Governor Cuomo is confused about the majesty of his State.

Holy crap! Last week the Golden Crescent, Oswego Shores and the Thousand Island Region received word that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted to crap up Lake Ontario with hundreds of ugly industrial wind turbines. When I heard that, I near had a hissy fit. Holy crap!

But, today, I feel much better.

Because in my morning email the same governor told me how lucky I was to have such a beautiful back yard. Here is his message to me:

Dear Fellow New Yorker (That would be me!),

Our state is one of the most beautiful in the nation – from the shores of Long Island to the mighty Niagara Falls, from the Finger Lakes to the Adirondacks, and everything in between. (I am in between.) New York's 178 state parks offer countless opportunities to explore your natural environment and experience exciting new adventures.

Hey Governor Cuomo!
Check out this Rollin Hanson photo that shows
what industrial wind turbines do to the majesty
of your beautiful State.
As the weather warms up, we hope you consider planning a trip to one of New York’s stunning state parks. Imagine pitching a tent near the St. Lawrence River (Wow! That's where I live!) or one of the state’s many lakes (Like Ontario, for example.), waking up surrounded by the majesty of the woods, bicycling through the mountains, or cooking breakfast in a cabin overlooking the "Grand Canyon of the East. (The other day he said he wanted to change all that with Lake Ontario wind turbines.)

You are one of the many lucky New Yorkers with spectacular scenery in your own backyard. (Hey Gov! Bp wants to put wind turbines in my back yard. They will sit high above, overlook and crap up the St. Lawrence! Holy Crap!) In the Thousand Islands alone, 20 parks view will open their campsites to the public over the next month. But if you’re looking to venture away from home, head to the vast Adirondacks, which host hundreds of campsites. 

The Office of the Governor

P.S. – Check out photo galleries of our state parks and see for yourself the magnificent landscape that awaits you and your family this summer.

Holy Crap, Andy. I checked out the photos. They didn't include any of those white towers of testosterone that our St. Lawrence River visitors now see on Wolfe Island from our local State Parks. 


  1. Anonymous4/15/2012

    It's tough being chief exec officer when you have to be the number one guy to protect our beautiful state and the number one guy who has to close Indian Point and keep the lights on at Times Square.

    Bottom line is this piece by Gov Andy is fluff. He's not going to make a name for himself being the reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt. His star is hitched to the Democrat's renewable bandwagon, regardless of whether that bandwagon is off in the ditch mired in the muck on the side of the road.

    Nothing worse than having my coffee on a nice Sunday morning and having an insincere politician spoil the moment with his bullshit. This is almost as bad as Cuomo claiming he wants to drain and cleanup New York's unethical swamp. Yeah, if he cared he would have done something in Cape Vincent.

  2. Anonymous4/15/2012

    When was the last time Mr. Cuomo camped out at the base of a wind turbine?

  3. Anonymous4/15/2012

    seems everyone (including our new town government) is confused about the majesty of our state and our own township.Is it worth protecting or not?

  4. Anonymous4/15/2012


    You are obviously not following the work of the zoning committee. To say our new town government is not working to protect the majesty of the our town is just plain wrong and irresponsible.

  5. 1:19

    I agree. I have attended many of the zoning committee work sessions. The committee has been very thorough and have done their homework. They have called in legal advisors, technical advisors, county planners and local business people for consultation.

    At a recent meeting we were told that it won't be long before the entire draft zoning ordinance is available for the public to look at it before they bring it back to the citizens for the legal public review and comment period.

  6. Anonymous4/15/2012

    you can't ban adult entertainment

  7. Anonymous4/15/2012

    Certainly, the antics of Gary King and Harold Wiley and their attempt to us STAR to harass voters could be classified as adult entertainment.

  8. Anonymous4/15/2012

    Aren't those turbines on Wolfe Island beautiful. How do they look from your house on the St Lawrence river.

  9. Deb Suller4/15/2012

    I too received that email from our Governor. I replied "so why do you want to crap up this beautiful area with wind turbines?" Think I'll get a response?

  10. Anonymous4/16/2012

    Thanks Rollie for the FAKE PICTURE
    Thats not real!

  11. Anonymous4/16/2012

    Apparently you have never been to that location where that pic was taken.

    You can lie to yourself all you want, but that picture is real and is seen by people on land as well as on the water.

  12. Anonymous4/16/2012


    I live with the potential of that view every day. On the most beautiful days with crisp, clear air and sun that is what we get. Perhaps for a hundred or so days a year.
    But, not always. Not like that today or like the fog of the last couple days.

    Nothing fake about the picture. But it is not like that every day.