The Town Crier

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cape Zoning Committee will consult with an Attorney. Watchful Town of Lyme extends wind moratorium.

Today will be another busy day for the volunteers who are serving on the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Ordinance Committee. Today, they will travel to Syracuse, NY to have an opportunity to consult with their Attorney, Paul Curtin. At their last meeting, the committee spent time discussing what they would like to ask Mr. Curtin regarding their present progress.

One topic that the committee will put in front of Attorney Curtain is that the committee's present draft appears to contain de facto exclusion of industrial wind turbines of the type and size preferred for use by developers. 

For several months now the committee has been working on a draft ordinance of a new town law which, when completed, will be reviewed twice by the public at open meetings.

The first "informal" review will give the committee the opportunity to listen to the public and then take the draft back to their work sessions.

The second public review will be the actual public hearing which is part of the legal process required before the new zoning laws are submitted to the town board for approval.

In a recent meeting, the committee said they expected the new zoning law to go to the town board late summer or early fall.

The progress of the Cape Vincent Zoning Ordinance Committee is being followed very closely by the Town of Lyme. Last night, at a town of Lyme special meeting, The Lyme Town Board voted unanimously to extend their moratorium on wind power projects by another six months.

Town of Lyme Supervisor Scott Aubertine has said that the Lyme Town Board was following the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Ordinance Committee's progress to determine what restrictions their new zoning ordinance might place on wind turbines in Cape Vincent.