Wind turbines blow down resale value of homes.

By Heather Wright, Sarnia & Lambton County This Week

GRAND BEND - If you can see a wind turbine from your window, chances are your house is going to sell for a lot less money than you want.

That's the message Doug Pedlar, a real estate broker with ReMax in Grand Bend, brought to about 300 people in the village recently. Pedler talked with a number of real estate professionals across the province about the impact of industrial wind turbines on home sales and found studies about the subject from around the world. He says in general, the value of a home within view of the rotating blades takes longer to sell and could sell for 30 percent less than market value.

Pedlar says in one case in Simcoe, a real estate agent was trying to sell a 25 acre vacant hobby farm with a wind turbine behind it. He listed the lakeview property for about $149,000, expecting to sell it for about $135,000. Six months later he finally got an offer of $65,000. All seven of the potential buyers asked the agent about the wind turbine.


  1. Anonymous3/02/2012

    We all know this to be common sense fundamental truth.

    I am a seasonal resident. If I had the decision to buy my waterfront property over again I never would. I would search someplace else for an attractive alternative in a community that showed no indication of being wind targeted.

    Cape Vincent has already suffered a downgraded real estate market just on the threat of wind coming. If it were to actually happen....I believe people are afraid to even contemplate what that would do to property values and the tax base.

  2. Anonymous3/02/2012

    No big surprise. Anyone who has purchased more than one home knows the golden rule. Location, Location, Location.

    But wind developers and their supporters have told blatant lies about home values near turbines.

    Many of the wind ignorant have lived in the same place for their whole lives and have no idea what the home market is about.

    Acciona and Bp take advantage of that ignorance.

  3. Over Assessed3/02/2012


    I want to know how the higher taxed river and lake properties are going to be addressed by the new assessment. They should be substantially reduced now that they are exposed to turbines of Wolfe. Let's get organized for grievance day. Appraisers are backing us on this one.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2012

    You poor bastards that own homes along the river. For years your property was taxed less then my village property. I should feel sorry for you, ya right. It's about time that you pay your fair share. I'm glad your property values are decreasing, mind hasn't and I'm selling my house and have a prospective buyer. I'll be gone buy April and you'll still be bitching about the wind farm. Sucks to be you. Good bye.