Yesterday, I was on the road  and out of touch with the internet. So, I missed the news on the morning U.S. House of Representative discussions regarding tax benefits for renewable energy.

Fortunately, JLL readers kept me informed and sent me many references to what occurred.

Here is a comment that was emailed to JLL regarding the April 26 PTC congressional discussions and how North American Wind Power propagandized it all away in their April 26 afternoon report.

A (rather pathetic and desperate sounding) piece appeared on the web site of the journal, North American Wind Power, this afternoon following the hearings this morning in the House of Representatives on tax benefits for renewable energy.

After reading it, I am further convinced that the only reason these hearings were scheduled was to accommodate a handful of Republican Congressmen from districts in states (Iowa, Kansas, Washington, and a couple of others) where there actually are some jobs at stake if federal wind funding/tax breaks dry up.  These few House Republicans (and a couple more from traditionally blue states, like Rep. Tom Reed (southern tier of NY) want to have their words of support for renewables (wind, really) entered into the Congressional Record so they can use that to defend themselves in the upcoming elections if their hold on their office is tenuous to begin with, or if they are vulnerable to criticism for not acting to save local jobs, or if they are worried about being vulnerable to having any opposition to renewable energy tax subsidies used by Democrat opponents as being equivalent to being “hostile to the environment and in bed with Big Oil” – or heaven forbid – “supportive of fracking.”

House leaders have no problem with a few fellow Republicans doing what they need to do and saying what they need to say to save their own skin.  The overriding goal is to stay in the majority and hold on to control of the House.  If they swim against the majority current on this or that – that’s OK – if it even slightly improves their chances for getting re-elected.

-  Happens in every elected legislative body in the world. (But I don’t think Bill Owens on the other side has been granted the same latitude – or he has miscalculated himself.)

Puppies need your love and can only survive
with your financial support and care.

Wind developers are not puppies.
The House hearings this morning were a big nothing. Seven members were present from the House Ways and Means Committee - one of the largest committees in the House (37 members).

What is most remarkable, however, is how North American Windpower  tries so hard  to put a positive spin on the events of today,  that they know is but another dismal day for them.  Almost every day the wind lobby claims that there is “overwhelming bipartisan support for the PTC” (and that is repeated in the piece) when there is in fact nothing of the sort.  I think they have said that so many times that have come to really believe that their own non-factual spin is true!   

But --------- it’s what they do!   They continue to assert that the perfectly obvious reason that wind power tax breaks must be extended – is – simply because they must!  We will dissolve without them!

Fortunately the “obvious” need they cite is becoming much less obvious outside their own circle.

A JLL reader.

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