Cape Voter for Wind objects to "wealthy summer homeowners".

A letter to the Watertown Daily Times was submitted by Voter for Wind Marlene Burton of Cape Vincent criticizing the Town of Cape Vincent zoning ordinance committee.

Jll has attended portions of nearly all of the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Ordinance committee meetings. Unfortunately, Mrs. Burton, who is a frequent attender of many Town of Cape Vincent meetings including those during the day, to my knowledge has only attended one meeting, early in the process and for only about a half hour.

To claim, as she does in the following letter, that the new zoning draft has restrictions on industrial wind that are "overly burdensome with large setbacks and stringent restrictions made largely by emotions, not facts" is wrong. In fact, I have found the committee meetings to be full of complicated scientific data, dry statistics and void of emotion. Actually, damn boring. Only my engineering degree allowed me to even tolerate some of that scientific jargon that has been floating around at those meetings.

The Cape Vincent Town Zoning Ordinance Committee has been especially careful to consult with engineers, scientists and legal counsel to be sure that each of their draft zoning laws that have directed toward health and safety protections from tall structures could be backed up in court by experts. In fact, the experts have been asked and have replied documenting that they would support the draft in a court of law.

Mrs Burton's letter as it appears in the Watertown Daily Times:

Marlene Burton, who objects to
the political voice of the
taxpaying summer people,
spoke at a recent Cape town meeting.
Over the years Cape Vincent has been taken over by the wealthy summer homeowners, who have changed the financial base for our school aid. Summer residents were convinced to change their electoral vote to Cape Vincent by anti-wind people. Today our town board, Planning Board and Zoning Board are all run by non-native citizens of Cape Vincent who are against wind.

They are now in the process of drafting new zoning laws and comprehensive plans to meet their needs. They are overly burdensome with large setbacks and stringent restrictions made largely by emotions, not facts. Even though the Zogby poll and the Jefferson County survey showed that the larger percentage of citizens were in favor of wind, the antis just don’t want them!

For years our farmers in Cape Vincent have been struggling, and wind turbines would help them financially with clean green energy.

A wind farm in Cape Vincent would help the economy by lowering taxes to encourage new homeowners, help our struggling school system from losing our elementary school, provide jobs for many and still be able to keep our lake and river as a recreational resort — a win-win solution.

I have been a member of Voters for Wind for seven years promoting clean green energy. I am not a recipient for a turbine, but wholly support wind for a much-needed clean green energy solution, for the health and welfare of all.

Marlene Burton

Cape Vincent