Hessler-prepared wind turbine sound contour chart demonstrates 35 Decibels at one mile.

Hessler Associates is the same consulting firm that came to Cape Vincent and attempted to convince Town citizens that noise was not a problem with wind turbine developments.

They are the same acoustic experts that measured the ambient sound levels to be much higher than two other studies that had been done in Cape Vincent. 

That night, Hessler also made the claim that there were few complaints by wind turbine neighbors at existing wind factories. As for the people who had made those complaints, Hessler passed them off by commenting, "Some people are just like that." His less than professional analysis of the complainers drew titters and chortles from his fans dressed in the green shirts.

However, they did not go into detail about the fact that in those existing wind factories the developers controlled the complaint resolution system and their leaseholders and good neighbor agreement signers had penned away their rights to complain.

Recently, the Town of Cape Vincent zoning ordinance committee recommended that the new laws set noise levels at a landowner's property line at a maximum of 35 Decibels. 

On the above Predicted Sound Contour (dBA), map prepared by Hessler Associates, the distance at which turbine noise is 35 dBa is one mile. 

By Hessler's own predictions, that would mean that in the new zoning law, Cape Vincent home and landowners would be afforded a one mile protection, from their property line to any proposed industrial turbine.


  1. Anonymous4/08/2012



    Yesterday I commented that my experience with the industry is that the 35 db is a level off point which extends much farther than the 2000 ft in the most popular chart used by them. This map confirms that. Also, didn't you say Bp is thinking of giving you the "big ones"? The bigger the turbine, the bigger the noise. In the midwest where there is lots of room maybe. Or the desert or heavily back woodier areas. Not in CV.

    If they actually say they are planning the big ones for your town, they may be committing development hair kari knowing full well no sensible town planners would ever allow them.

    Good luck to your town.

  2. Anonymous4/08/2012

    You will never see turbines in Cape Vincent or Lyme.
    Clayton, maybe because their Supervisor is under the sheets with Iberdrola.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2012

    These jokers love to prepare this stuff. Nobody ever looks at it. Remember when TR asked, how do they get here? Big book with big pictures sitting right in front of him and available for months. He still had to ask.

  4. Anonymous4/08/2012

    A minor correction, Rick. If you measure a number of points around the perimeter of the 35 dBA contour, I think the average distance from turbines to the 35 dBA contour is more like 1.2 miles than 1 mile. For those 2 km setback enthusiasts, 1.2 miles and 2 km are one in the same.

  5. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Aren't those turbines on Wolfe Island beautiful and no noise comes from them or even herd in the Cape.

  6. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Anon 10:44 "...and no noise comes from them or even herd in the Cape."

    That is definitely the case if you live along Favret Road or further south, but for those of us within 2 miles of Wolfe Island's nearest turbine we hear them on many mornings and evenings. Are they annoying at 2 miles? No, but the closer you get the louder they become and at 1.2 miles that's loud enough and close enough for Cape Vincent. Thanks for reminding all of us that on Favret Road, 4 to 5 miles away, that you can't hear the Wolfe Island turbines.

  7. Anonymous4/08/2012


    Which makes you a liar and a denier.

    Except for the thrill of harassment why would you want to tell something that is just plain false? It has been this kind of behavior all along from pro-wind that has cost your your project and has made sure that you will never get any wind turbines in Cape Vincent.

    Industrial wind development in CV is dead.

  8. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Do you remember what the Rienbeck administration was suggesting for a setback? They were perfectly willing to stick Acciona and BP's wind projects less than 1/4 mile from homes of people without wind leases.

    However, Dr. Nina Pierpont in studying health effects recommends 1.25 miles, and noise experts, now including Hessler, recommend 1.2 miles to protect people from ill effects from wind turbine noise.

    Thankfully, the current town officials are more interested in protecting people. It is about time. Keep it up.

  9. Anonymous4/08/2012

    Turbines Blow!

  10. Anonymous4/09/2012

    I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

  11. Anonymous4/09/2012

    A guy showed me a yellow map he said he got from the blog.
    It showed a potential for turbines near Rosiere. But it was wrong because it left out setback around all the homes in that area for noise, and throw. Who is spreading wrong information about that. I did not see it on this blog or Pandora's.

  12. Anonymous4/09/2012

    Why are we not banning them all togher? Thats what many of us thought we were doing by putting in the new board. This is nonsense. If every small town bans together NYS will get the message...its about votes.

  13. Anonymous4/09/2012

    9:40 You have been disallusioned my friend. Your new government has never intended to "ban" turbines outright in Cape vincent.