ICYMI: Elections have consequences -- Cape Vincent Edition.

Credit the headline above to the Watertown Daily Times staff writer Brian Amaral who recently wrote, "Today's Story by Jae Lee is a must read for north country politics junkies."

In Brian's short analysis of the Town of Cape Vincent's recent decision to audit all water districts and do a ground survey of the Mason, Aubertine and Bourcy district 2, Brian said:

The Cape Vincent town board believes that something improper might be happening in Water District 2. The people who connect to Water District 2 just happen to be Donny Mason, a former town board member and no friend to the current crop, and former state Sen. (and now Ag commish) Darrel Aubertine.

The town board cites potential health and sanitation issues, while Mr. Mason questions whether he's being targeted by the town board.

After watching Acciona, Voters for Wind, Councilmen Mason, Mason and Orvis pass a resolution a year ago to "impeach" our Town Supervisor (They lost.), I can understand   why Mr. Mason might expect retribution and think he is a target of the Cape Vincent Town Board. And then, after Mr. Mason, along with the help of political leaders Harold Wiley and Gary King targeted the seasonal people who were voting in Cape Vincent by circulating a petition and passing an illegal voter identification law, I can understand why many might think Mr. Mason might have done something bad and deserved to be targeted. Right from the get-go, the new supervisor and new councilmen themselves, became political targets of what one JLL reader constantly reminds us of being "The Oligarchy".

However, the operation of the Cape Vincent water districts is much more than political folly. Serving the town with safe and sanitary water is one of the bigger tasks of our town government. At some time all municipalities must face these issues that require updates and reviews and, with politics aside, this is the time to do it when we have fresh minds and new energy on the present Cape Vincent Town Board.

But, Brian Amaral is right. Elections do have consequences. That is exactly why we have elections.