Donald Trump has hissy fit over wind turbines in Scotland.

Donald Trump is pissed over wind turbines being proposed for Scotland. It all started when  an offshore turbine development was proposed near the site of his golf course in Alberdeenshire in the vicinity of the famous links in St. Andrews.

Here are some quotes from the Don that express his feelings about industrial wind development:

"This is a very, very serious problem that we are addressing. In my opinion, it is one of the most serious problems that Scotland will have or has had."

 "Wind turbines, made in China, are going to be the destruction - almost a total destruction - of your tourism industry."

 "Members were 'blind-sided' by the planning application."

"I don't want to see it destroyed by having 11 monstrosities built looming over it, literally one mile away."

"It's actually land-based, it's not sea-based, because when you're talking about one mile you're really talking about land-based. We don't want this to happen."

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"Many countries have decided they don't want wind, because it doesn't work without massive subsidies, it kills massive amounts of birds and wildlife and there are lots of other reasons.

"It's a very inefficient form of energy, it's an energy that when you need it most you don't get it because the wind isn't blowing when you need it most."

"You will lose your tourism industry to Ireland and lots of other places that are laughing at what Scotland is doing."

"I am the evidence. I am an expert in tourism, I am considered a world-class expert in tourism, so when you say where is the evidence, I am the evidence."

"Where you have a tiny population, a couple of windmills can do something."

"After I've invested this tremendous amount of money, all of a sudden this really obnoxious and ugly wind farm appears - which is worse than a wind farm because there is going to be all these different looking windmills.

"It's going to look like Disneyland - except a bad version of Disneyland."