Utica Observer Dispatch reports that the Feds and 5 states want to crap up the Great Lakes with wind turbines.

Feds, 5 states to push for Great Lakes wind farms.  
(Make that factories.)


by John Flesher, The Associated Press

The Obama administration and five states have reached an agreement to speed up approval of offshore wind farms in the Great Lakes, which have been delayed by cost concerns and public opposition.

Democratic New York State Congressional,
and Senatorial as well as NY State Senate and
Assembly Candidates will be faced
with the dilemma of fierce local resistance
to President Obama's crapping up of
the magnificent Great Lakes.
Under the deal, which administration officials disclosed to The Associated Press ahead of an announcement scheduled for Friday, state and federal agencies will craft a blueprint for speeding regulatory review of proposed wind farms without sacrificing environmental and safety standards. The Great Lakes have no offshore wind turbines, although a Cleveland partnership announced plans last year for a demonstration project that would place five to seven turbines in Lake Erie about 7 miles north of the city, generating 20-30 megawatts of electricity.

Offshore wind projects have been proposed elsewhere in the region, including Michigan and New York, stirring fierce debate.


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  2. While I take any threat to the Great Lakes and to their visual beauty seriously, I would recommend not staying up at night worrying about this idiocy.

    This is a purely political announcement. The president and the Democrat governors of the states that signed on to this concept are pandering to the their green base and the wind lobby.

    They can pander all they like, but the economic, environmental, engineering and other problems and difficulties are so huge that seeing this concept come to fruition is highly unlikely...maybe less unlikely than you winning MegaMillions tonight - but not much.

  3. Anonymous3/30/2012

    We have some good Dems. Good people. But this is all it would take for them to lose tens of thousands of votes along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario from Niagara up the St. Lawrence to Bill Owen's house. People don't hang in this area for the snow and cold and are try protective of Lakes and River.
    Obama will lose big time on this one.

  4. Stay Focused3/30/2012

    “Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania signed the agreement. The other three states with Great Lakes coastlines — Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin — declined invitations but could join the partnership later, an administration official said.”

    Of the governors who signed on to this only Corbett (PA) is a Republican. The Republican governors in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin declined to be a part of this nonsense. We all agree that saving the TI Region from Big Wind blight should transcend any party affiliations or leanings we may have. But whether we like it or not, the Big Wind issue has become much more partisan in the last few years – certainly more partisan than since the time of George Bush 43 and George Pataki.

    Though there are some exceptions, the basis of this growing divide is not about climate change. The left is admittedly more generally passionate about climate change, but many prominent Republicans (such as Sen. Lamar Alexander) are very concerned about climate change but totally opposed to Big Wind – because it doesn’t work! Too many Democrats are being pulled in the direction of “any wind turbine is a good wind turbine.” The green movement base and the donations that come from that base are intolerant of any hint of deviating from enforced orthodoxy on the benefits of renewables. The green movement at ground level and the green blogosphere demand 100% commitment from their politicians. Obama is presently on the stump trying to pacify that green base. This Great Lakes announcement (and it is in fact, mostly talk) is also part of a political offensive to solidify the support of the green base. Even Republican Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania does not want to be labeled “anti-environment” by his moderate voters in Pennsylvania – so he lent his name to it.

    So -- even though we would like to keep the Democrat – Republican thing out of our local efforts against Big Wind—we really can’t. Big Wind doesn’t exist without big public money. The big public money (to the extent we are willing to print more of it) comes from Washington. Washington is polarized – and now, wind and solar power (particularly wind) has been fully sucked into the polarized theater of Washington.
    Control of the Senate is up for grabs. The White House – who knows. The House is expected to remain in Republican control. I have become – for the first time in my life – a single issue voter. I know how I’m voting.

  5. Anonymous3/30/2012

    We don't need the penny pinching tourism. The Great Lakes will bring us money with turbines out there. Ho Hum

  6. Stay Focused3/30/2012

    No money for you, Ho Hum, no money for you.

  7. Anonymous3/30/2012

    Ho Hum is an FJ!

  8. Anonymous3/30/2012


    The Lake belongs to the state ,not any municipality. No PILOT- no money in town or county coffers. Better watch what you wish for!!

  9. Anonymous4/01/2012

    Hey 5:53, that Ho Hum character has got your goat, good for him. He may be a summer visitor to your one horse town called Cape Vincent. It should be called Crap Vincent for all you big wenies with your ugly wives. Ha, Ha, Ha

  10. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Hey you can use the turbines to tie your boat to while fishing or will the turbines be accused of killing the fish. Better ask cliff oe wiley if that's true.

  11. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Off shore turbine give off a vibration that upsets fish habitat. It has been a disaster for fisheries in the European Union. Besides, the offshore turbine areas become restricted to boaters.

  12. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Imagine living near a busy highway to understand how a busy shipping lane or an offshore wind farm might affect fish. Like highway noise, low-level machinery noise can be relentless.

    The effects have not been well studied, but Popper suspects they may be serious. "It's very hard to do experiments in the lab," he told New Scientist, because the laboratory environment itself stresses fish enough to obscure the effects of several decibels of noise. He's giving his talk primarily to increase awareness, he says. "We need to be doing some very critical experiments to understand long-term effects on animals on the wild."

  13. 8:53

    Here is a link to one study done on the effect offshore wind has on marine life. There is much written that will help answer your question.

    Effects of offshore wind farm noise on marine mammals and fish

  14. Anonymous4/02/2012

    There are several ways to find out your answer to the fish stuff, anon above. You could either do the research, a green shirt Voters for Wind, or stop off at the Bp office and asks those lying bastards at the wind company.

  15. Anonymous4/02/2012

    To 5:53 P.M. There's that guy Ho Hum is a F.B., I say ditto to that jerk.and his ugly bitchy wife.

  16. Anonymous4/02/2012

    Cool picture!!!