Wind turbines off the books for good in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Any further considerations for industrial wind turbines on the Lenox Mountain Range in the Berkshires  has been rejected unanimously by the Board of Selectmen (Town Board) of Lenox, MA. After the vote, which put industrial wind development to rest, a former member of the board urged further consideration of a conservation restriction for the Lenox Mountain Ridge Line which he called "a sacred piece of property."

When I read the article, I thought to myself, isn't the entrance to the mighty St. Lawrence River from Lake Ontario sacred, as well? How many places in the United States have a massive river of fresh water dotted with over a Thousand Islands?

I believe the land in our town is sacred and unique and should be preserved rather than given away to foreign interests in a subsidy mining venture.

Why is turning our town of Cape Vincent over to British Petroleum so they could litter it with industrial wind even an option?