In March 2104, British Petroleum pulled the plug on a proposed Cape Vincent, NY USA industrial wind turbine sacrifice zone.....

"Reports claim the decision to pull the plug on the project follow years of controversy in the community as the majority of residents were against the plan"....ENERGYLIVE NEWS , Feb. 28, 2014

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hessler-prepared wind turbine sound contour chart demonstrates 35 Decibels at one mile.

Hessler Associates is the same consulting firm that came to Cape Vincent and attempted to convince Town citizens that noise was not a problem with wind turbine developments.

They are the same acoustic experts that measured the ambient sound levels to be much higher than two other studies that had been done in Cape Vincent. 

That night, Hessler also made the claim that there were few complaints by wind turbine neighbors at existing wind factories. As for the people who had made those complaints, Hessler passed them off by commenting, "Some people are just like that." His less than professional analysis of the complainers drew titters and chortles from his fans dressed in the green shirts.

However, they did not go into detail about the fact that in those existing wind factories the developers controlled the complaint resolution system and their leaseholders and good neighbor agreement signers had penned away their rights to complain.

Recently, the Town of Cape Vincent zoning ordinance committee recommended that the new laws set noise levels at a landowner's property line at a maximum of 35 Decibels. 

On the above Predicted Sound Contour (dBA), map prepared by Hessler Associates, the distance at which turbine noise is 35 dBa is one mile. 

By Hessler's own predictions, that would mean that in the new zoning law, Cape Vincent home and landowners would be afforded a one mile protection, from their property line to any proposed industrial turbine.