Wind turbine sickness continues to become a concern.

This email just came in from a JLL reader:

Hey Bloggers,

Graphic credit to:
Nina Pierpont, M.D., PHD
This is new, both the date and the idea that public agencies are starting to speak out.  Not only are they saying the turbine siting in Brown County Wisconsin was "irresponsible," but they are also saying the State of Wisconsin should provide sick people with EMERGENCY RELOCATION FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to move away from the turbines.  

They want the state to pay them travel money so they can get out of town.  Holy Crap!  This coming from County Boards of Health from areas where they are living with turbines; not talking about living with turbines like Cape Vincent and Jefferson County.

Perhaps we should ask BP to put a little more money in their escrow accounts in Cape Vincent to be used for Relocation Assistance.....JLL Reader 


  1. Anonymous4/27/2012

    That makes a lot of sense- allow an industrial development that is so detrimental to the public health that it drives people from their homes,then just ask the developer to pay for their relocation.

    What a mightmare!!

  2. Anonymous4/27/2012

    I like the idea of someone in public service admitting a mistake and trying to compensate damaged people for their mistakes. Better than a health department ignoring science to further a governor's renewable agenda.

  3. Anonymous4/27/2012

    And the former leaders in this town were going to let them saturate the entire town with these damm things, and close to many. many homes. How friggin dumb does it get?

  4. Anonymous4/27/2012

    I can see the welcome signs now...

    Brown County, Wisconsin, The NEW Love Canal.

  5. Amazing... How much of this stuff needs to go on before legitimate health concerns are recognized by the mainstream?

    Like that family that has the blog "living with dekalb turbines"... who could be so insensitive as to think they are just being "trouble makers"?

    Cape Vincent, to not have turbines spinning by now (and hopefully at this point, not ever) is very, very lucky.

  6. What a pity that the Brown County board of health has given in to the health hysteria surrounding wind turbines.

    17 major reviews world-wide find no medical impacts of wind energy. They agree that a small number of people very close to wind turbines find the noise annoying, and recommend reasonable setbacks as a result. This isn't a health emergency, this is a minor environmental noise concern and a major anti-wind PR campaign causing anxiety and stress.

  7. Anonymous6/11/2012

    With all the underhandedness used by the Big Wind Corporations, and all the new evidence and real world problems that have come to light (despite the developers best efforts by having people sign gag orders), it is strange you would lead off saying that there are 17 studies which show no medical impacts... And then in your very next sentence concede that people who are too close are affected.

    How close is too close? What constitutes a "reasonable setback"?