have no idea about the water line.Ask Clif he admitted. Why can't you admit,this board don't know half of what they try to make you beleive.

  14. Anonymous3/16/2012

    So, your saying that Hirschey is making up the bills and deciding himself what to charge people?

  15. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Maybe its time for the comptroller and theAG to look into how all the water districts have been handled.

  16. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Heck Urban can't even remember where his minutes of last month are. Michelle had to p[oint them out to him. Watch him he can't remember a LOT.

  17. Anonymous3/16/2012

    there is more to the story od district 5 than the pelo rd scheme.

  18. Anonymous3/17/2012

    You are still moaning that you lost? Hirschey won two to one.

    Last fall, Donald Mason, Marty Mason and Mickey Orvis put the Town of Vincent in very serious legal jeopardy by passing and illegal and unconstitutional voter law. If not for Mickey backing down that action could have cost the town tens of thousand in defending their actions. Not to mention the industrial wind corruption.

    Mickey Orvis was willing to put the entire town at risk for loss of home value as a result of turbine noise because he refused a free ambient study. He voted against and then refused to pay for an audit. And all you have is that you don't like Urban because he asks his board members questions to be sure they agree with his thinking. That is why you are not sitting on the board. You and your team were corrupt.

  19. Anonymous3/17/2012

    Elections are over.You guys keep bringing it up.The people who are on the board now are responsible for what's happening now.How can you blame the past boards for the
    mistakes they are making today.
    It's not their fault the board has no idea about water lines or how to do a smoking ban or jumping the gun and sending letters out before it's all thought out.Make the new board responsible for their own mistakes and stop blaming the past boards for their mistakes.Stop making excuses for them. I know you will continue,but sooner or latter there will be no excuses.

  20. Anonymous3/17/2012

    It is well known around the State that the town Board of Cape Vincent was corrupt and untrustworthy. Now, everything that the Rienbeck administration has done becomes suspect. Why were certain members of the community with close ties to town government allowed to set up their own water district?

  21. Anonymous3/17/2012

    I don't see anyone making excuses for them. They have uncovered a lot that was done wrong by the Rienbeck gang and it has to be straightened out. The driving force of a lot of this payback is by D. Mason and Rienbeck. Remember they violated the public trust by lying about doing town business at an illegal and secret planning board meeting. So how are they to be trusted on the water issue. Let the new board work it out and their legal advisors will tell us citizens where the mistake were made. We already know that the conflicts of interest by the town board and the planning boat were mistakes. We already know that Masons and Orvis illegal low was a mistake. What else is there that citizens don't know about. Why was that waterline built on Peo Road? How were there people allowed to have a water district with a direct tap?

  22. Anonymous3/17/2012

    ",well maybe except Mickey"

    Yer kidding right? Mickey Orvis is a liar. He lied about town business at a secret and illegal meeting.

  23. Anonymous3/17/2012


    There are three people in district 2.

    Is is possible that they then installed their own lines to other peoples houses and farms and are ripping the town and DANC off.? Is that true?

  24. Anonymous3/19/2012

    I'm sure things will get worse before they get better.

    The Rienbeck administration has been around for a decade and it will take time to find out what's been going on. Fortunately, I think that most of the people are confident that the town board is very capable, will present both it's findings and proposed solutions to the people, and move forward from there.