Will British Petroleum volunteer to reduce wind turbine bird kills or will they expand the Wolfe Island bird killing fields?

To save birds, Obama administration issues voluntary guidelines on where to put wind farms

By Associated Press, Published: March 23

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration offered new guidance Friday on where wind farms should be located to reduce the number of bird deaths while promoting increased use of wind power.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the guidelines, which take effect immediately, provide a scientific basis for developers and government regulators to identify sites with low risk to wildlife while allowing for more wind energy projects on private and public lands.
But a bird advocacy group that lobbied for mandatory standards said the new, voluntary guidelines will do little to protect hundreds of thousands of birds killed each year by wind turbines.

The arrow points to the location of the Wolfe Island
wind turbines which have become known as one of the
more efficient bird killing projects in America.
Will Peter Gross and British Petroleum continue
to pursue adding their Cape Vincent project to
the Wolfe Island Killing fields?
Salazar called wind power a key part of the administration’s “all-of-the-above” energy strategy and noted that the guidelines for onshore projects have been endorsed by the American Wind Energy Association and the National Audubon Society, a conservation group.
The dual endorsements “speak volumes about our goals: to do everything we can to stand up renewable energy” such as wind power while protecting wildlife and habitat, Salazar said at a news conference Friday.

The guidelines call on the wind industry to eliminate from consideration areas that would pose high risks to birds and other wildlife, and to take steps to alleviate problems by restoring nearby habitat and other actions. If developers follow the guidelines, they are unlikely to be prosecuted under federal law in the event of bird deaths, said Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The American Bird Conservancy, an advocacy group that has pushed for mandatory standards, said voluntary guidelines are largely unenforceable and will do little to protect millions of birds killed or injured by wind turbines.

The group “supports wind power when it is ‘bird-smart.’ Unfortunately, voluntary guidelines will result in more lawsuits, more bird deaths and more government subsidies for bad projects,” said Kelly Fuller, the group’s wind campaign coordinator.

Exact statistics for the number of birds killed by wind turbines are not available, but a 2008 study by a biologist with the Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that wind farms were killing about 440,000 birds per year in the United States.


  1. Bp go Home3/24/2012

    Bp is the leader in environmental disaster around the world. In their quest to mine federal and local subsidies, they would kill birds and shit all over any local rules or concerns.

    Gross is from Texas and the Texas state bird is the mockingbird.

  2. Anonymous3/24/2012

    I would like to tell Bp where to put those turbines.
    If only Peter Gross would ask me I would tell him to put them the same place Andy Binsley wanted that camera guy at the PB meeting to put his camera.

  3. Anonymous3/27/2012

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