Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember Folks before you swallow the hook, it is only an advertisement.

Today, I received this advertisement in my email:

This morning, this advertisement was in the Watertown Daily Times:

Remember folks, it's advertising not economics or science!


  1. With Bp size does matter!

  2. Don't need either.4/29/12, 8:32 AM

    So the town of Cape Vincent will only get 255,00 or about fifty bucks per taxpayer.

    That is just plain bullshit. There are many who will loose fifty or more thousand just in the value of their wind turbine view homes.

    What do we look like here, Chandler? Complete fools?

    Like another comment made here recently, Chandler and Bp can go piss up a rope.

  3. Yikes! Get real people. Time to wake up. Ya think? Talk to one with experience. I have a neighbor with a PHD in sexual physics. We call him shorty. He has three of those in his nightstand and one in his kitchen appliance garage. He even invested in the industrial size run by solar. Didn't work at night. Only during lunch hour. The one run by wind power was a complete fraud. The wind never blows when you need it. Take it from one who has learned from experience. They don't work. Ban them!

  4. The view shed in Cape Vincent is worth millions not 255, 000 per year when the economic report says we could lose mega millions in worth because of the proximity to turbines.

    I think the enlarger is the better deal of the two.

  5. I could have written better, more truthful copy.

    "BP Helping Cape Vincent Paint the Lighthouse and Fencing-in the Dead Guys at the Market Street Cemetery."

  6. Close the BP office!They already Ruined the Gulf of Mexico,How quickly people forget! Now they want to Ruin the Cape! Forget it BP!

  7. Hey Rick, forward the first one along- I will do a study, N=1 and not reveal the results...

  8. The Bp ad says that their claims are based on 200Mw.

    Yet, over one year based on Wolfe Island, they will be operating at 25% efficiency at best.

    BP and the Cape Vincent Community Really ???
    The only thing the community is working for is to boot your BP ass to hell out of here!

  10. Hey Chandler...

    Using our schools to get your way with our community is a bullshit argument. They call it "public education" not "corporate education".