Apparently Dave Loomis did not get the memo.

Expert says wind foes dislike turbines' looks

Apr 13 - McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - David Giuliani

Daily Gazette, Sterling, Ill.

Some wind farm opponents don't want nearby turbines because they don't like their looks, a university professor told an audience Thursday.

But they don't think that argument is good enough, so they find other reasons to justify their opposition, said David Loomis, director of Illinois State University's Center for Renewable Energy.

Loomis, an economics professor, is using an
ancient defense for an ancient and inefficient
way of producing power.
He and a colleague gave a 2-hour-plus presentation on the wind energy industry that was billed as "nonbiased," but some questioned whether they were truly objective.

The University of Illinois Cooperative Extension invited them to speak at Odell Public Library. One of the goals was to provide information for members of the Whiteside and Lee county boards -- both of which have big decisions coming up on wind energy issues.

Many wind farm opponents bring up noise from turbines as a reason to oppose them. But Loomis, an economics professor, said studies have shown that wind turbines are quieter than most sounds, including those from offices.

Some contend wind turbines hurt neighboring property values, but Loomis presented his center's studies, which showed that turbines ultimately had no effect on property values.
One study demonstrated that property values drop after a wind farm is announced and before turbines go up. After construction, Loomis said, the values increase by a similar amount.

That study included properties within a 5-mile radius of a wind farm. But some in the audience said they would have preferred a study that included only those homes that were closer, which they said would show the true effect.

Loomis said people's opposition to wind farms often boils down to aesthetics.

"Some people will love the looks of wind turbines. Others hate their looks," he said. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

As for turbines killing birds, wires and buildings are much bigger causes, he said.

The center's presentation, "Wind Farms in Your Community: A Nonbiased Perspective," drew about 45 people, including 11 Whiteside and three Lee County board members and their zoning officials. The Center for Renewable Energy was founded a few years ago with a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. It also received $50,000 donations from three wind energy companies and State Farm Insurance.
Asked about the funding, Loomis said the wind energy donations pay for student internships, not the center's studies.

Questioning Loomis' objectivity, Sterling resident Amanda Norris said during the question-and-answer session that it appeared to be in the center's best interest to promote wind energy so that students could get jobs in that field.

Loomis said her assessment was fair.


  1. Anonymous4/17/2012

    The problem with our information society is that all kinds of information is available - the limits are boundless. Furthermore, to the unsuspecting reader even Wiley, Pandora and the self-proclaimed Cape wind experts can make their information appear real and legitimate (which it is for the most part). So, what's a dumbell, rural hick suppose to do to get at the truth?

    There is only one way to counter biased crap, such as what Dave Loomis has vomited, we all have to engage our brains and allocate some time to become informed on issues. We have to read and study varied opinions, we have to use our insight and common sense to ask questions and put no one or anything on any pedestals. We have to begin this intellectual journey without any preconceived ideas (tough) and we have to slog ahead. But, Holy Crap - that takes time and effort! Sorry, Charlie, but there is no free lunch.

    What guys like Loomis are counting on is that most of us are smart folks who won't spend the time to become informed and will be easy targets for the quasi-truth and snake oil that he and others on the take from Big Wind, are hoping for.

    I hope we all prove that we are on to Loomis and the renewable bubbleheads game and that we aren't buying it.

  2. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Hey Rick

    Dave Loomis reminds me of Marion Trieste, Bryan Stumpf, Tim Conboy, and Peter Gross. They tried to use JCC to legitimize their industrial wind lies.

    Just because they say it in a college setting does not make it true.

    How many times over has the Ben Hoen report been proven wrong? Remember when Thayor came to Cape Vincent along with Carol Murphy and tried to pull the wool over our eyes.

    The only ones who believed it were the bobble heads wearing green shirts.

  3. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Cape Vincent

    There are now scores of studies, many local and regional that prove that within two miles of a turbine a home is worthless and won't sell.
    Yet, these guys continue to relay on only one. Of course, a home five miles away hidden from view of a turbine might still be attractive.
    As for claims of increased value? In every instance, there was raised assessment that showed increase values on paper. NOT SALES!

  4. Anonymous4/17/2012

    It hasn't worked before. Why do they keep trying.

    Bp please close your Cape Vincent office and go back to Texas.

  5. Anonymous4/17/2012

    6:47 Engaging our brains and becoming informed is only the first step,albeit a critical one as you say. The next step is to take actions that reflect the ackowledgement that industrial wind evelopment is unfeasibble,ineffective,and poses serious threats to the environment and human habitation.

    Half measures are not adequate. If you have become informed, please lobby your local zoning ,and comp. plan. committees to take the necessary steps to prevent this disaster in Cape Vincent.

  6. 8:35

    There is no indication at all that our zoning committee is taking half measures.

    I have attended many of their meetings and see nothing more than 100% attention being given to all zoning issues.

    Their meetings are mostly unattended except for myself and some folks from Lyme. In that case, I am not sure why you would be so certain that they are proposing half measures.

    This week, committee members will be traveling to Syracuse to meet with council and discuss what they have accomplished up to date.

  7. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Any criteria that allows the siting of wind turbines in Cape vincent is a half measure.