Town of Cape Vincent Planning Board approves sites for two new businesses.

Last night's Town of Cape Vincent Planning Board meeting was attended by 25 people and the planners conducted two public hearings leading to the approval of the site plans for two new small businesses to be started in the town.

Approval was given for Edward Albro of Snug Harbor Marina to expand his boat repair business to include automotive repair. A motion was made to approve his application with some conditions.

Although Mr. Albro said his intent was to be open for auto repair from 9 AM to 5 AM on Mon. thru Friday, the board recommended that the hours such a business could be open be limited to 7 AM to 7 PM, Mon. thru Friday.The business would be limited to a maximum of 15 vehicles with no more than 5 vehicles parked overnight and over a weekend as long as they are out of sight of the neighboring homes.

Albro has his DVM license and prior to the zoning officer granting his permit he is required to show that the building meets all other codes and he has any other permits required by other agencies for an auto repair operation.

There were no public hearing objections to Albro's site plan request and the Town Planning Board members voted for approval.

During a second public hearing, the Board reviewed the site plan for a catering and event business to be conducted by Michelle and Gerry Bouchard on Bates Rd.  Ms. Bouchard has been granted a license from Ag. and Markets, has already built a large out-building and has improved the property. It was noted that the building was only 3 years old and at the time of construction was properly permitted.

A condition of approval requires that all parked cars are at least four feet from the road and parking comply with any local parking rules set by town and other agencies.

There were no public hearing objections to Bouchard's site plan request and the Town Planning Board members voted for approval.

In other business, Committee member and Town Zoning Ordinance Chair Robert Brown said that to avoid any further confusion regarding the procedures citizens must follow for site plan review, those procedures will be clearly described within the new zoning ordinance now in draft form and still under development.

Michael Docteur and Jerry Radley appeared at the meeting. Michael explained their intent to do a subdivision of a commercial property that is now being and will continue to be used for boat storage. As a result of the sub-division, the property would become a "lot of record". However, because of the location of a building on the property, a variance would be required. Planning Board Chairman, Richard Macsherry assured Docteur that the Planning Board would do the research required to assist them both with bringing the sub-division into compliance. A public hearing on their application will be held at a later date.

The Planning Board discussed setting new fees for their services. All members agreed that their intent was not to make money off their services. However, for any application and other services there are often expenses that the public is not aware of. For example, even the simplest of applications might require an expensive consultation with a town lawyer.

The planning board agreed to research its own history of expenses as well as what other towns charge. Any fees set by the Planning Board must be approved by the full Board of the Town of Cape Vincent.

Last night's meeting was recorded by Steve Weed Productions and will be available later today.


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