Town of Cape Vincent zoning ordinance committee is on task.

According to Robert Brown, chairman of the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Committee, their work is proceeding well and they have thus far put together the first 53 pages of their draft document of the new ordinance. They are now discussing proposed regulations for tall structures. That section will include regulations and set backs for industrial wind towers.

In a discussion with Mr. Brown, I was reminded that the draft zoning ordinance document will go to the public twice for review. The first will be a comment session after which the committee will re-convene to discuss the public comments. The second time the draft will go to the public will be at the legally scheduled and conducted public hearing.

The Town Zoning Ordinance Committee will meet today (Tues. April 10) at 1:30 PM at the Town Recreation Park and Thursday, April 12 at 1:30 PM, same location.

Visitors are allowed to submit written comments and those comments are available for public review. However, visitors are not allowed to comment during the committee work session and there is no privilege of the floor time period.