Cape Vincent Voter for Wind blows JLL in to the PSC.

In the matter of the Rules and Regulations of the board on Electric Generation Siting and the environment, contained in 16 NYCRR,Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities.
    I live along the shore of Lake Ontario in the town of Cape Vincent where the wind blows most of the time and Cape Vincent has struggled with potential wind development for 8 years.  A very vocal and rich group of anti-wind people have taken over our town by unethical means and are only interested in their own personal agenda which is-no wind project in Cape Vincent by putting in very restrictive rules on siting towers-3miles from any homes/lake/river and trying to change zoning areas such as agricultureland into recreational and residential.
    When the seasonal people leave in the Fall it is very difficult for a local business owner to stay open for the Winter and we need this shot in the arm that a wind project would bring to our community.  They would employ local people as well as bring tax relief that would benefit everyone and keep our local elementary school open. Because of cuts from the State our school has been threatened to be closed for the last 3 years.  We need your support of Article 10!
    I understand that the pro wind people that have written comments to your board are now being criticized by our local anti-wind blog-
Jefferson Leaning Left!
    We need article 10 and we need clean green energy.  Don't let our wind go to waste!

Margaret Joliff