Will British Petroleum drop its proposal to crap up Cape Vincent, NY with wind turbines and switch to solar?

According to a report filed by Watertown Daily Times Staff writer,  Jaegun Lee, Peter Gross,  project manager of British Petroleum's proposed Cape Vincent industrial wind factory, has hit the bricks and is being replaced by Richard F. Chandler.

Mr. Chandler is quoted as saying that British Petroleum "is willing to compromise" with critics who seek to kill the project and they now intend to "tweak" the project.

In my opinion, dropping industrial wind completely and replacing it with a Cape Vincent solar project would be one very happy compromise. 
Along with solar into the community comes all the green that is not energy.

According the the Jaegun Lee report:

Mr. Chandler, the wind farm’s new project manager, has been involved in a number of large-scale, commercial solar-photovoltaic projects and has most recently completed the 31-megawatt Long Island Solar Farm as the director of development at BP Solar.

During a recent seminar at Jefferson Community College, Assembly members Kevin Cahill of Kingston, NY and Addie Russell who represents Cape Vincent, NY summarized what was a very discouraging evening for the development of industrial wind in our area by emphasizing that, "both are big proponents of solar energy".