Hammond, NY is watching Article X draft revisions from the CROH's nest.

Many new York State citizens having concerns about the impacts of industrial wind on their communities have been attending meetings and acting as "stakeholders" in the process of developing the Article X energy siting laws.

And, when it comes to having citizen watchdogs, the beautiful Oswego Shores, Golden Crescent, and Thousand Islands Regions of Northern New York is no exception.  Mary Hamilton, Hammond, NY, officer of the Concerned Residents of Hammond has been keeping us up to date on the Article X progress and has been reporting recent news along with suggestions on how we all can help in the process.

Mary offers this advice:

How to comment about the NYS Article X Draft.

Persons wishing to make comments on the proposed regulations should submit them electronically through the Department of Public Service’s Document Matter and Management (DMM) system or emailing them to the Secretary at secretary@dps.ny.gov.  Those unable to submit comments electronically may mail them to the Honorable Jaclyn A. Brilling, Secretary, New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, Three EmpireState Plaza, Albany, NY 12212-1350. All comments submitted will be posted to the Siting Board webpage www.dps.ny.gov/SitingBoard and the Department of Public Service Web site and become part of the official case record. Comments will be accepted until May 29, 2012.

And please visit the CROH website where you will be kept up to date
on many state and national issues concerning industrial wind siting and
the attempt of the wind industry to secure massive federal industrial welfare.

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  1. Anonymous4/29/2012

    Thank you Mary and CROH.

    Ever appreciative of the incredible work you have all done in Hammond.