Donald Mason explained, In Town of Cape Vincent water district #2, money comes in, money goes out and at the end of the month there is zero balance.

At last Thursday's special Town of Cape Vincent Board meeting, the Town Board approved resolutions that authorized financial audits of all Town of Cape Vincent water districts and commissioned a ground survey of water district #2 in an effort to determine how many users are being served by the district and for the documentation of the workings of the infrastructure.

The following is a transcript of a discussion that took place between Cape Vincent Town councilmen and citizens who are being served by water district #2.

Frank Giaquinto:  Excuse me. What exactly are they looking for?

Councilman Clif Schneider:  I think they are looking for making sure that everything was handled properly in terms of public financing and public monies. That policies are in place that were followed. Policies that not only the town has but also that normal municipalities follow. As Brookes was saying, we are dealing with a million dollars here in public funds and public trust. And, when we went through some of the training with the Attorney General's office, that and everything else was saying that's probably the biggest thing we have to do as elected officials, is to make sure as elected officials that the money we collect from you folks is handled properly. And that's a pretty big responsibility and to do that ourselves it's rather difficult and you have to, at times, call in professional people that really know how all this thing is handled. To make all of us feel confident that we are handling the public's money well.

Frank Guiquinto:  There was no public money used. 

Councilman Clif Schneider:  Of course there's public money used.

Frank Guiquinto:  No, there was no pubic money used.

Councilman Clif Schneider:  There's public money used through grants. 

Frank Guiquinto:  Not for district two.

Councilman John Byrne:  The other thing they are looking for with the water service agreement is they provide an allocation for water from the DANC line. We have to make sure we are using no more than that allocation because if we do use more than that, then other people who are going to be shorted. We have an agreement that goes through the Department of Environmental Conservation to make sure we are not using more water than what we are supposed to be using. So, even if water district two, the only people that are affected in that are the users, we still have a responsibility to make sure they are not using more than their allotted water supply, according to DANC.

Frank Giaquinto:  We know that. Yes, we know that.

Donald Mason:  We know the numbers. We got them figures every month. 

Frank Giaquinto:  You have that number.

Water District #2 user, Donald Mason, tells
Urban Hirschey that every month money comes in and
money goes out and at the end of every month,
there is zero balance.
Janet Radley:  So, when are you head huntin'?

Councilman John Bryne:  Our agreement  is that we will do this audit. We felt responsible to go through and do the audit.

Donald Mason:  We got no problem with doing the audit. We just wonder what you are looking for. What you're gong to have them look for. 

Supervisor Urban Hirschey: They are going to be analyzing numbers.

Donald Mason:  As you know, Urban, water district two, money comes in, money goes out. There's a zero balance at the end of every month.