During Privilege of the floor, Cape citizens address Town Board.

From the Steve Weed Productions video, the following is a transcript of the privilege of the floor statements made at the last Town of Cape Vincent Board meeting by town citizens Darrell Burton and Marlene Burton.

Cape citizen Darrell Burton suggests that the
Town Board plan water districts now so they will be
shovel-ready when funding is available. 
Darrell Burton:  Very recently, I was contacted by councilman John Byrne to serve on a water committee. And after reading the document provided by Bernier and Carr, areas under consideration, I learned that areas B and D were the only ones that were affordable water options. All other areas won't be feasible until they have additional users. I spoke with Supervisor Hirschey a week ago and he said they could not be any further water districts until the fourth water filter was added. That same day I learned that the installation of a fourth filter was going to be out for bid this summer. At this time I believe Bernier and Carr should continue the process to establish final water districts in areas B and D. I realize the funding is not readily available. However, if we establish the districts now, when funding becomes available we will be shovel ready. That gives us a head start in the future for any future progress. Thank you.

During another privilege of the floor, Marlene Burton addressed the town board.

Marlene Burton:  Thank you for letting me speak. I'm glad to see there is going to be an audit on the water district to put this dispute to rest. But, with the cost of over nine thousand  dollars, I trust this will be funded by a special account that the citizens of the town that do not have water will not be subjected to.

At that point, the Steve Weed video cut off Mrs. Burton's statement. However, she then opined to the board that town citizens who do not have water should not be requred to contribute to the audit and surveys of the water districts.


  1. Anonymous4/22/2012

    Marlene Burton is right, average tax payer will not be expected to pay for these audits. It makes sense for Fourth Coast's cost to go to water district 2 users and for the water district audits to be borne by all municipal water users.

  2. Anonymous4/22/2012

    Mrs. Burton makes an excellent point. I am a six months resident of Cape Vincent.

    I do not use the Cape roads in the winter. Why should I pay to have them plowed?

    I do not not use water in the winter. Why shouldn't I pay for only a half year. I don't pay for cable or phone while I am at my other home.

    I don't have kids in school, why should I pay.

    Why should I pay for full year services that I only use a half year?

    And to add insult to my absence, Gary King and Harold Wiley wrote a letter trying to get my STAR exemption revoked. It didn't work. Then Wiley called me immoral and unethical because I now vote in Cape Vincent where I pay more taxes than I do back here.

    Then, the corrupt former town board members tried to take my right to vote away because they thought I was going to vote against them. It was pure intimidation and prejudice on the part of Harold Wiley, Gary King, Donald Mason, Marty Mason and Mickey Orvis and the whole wind voter organization.

    But, I would gladly surrender my right to vote in Cape Vincent if they can find a way to cut my Cape Vincent taxes in half and stop intimidated us.

    Thank you for speaking on this issue, Mrs. Burton

  3. Anonymous4/22/2012

    Marlene is right.

    The audits and survey expenses should be payed by the district as part of operational expenses. I get village water and pay village taxes. Not my problem to have to pay for what might be a business being run by our Ag. Commissioner.

  4. Anonymous4/22/2012

    If the survey in water district 2 find anything unethical or illegal then district 2 should bare the entire cost of the survey. It's called responsibility!

  5. Anonymous4/22/2012

    I don't get water yet and would like it.

    We now have a board who will have a grasp of the entire water provision of our town. A very good time to write sensible hypothetical proposals for the entire town. A long range plan that would be set for the future.

    Burton said that he understood that they did not have enough users to set up a district. Yet, district 2 got set up with 3 users who are now passing on or selling water to many others.

    Mr. Burton's suggestion would prevent that from happening again.

  6. Professor4/22/2012

    Hold off on more water districts until your town knows about wind development. With wind development any further addition to districts will be a waste of time and money. Check population growth within two miles of existing wind turbines and you will find it is nil. In fact, it is most likely that homes will be abandoned and the number of water customers reversed. I could care about wind either way, but I do care about water district decisions.

  7. Anonymous4/22/2012

    Good point professor.

    Rienbeck's water line to nowhere is a perfect example.
    There is no one on the line but a Clayton house. Now others have to pay for the waste. Many believe it was done to help the Wood farm get their Acciona concrete plant. Yikes! Do you think?

  8. Anonymous4/22/2012

    Why should anyone except the suspected illegal users and distributors of municipal water have to pay for an audit due to their actions?

    Kudos to Mrs. Burton for addressing this.

  9. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Burton for rising above the politics of the water districts and bringing two valid suggestions into the situation.
    This is a good time for all to sit down and bring our water issues up to date in a peaceful and legal manner and with, as Mr. Burton declared, an eye to to future.

  10. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Hey 6:58 It was your choice to live in the Cape all year or half a year. You have to pay the price for that privileged. If you don't like the taxes or the other stuff here then move out, oh! I forgot you won't get full value for your house any more, that's too bad. Suck it up and deal with it, stop complaining.

  11. Anonymous4/23/2012

    although I commend Mrs Burton for her suggestions on water district #2. She certainly does make sense. I have a big question- Isn't she one of those VFW people? Why would should go against a couple of major players in the wind group? Could there be trouble in paradise with VFW? Inquiry minds?

  12. Anonymous4/23/2012

    10:18 said, "Hey 6:58 It was your choice to live in the Cape all year or half a year. You have to pay the price for that privileged. If you don't like the taxes or the other stuff here then move out..."

    I'm guessing that 6:58 understands that perfectly and was just being rhetorical.

    But their point may be that, just because you don't buy water in this town, doesn't mean you won't be helping to pay for the past mistakes of the Oligarchy.

    --And if you don't like that, as you said, I suppose you can always move, right?

    It would have been funny to hear the board members say, "Well Mrs. Burton, should we decide that all CV taxpayers have to help pay for the audits, you can always move, right?"

  13. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Piss Poor attitude, 10:18.
    Other taxpayers have the same rights you have( whether you like it or not) to express their concerns.

  14. Anonymous4/23/2012

    Voters for wind on the other had did not feel local taxing jurisdictions had a right to vote on awarding industrial wind PILOTs.