In March 2104, British Petroleum pulled the plug on a proposed Cape Vincent, NY USA industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone.....

"Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan"....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What you won't see in the 2012 Thousand Islands & St. Lawrence Seaway travel Guide.

You will see lots of pictures in the 2012 edition of the Thousand Island and St. Lawrence Seaway International Travel Guild that you can visit online at this link.  

A view of the ferry leaving Cape Vincent. A view
of the ferry arriving Cape Vincent would show
Wolfe Island Turbines in the background.
And they are beautiful pictures. Because The Thousand Islands is a beautiful place.

But, like all communities, when promoting their tourism resources, they hide any embarrassing features. And, what you don't see in the 2012 guide is the Wolfe Island Turbines that shock every sailer when entering the mouth of the St. Lawrence from Lake Ontario. 

An embarrassing reality that many like to hide.