Town of Cape Vincent ZBA approves Woods Farm variance for a barn addition.

At last night's Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, Joe Martin sat in as chairman in the absence of R. Dennis Faulknham.  Mike Saliby was designated as a voting member-alternate for the meeting.

Nick Petosa was granted a variance to the property line setback for the purpose of placing a 10' x 12' storage shed on his property.

During discussions, Al Wood, former zoning officer, asked if alternate Dave Docteur was allowed to participate in discussions. Acting Chairman Martin explained that all alternates attending the meeting were allowed to discuss ZBA issues. But, only those designated in the event of an absence were allowed to vote. ZBA member Hester Chase suggested that the board review their by-laws to be sure they fully define the roles of the newly appointed alternate members.

The Cape ZBA approved construction
of a new addition for the pampered
Woods Farm cows.
Al Wood and Lyle Wood asked the Zoning Board of Appeals for a property line setback variance from the road of 5' and 6' feet that would allow the construction of a 108' x 120' addition to a barn. The setback they requested was measured from the edge of the road. Dave Docteur questioned the setback and opined that his understanding was that setbacks were to be measured from the center of the road. And, if that was the case the variance requested by Woods should be adjusted to read 26' and 27'.  Al Wood, former zoning officer also requesting the setback variance, argued that, all along, it was his understanding as ZO that those measurements were to made from the white line on the edge of the road. After some discussion, Chairman Martin cited the law and then opined that the setback should be measured from the road's center line. The Woods then amended their variance request and it was approved.

Richard MacSherry, Chairman of the Cape Vincent Town Planning Board read the ZBA a letter that affected the meeting's public hearings for site use addition requests by Ed Albro and Michele Bouchard. Albro has been asking for a change that would allow him to add auto maintenance to his boat repair business and Bouchard was asking for a change that would allow her to operate a catering-special event business from her home and an unattached building.

In the Macsherry letter, it was explained that the planning board erred in sending Albro and Bouchard to the ZBA for an opinion. They were originally sent to the Planning Board by former zoning officer Al Wood. However, Macsherry explained that the Planning Board was not aware of Wood's action and whether he had made a decision on the use issue. Consequently, their decision to send Albro and Bouchard was absent of any information from the zoning officer and was done in error. The new zoning officer, Ed Bender was in attendance and he said he had no knowledge of the situation and was passing it back to the ZBA. Planning Board chairman Macsherry extended his apologies to Albro and Bouchard and assured them that he will consult with Town Attorney, Mark Gebo, in an effort to expediently resolve both matters at the Planning Board level.

A William Rivers application asking for action from the ZBA was tabled because it was incomplete.

A Millen's Bay area resident asked for approval of an application that would allow him to replace the roof of a boathouse with a deck. A public hearing for that request has been scheduled for the May 7 meeting.


  1. Anonymous4/03/2012

    All that time Alan didn't know where to measure from...the white line on the edge of the road or the center line. Thank goodness Dave did his homework. He is an alternate and knows more about this subject than the former ZO! Another embarrassment for Alan.

  2. Anonymous4/03/2012

    What else didn't Al (Civic Charlie) Wood know about the zoning law he was in charge of enforcing. GOOD GRIEF!!

  3. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Much of what is going on in the town now is political maneuvering. But until the Dems go to a primary system we will not get good government choice from them. Al Wood is running for Hirschey's job. You gat a sample of the way their embarrassing behavior at last night at the meeting. Wiley was kind by not reporting all that went on with the Woods. The Republican meeting was going on in the next room.

  4. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Rick, I believe what Mr. Docteur and Mr. Bender were saying is that you measure setbacks from the edge of the road's right-of-way or the property line, which are one in the same. With a county road, such as Co Rt. 9, it is probably around 100 ft for the right-of-way or approximately 50 ft from the center to the side of the road for each side. Alan Wood was saying he measures from the side of the road, which even he admitted was wrong after the general discussion. It is not the side of the road, but the road's right-of-way, which amounted to another 20 ft in Wood Farms request.

    Remarkable that the ex-ZEO had to be reminded how to measure for a setback. This was a fine example of why the Town was correct in putting Wood out to pasture.

  5. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Also, it seems that if Wood had communicated properly with the Macsherry PB, then the whole situation with the two site plan reviews would not have turned into a land use problem. Mr. Wood, alias "Civic", the off color radio call-in nut is not town supervisor material. The Cape Dems have to get their act together if they want to assist in the leadership of this town.
    Support a Democratic Primary in Cape Vincent

  6. Anonymous4/03/2012

    if Wood had communicated properly with the Macsherry PB, then the whole situation with the two site plan reviews would not have turned into a land use problem. Mr. Wood, alias "Civic", the off color radio call-in nut is not town supervisor material. The Cape Dems have to get their act together if they want to assist in the leadership of this town.
    Support a Democratic Primary in Cape Vincent

  7. Thank you 7:19 for a clarification of what was a very confusing discussion. Anger and accusations entered into the discussion, from the floor, last night when it appeared that all Docteur and the ZBA wanted to do was make sure the Woods' application was written properly before their approval. There were no objections from anyone regarding their request except being sure it was written properly.

  8. Anonymous4/03/2012

    I cannot figure out how Cape Vincent was able to servived for hundereds of years without our new boards.They are our saviors,thank the lord they are here.I think we should take all pro-wind people and burn them at the cross or stone them to death, all pro-wind people should be done away with.Rick can write the new laws on his blog.I am sure Hirshey can part the river,but he doesn't need to do that because by listening to all of you they already walk on water. Why don't you kick all these pros out of your town.I know why you don't,it's because you won't have anyone to blame for all your screw ups and there has been alot of them and you manage to find someone other than who is
    really responsible to blame it on.

  9. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Your Zoning Law defines a road as a public way. The public way covers the space from Right-of-Way line to Right-of-Way line. The setback for commercial stuctures in the AR district is 40 feet from the nearest point of the proposed structure to the Right-of-Way line. Problem solved.

  10. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Anon. 8:09

    Donnie Mason, Marty Mason and the voters for wind already tried to kick the season people out of town and take away our voting rights on PILOTs and at the polls.

    That was after they tried to shut anybody up who disagreed at public meetings. Even holding secret meetings and lying about it did not work.

    Even with the help of Acciona and lawyer Mathes you could not overcome the open government of new board. Acciona is gone. Mathes is gone. Mason and Mason and the corrupt government is gone. Edsall is gone.

    I don't think Hirschey or anyone can drive the pro-wind out of town. But, they did stop them from corrupting our government nor is that their intent. You see, democracy is a very strong force and those who understand and apply it end up on top.

    Those who don't understand it will always make mistakes.

    God bless American Democracy and praise the Lord (capital "L")

  11. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Has anyone figured out that this whole issue is probably a set-up to make the ZBA and the ZEO look bad. If it is, it back-fired into Alan's face. Alan should forget about wasting money on political signs next election. We have much longer memories than that.

  12. Anonymous4/03/2012

    If Ole Al was still ZEO he would have written himself the permit and it would not have made it to the ZBA (something like small wind turbines).

  13. Anonymous4/03/2012

    In a few months see if you still support these new boards.More screw ups in the first 3 months of 2012.But the screw ups were explained away,because they are blamed on former board members.Not because the new board members have not a clue of what they are doing.It's like watching a circus at all the meeting.Nobody knows whats going on.Someones always correcting each other or trying to prove they know more than anyone eles.It's trial and error with them and it doesn't matter how much money it is costing the
    tax payers with their errors.But thats ok because they are anti's.

  14. Anonymous4/03/2012

    What about the single wide trailers behind Wood Farm Barn

  15. Anonymous4/03/2012

    You wish... 10:42.

    A new government who has questions and answers is still far better than the corrupt Masons who along with Harold Wiley and Gary King had no understanding of conflicts of interest or rules for voting. They were an embarrassment to the town. Ol Al and Ol Lyle behaved the same as usual. It was Ol Lyle that once told us that he hoped our houses don't burn down. Good riddance to Mason and Mason and Edsall.

  16. Anonymous4/03/2012

    The ones with the illegals in them?

  17. Anonymous4/03/2012

    if Wood had communicated properly with the Macsherry PB, then the whole situation with the two site plan reviews would not have turned into a land use problem. Mr. Wood, alias "Civic", the off color radio call-in nut is not town supervisor material. The Cape Dems have to get their act together if they want to assist in the leadership of this town.
    Support a Democratic Primary in Cape Vincent

  18. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Hey 4/3/12 10:42 AM

    Get used to it. The good ole boys will never be in office again.

  19. Anonymous4/03/2012

    So, did the variance get granted based on a setback from the Roght-of-Way or from some other spot? If it was not from the ROW line then the decision must be appealed.

  20. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Jeezus Al, do us all (and yourself )a favor and stay out of the public eye. It's goddam embarrassing!!

  21. Anonymous4/03/2012

    "Al Wood is running for Hirschey's job" Good God!!

    If the threat of industrial turbines in town didn't make people think about moving, How about the threat of Al Wood representing the Cape as supervisor? YIKES!!!

  22. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Will the day ever come when the Cape is at peace with itself?

    This so tiresome.

  23. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Hey ask Dave Doctour about that trailer he bought from that guy who owns another trailer court and then puts it on his property and rents it to a lady. Al wood knows the guy he purchased it from and when this whole mess took place. Is that legal to do? If it isn't I'm going to get that guys name and confront Dave at one of his meetings.

  24. Anonymous4/04/2012

    totally agree with 6:33, no wonder people don't want to live here

  25. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Did the person who made the point about Dumpster Daves Tin Can park make to much sense? Is that why you removed his post?

  26. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Its funny that your posters can dump all over al wood, harold wiley, the masons and the like. But say something mean and true about Dave (Tin Can) Docteur and you delete the post. U are a funny guy Wiley.

  27. Anonymous4/04/2012

    you all need to grow up.

  28. Anonymous4/04/2012


    What RWiley did not put in his report on the meeting is that Al Wood was there to pick a fight. He is a loose cannon. When Lyle Wood walked in the door, Al Wood shouted, "We've got trouble already, Lyle", when that was not the case at all. The discussion on the changing of the Wood application was going their way and the ZBA was being helpful and conducting a constructive discussion.

    Then, the Wood's anger and verbal abuse toward Docteur escalated. The two Woods verbally went after Mr. Docteur about coming on their property to check measurements related to their request for the variance. There was absolutely no indication that the ZBA had any intention at that meeting of doing anything other than ensure that the application for the variance was written properly before approval.

    From observing that meeting from the back and listening to my recording later it appeared that your former zoning officer had struggled with his job. He did not provide information to the PB when he should have on another matter.

    Just because a public body conducts a discussion and does not make a quick decision does not necessarily indicate that they don't know what they are doing. Reaching a consensus and a decision at the ZBA level is normal activity and is the very reason why several people sit on such committees.

    As for "al wood, harold wiley and the masons and the like", they were promoters of conflicts of interest and a corrupt Town of Cape Vincent government. They should not be involved in choosing who is the right fit to run the town. Their leaders have repeatedly said in public that "They are doing a good job even if they do have conflicts". Hardly and understanding of democracy.

    Remember, Al Wood hosted an illegal, secret meeting of the Town Planning Board in his office. He had a financial conflict of interest with wind developers at the same time he was involved with enforcing zoning. Don Mason and Mickey Orvis attended that meeting, talked town business and then lied to the public about it.

    Last fall, the Democrat party in Cape Vincent partook in the ensuring of wind lease corrupt public officials with their stepping aside by "accidentally forgetting to get on the ballot". They then endorsed ALL WIND LEASE CORRUPT CANDIDATES that were running on Gary King's conservative line.

    They took our Democratic party away from us and we now demand that our party be reorganized under the primary election system.

    Until then, no Democrat in Cape Vincent can be trusted in public service.

    As good American citizens, it is not only the right to, but it is the duty to dump on anyone who corrupts our government and endangers democracy.

    Mr. Docteur is not being paid by the wind developers and has signed no loyalty oath do do all he can to promote and development and assist in obtaining permits and financial support.

  29. Anonymous4/04/2012


  30. Anonymous4/04/2012


    During the period of secret wind development, the Town of Cape Vincent was under the influence of corruption. They have been thrown out and the government. They lost. The growing up process will take some time. But it should not be ignored by anyone in the town. We all should take a refresher in democracy before we slip back into the corruption again.

  31. Save the Cape Dems4/04/2012

    The waterline to nowhere goes out to Wood land that was planned for an Acciona concrete mix plant. Joe Wood, Don Mason, Mickey Orvis and Marty Mason were the board members at the time. All had family ties to wind leases. Mickey and Darrell Aubertine married cousins. Harold is their Uncle. This is the kind of corruption Assy member K. Cahill recently mentioned at JCC.

    It won't go away. But at least can't we have an honest Democratic Party so we can have choices exclusive of corrupt candidates?

  32. JefCoCitizen4/04/2012

    My friends in the Cape.
    Several years ago, an Orleans farmer and partner in a farm implement business was attending various county wind economic meetings including the JCIDA and reporting his experience knowledge and concerns about wind being a threat to agriculture and home values in the JefCo farming community. He presented other healthy alternatives to good ag economics.
    He told me first hand what happened during the time he was doing his presentations.
    Owners of the Wood Farms and other farmers from Cape Vincent visited his place of business and threatened a boycott of the business if he did not lay off his anti-wind presentations.
    All of Jefferson County knows of this story.

  33. Anonymous4/04/2012

    And it was because of that corruption that you lost home rule and got article ten.

  34. Important Political Message4/04/2012

    All politics are local.

    Register to vote in Cape Vincent

    Join the Local Republican Party and make your local choice in the 2013 Town of Cape Vincent Republican Primary. You must do so before this Nov. election to be able to vote in the 2013 local primary.

    Cape Democrats are dead an corrupt.

    The Cape Citizens for Fair Government is nothing more than a phony movement to promote government wind corruption by hijacking the Conservative Party.

  35. 7:37

    The Cape Dems are dead!

  36. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Here is the 2011 Cape Vincent Democratic record.
    Lied about voter fraud and used that lie to get people to sign a petition.
    Started a class war against seasonals calling them immoral and corrupt.
    Used their petition to have Mason, Mason and Orvis pass an illegal and unconstitutional voter ID resolution.
    Denied their own party good choices by forgetting to file for placement on the Nov. Ballot.
    Threw their own candidates under the bus and forced them into a risky write-in campaign.
    Threw their support to a Gary King Citizens for Fair Government party line that insulted good conservatives by running only candidates that had wind leases and conflicts of interest with developers. The Conservative Party was tricked into giving the endorsements and has said it won't happen again.
    This political blunder also cost a very good friend and good judge a job.
    Yes, 7:48 the Democratic Party is dead. Only a primary will revive it and give Cape Vincent better local choice.
    And 6:55, that is the kind of growing up that CV must face.

  37. Anonymous4/04/2012

    I think you all are being conned here. 6:13 has to be an anti-wind posing as pro-wind. N0 pro wind could be so stupid to continue to defend people who had conflicts of interest with wind yet served in the Government. Just the same, not re-appointing Al Wood was the correct choice.

  38. JefCoCitizen at 7:38

    After a meeting at the JCIDA, I was told that same story by the Orleans farmer. The behavior by the Cape Vincent farmers drew a lot of attention to politics of industrial wind from others around our area.

    I heard his presentations at the JCIDA, the Orleans Wind Economic Committee and at the Cape Vincent Wind Economic Committee.

    At the time the Orleans farmer made his presentation at the Cape Economics committee Joe Wood was serving on the committee. Right after that, Mr. Wood quit the committee and did not see the committee's work come to fruition.

    The final results of the economic committee's second phase of work has yet to be presented to the community at a town meeting.

  39. Anonymous4/04/2012

    On the note about Dave Docteur, back off. He was right about the measurments.Does that hurt? Things have been so "go ahead and do whatever you like' for so long, now people get angry when they're done correctly and after research being done. As far as his park, I can only wish I had a wonderful piece and many acres of riverfront property with seasonal people and nice cottages on the water. He keeps it nice and it helps our community...you fools!

  40. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Don't be surprised to find out that the Wood Farm expansion is receiving grant support as a result of the hard efforts of Cape Community Volunteers. Many of these volunteers are the ones you have called immoral and unethical for voting in the Cape. The are the new people who chose the Cape as their new home. They are the old residents that have come back to their roots.

    They are the very people that the pro-wind and their political bosses have taught you to detest. People like Paul Mason who is very vocal about his hatred toward us. Yet, his farm is asking for help , too.

    None the less, my wife an I during our summers in the Cape freely volunteer our time so the businesses get a little help and more visitors during the summer when their hours are long.

    I hope they don't continue to drive us out and wear us down.

  41. Anonymous4/04/2012

    "All politics are local"
    Very good point.
    Registering in the Cape if you live here 30 days protects your investment.
    The leadership of the Cape Democrats want wind which will destroy your investiment.
    Registering in the Cape Republican Party will get you a voice in the Primary and a choice.
    If you want to run for office, the Republican Primary is not exclusive to the whims of party bosses who endorse corruption with industrial wind developers.
    Yet, when you go to the polls, you still have your individual right to secret ballot and your own choice.
    Remember, it was voters for wind, G. King, H. Wiley, D. Mason, M. Mason and M. Orvis who tired to take away the right to vote of those they did not agree with.

  42. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Guess what? The board is not the only ones mad at these guys for some of the water stuff they had done. Lots of unusual things going on. Connecting up to other's and stuff like that. Every house should be checked so it is fair to everyone.

  43. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Hey people...

    A general rule. What you do with properly paid for water on your parcel and others under your ownership is your business except you have to deliver it properly within codes. If you put it on the market or send it across parcel lines to other owners, you have problems.

    Good luck to CV making this all on the up and up.

  44. Anonymous4/04/2012

    I would think the IRS would like to know if the those selling water are paying taxes.

    I am going to inform the IRS about this as a whistle blower.

    Any money recieved from my whistle blowing efforts will be donated to the town of cape vincent.

    Think I am kidding, check out this website.


  45. To clarify a comment I made above.

    The actual final economic committee document has been delivered to the town board.

    There has not been a formal presentation to the public by the committee of the final results of their study.

    Their first report however was reported to the community at a town meeting by the committee members.

  46. Anonymous4/04/2012

    I wouldn't recommend donating a dime of public money to the Wood or Mason farm. This entitlement mentality has to end.

  47. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Tell Mary Kay Barton that grants to Woods are no more efficient than for personal turbines.

    Since you all worship at her feet....

  48. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Thank you, Thank you town board. #2 has been a ripoff for years. A joke played on the rest of us who pay our fair share.

  49. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Hey 4:33, If people don't want to live here, that'll free up parking space at the village post office for a change.

  50. Anonymous4/06/2012

    1123 says it all- it's about enough parking at the friggin post office. Is that where the wind checks get delivered? Talk about priorities.....

  51. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Thank God for our PO.

    If not for that, many of the pro wind would not even come to town. Historically, the ones to the east have Clayton addresses and have never done squat in the village.
    They are the true outsiders in this community.
    My family has been in business in this town forever. I remember how much support you got from them. They spend there wind welfare in Clayton and W'town to.

  52. Anonymous4/06/2012

    I see Al Woods bring a van load of "legal" farm workers to Aldi's in Watertown EVERY WEEK.

  53. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Hey everyone aren't those turbines on Wolfe Island beautiful?

  54. Anonymous4/06/2012

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. Anonymous4/07/2012

    Hey 5:59 A.M. Does all this just piss you off. Dave Doctours cottages suck, The cape Sucks, The river sucks, anti wind people suck. I could care less about this blog. I sold my house in the Cape, got top dollar for it. I hope that you'll be able to do the same, but if not it sucks to be you. I'm moving to Dexter, NY. Good bye ass wholes. I could care less about spelling errors, so correct me, its the only positive thing you can do right. I'm a republican and I'm ashamed of it, rather be a democrat. I'll be gone in a week or two. Have fun with this blog.

  56. Anonymous4/07/2012

    I see that my comment was removed, but I still say ditto to the person who removed it. I sold my house, got top dollar. To those who can't sell theirs it sucks to be you. Two weeks I'll be living in Dexter,NY. Good bye fools.

  57. Anonymous4/07/2012

    So long and God bless you. May you come to peace with yourself and your inner soul as we celebration the resurrection of our Lord.

  58. Anonymous4/07/2012

    Please be very careful where you buy in Dexter. The area is being targeted by wind and the secret agreements are being signed. Note the met tower in sight of 12E. If its for sale in Dexter it is because owners have gotten wind and are bailing out.

  59. Anonymous4/07/2012

    That's funny. The Cape will probably never see Wind Turbines, but Dexter looks like they will be getting some.

    Who's the fool now!

  60. Anonymous4/07/2012

    Well 1:45 P.M. I hope that there isn't anybody that is as nasty as the folks from the Cape. I also hope that the Cape anti wind and wind people keep their noises and business out of Dexter and not cause any problems there. It's a nice small town without any problems. The only problem that I know is its school system. It has a superintendent that isn't well liked there. I lived in the Cape thirty-four years and it changed so much. It'll never be the same place I knew when I first moved there. I'll be living in the village near the elementary school, so no turbines there. Be aware they will be closing the bridge in the near future for a year or so to make repairs on the entire structure. The change will be a welcome addition. Good bye.

  61. Webster's Dictionary:

    Oligarchy 1: government by the few 2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.

    The Cape Vincent oligarchic elements have been (mostly) pushed out of local government. But the lingering evidence of the misconduct of the CV oligarchists will be with us for some time to come.

  62. Anonymous4/08/2012

    All oligarchies have their own army of thugs who for years thought they could bully you away from objecting to their methods.

  63. Anonymous4/09/2012

    Al Wood is running for supervisor.

    He is corrupted by industrial wind. He lies and says he has no lease. Yet, he shows up as a principle of the Wood farm asking for a variance.

    The man is not to be trusted to be in any position of trust.