Cape Voter for Wind objects to "wealthy summer homeowners".

A letter to the Watertown Daily Times was submitted by Voter for Wind Marlene Burton of Cape Vincent criticizing the Town of Cape Vincent zoning ordinance committee.

Jll has attended portions of nearly all of the Town of Cape Vincent Zoning Ordinance committee meetings. Unfortunately, Mrs. Burton, who is a frequent attender of many Town of Cape Vincent meetings including those during the day, to my knowledge has only attended one meeting, early in the process and for only about a half hour.

To claim, as she does in the following letter, that the new zoning draft has restrictions on industrial wind that are "overly burdensome with large setbacks and stringent restrictions made largely by emotions, not facts" is wrong. In fact, I have found the committee meetings to be full of complicated scientific data, dry statistics and void of emotion. Actually, damn boring. Only my engineering degree allowed me to even tolerate some of that scientific jargon that has been floating around at those meetings.

The Cape Vincent Town Zoning Ordinance Committee has been especially careful to consult with engineers, scientists and legal counsel to be sure that each of their draft zoning laws that have directed toward health and safety protections from tall structures could be backed up in court by experts. In fact, the experts have been asked and have replied documenting that they would support the draft in a court of law.

Mrs Burton's letter as it appears in the Watertown Daily Times:

Marlene Burton, who objects to
the political voice of the
taxpaying summer people,
spoke at a recent Cape town meeting.
Over the years Cape Vincent has been taken over by the wealthy summer homeowners, who have changed the financial base for our school aid. Summer residents were convinced to change their electoral vote to Cape Vincent by anti-wind people. Today our town board, Planning Board and Zoning Board are all run by non-native citizens of Cape Vincent who are against wind.

They are now in the process of drafting new zoning laws and comprehensive plans to meet their needs. They are overly burdensome with large setbacks and stringent restrictions made largely by emotions, not facts. Even though the Zogby poll and the Jefferson County survey showed that the larger percentage of citizens were in favor of wind, the antis just don’t want them!

For years our farmers in Cape Vincent have been struggling, and wind turbines would help them financially with clean green energy.

A wind farm in Cape Vincent would help the economy by lowering taxes to encourage new homeowners, help our struggling school system from losing our elementary school, provide jobs for many and still be able to keep our lake and river as a recreational resort — a win-win solution.

I have been a member of Voters for Wind for seven years promoting clean green energy. I am not a recipient for a turbine, but wholly support wind for a much-needed clean green energy solution, for the health and welfare of all.

Marlene Burton

Cape Vincent


  1. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Right on the money.

  2. Mrs. Burton's message is from the very same green shirts who went to the JCIDA and asked that the school board, the town and the county not be allowed to vote on a PILOT for wind.

    I was at the same meeting.

    Mrs. Buton's, Voter for Wind, prejudice and ignorance about how democracy works and the right to vote is not directed to just seasonal residents.

    They show the same prejudice against anyone who opposes British Petroleum's efforts to take our town away from us.

    Likewise, her denial of the right to govern and to vote is based on emotions and not democratic precedent and law.

    That is why it is important for all people to register to vote at the residence they love most. Living there thirty days is all it takes.

    Combat the Voter for Wind prejudice. Register to vote in Cape Vincent.

  3. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I know Mrs. Burton and my guess is someone wrote this letter for her.

    Enough said!

  4. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Seasonal pay the majority of the taxes in town. The farmers and wind lease people don't even pay their fair share. They are welfare queens who are subsidized at every turn. They even think they are welcome to free water.

    The Gary King, Harold Wiley anti-seasonal prejudice now being spread by letters like this will do nothing for this town except to divide it further.

    Good timing Marlene. Was this letter written for you by someone from out of town. Perhaps some town of Lyme green shirt? Or Bp?

    Voters for Wind suck!

  5. Anonymous5/02/2012

    "who have changed the financial base for our school aid."

    Mrs. Burton,

    Wait until you discover than any money coming in from a wind PILOT will change the state aid also.

    Our local aid will be reduced by new found money as the wind developers give the district a bonus payment instead of paying their fair share of taxes.

    At least your "rich summer people" pay their fair share. The wind developers refuse to and you support them. Tsk, Tsk.

    Either way, shame on you for falling into the Bp well laid out plans to use prejudice and community division as a weapon against your friends and neighbors.

    Shame on King and Wiley for promoting the prejudice.

  6. Anonymous5/02/2012

    My wife and I have avoided changing our voter registration to Cape Vincent because we really didn’t want to get involved in the local wind fight.

    However, this letter is a direct attack on our rights as citizens of the United States and, for me, the straw the breaks the camel’s back.

    We will be changing our voter registration today!

    Cape Vincent is starting to look a lot like Nazi Germany in the
    1930’s and 1940’s.

    Mrs. Burton, your letter is shameful and Un-American!

  7. Are they for real?5/02/2012


    "The gift of ignorance that keeps on giving."

  8. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Mrs. Burton, please do your homework. How in the world do you expect taxes will be lowered if it costs the Town more for legal and administrive overhead than any pilot would bring in? Could it be possible that you envision the ruin of property values will result in lower assessments thus lower taxes? Is that what you believe? Forget it because the lowered values will result in a higher RATE. What will happen to the taxpayers that are left holding the bag (empty of tax dollars) when the windies close up shop and leave us with junk to clean up? Not all development is good and wind in a populated, scenic and historic area such as ours is the worst development we could ever imagine. You and Mr. Burton are very nice and respectable people (as opposed to all of the other green shirts). However, it appears you have been totally mislead and uninformed about the true impact big wind has on a community.

  9. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Clean green! I could give a crap!

    I want my money! I want my money, dammit!

  10. Maybe the Voter For Wind whipped up another batch of Kool-aid at their last meeting?

  11. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Hey 10:55 A.M. your mouth is like the sewer line coming from the Cape prison, words are like they came from the Cape dump and shit for brains.

  12. Anonymous5/02/2012


    Clean up your act.

    I would suggest.

    I want my money. I want my money, please.

  13. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I'm a tree-hugging greeny who thinks the only thing green about Big Wind is Big Money for a few.

    I don't disagree that we need to go green, but we will never do it on wind. Industrial wind is about as useless as pissing into the wind.

    What I find remarkable is that someone who has been so involved with this fight for so long has never bothered to look at the issue objectively. Apparently VFW meetings are just an excuse to get together with a few like-minded friends, gossip, chatter and eat pizza, but never seriously examine the issue.

    As I've said, I'm a greeny - been a greeny longer than all the VFW crowd put together - and Big Wind is a Big Scam. I get a kick out of the VFW crowd who drive gas sguzzlers and would never consider solar or wind to support their farms, suddenly getting green religion.

    The bottom line for VFW is they want their money. Their comments about going green to save the planet are bullshit. Their comments about saving the Cape School are more bullshit. Their comments about seasonals going to the back of the bus are even more bullshit. What they really care about is THEIR money - they want their money, they want their money, dammit!

    Oh, if I recall the locals lost the election locally. The seasonal vote only added frosting to our victory cake. Apparently that victory cake is stuck in the throats of Wiley, King and Burton and they are having a tough time swallowing the results.

  14. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Sad that she sinks to the level of GK and HW.

    What they need on the town board is a beautiful black lady with a PHD. Boy! That would screw with their bigoted minds.

  15. Anonymous5/02/2012


  16. Anonymous5/02/2012

    If any of you voters see the new guy from Bp tell him I said he could go piss up a rope and you green bigots can join him.

    This letter will make many angry.

  17. Lunch Hour Gang5/02/2012

    The WDT headline said

    "Anti-wind summer residents controlling town."

    And what is real cool about this is that they did it the old fashioned way of the democratic process and grass roots.

    No conflicts of interest, no wind company paid community organizers, no slimy political tricks, lies and intimidation like the wiley-kings did.


  18. It's my lunch time too5/02/2012

    It is one thing to have hung your diapers to dry in Cape Vincent. But it is another to have worn them in Cape Vincent all these years and never changed them. Your letter stinks.
    Political loss is always hard to swallow. I was very upset when Patty beat Darrel. But now, I understand why he lost and why he should have lost. Sometime you don't ever get used to a loss and wait until the next round.
    But, for Marlene Burton to direct wrath and incite prejudice toward part timers who pay taxes and have every right to vote and to serve in office in Anti-American and subversive. She and they deserve to be called to task harshly on this view.
    Any wiley-king endorsed candidate for CV office can expect severe scrutiny by CV voters.
    There are twice as many seasonal taxpayers in the Cape than there are permanent. And many of the permanent like me were once just visitors or part timers whose life ambition was to live year round in the Cape and escape to the south for a few weeks.
    Prepare for the battle of your life Mrs. B.

  19. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Last fall Gary King and Harold Wiley with the support of former board members D.Mason, M. Mason and present board member M. Orvis led the citizens of Cape Vincent to believe that there was voter fraud going on by registered voters who had homes in other communities.

    It was an outright lie, there was not one case of proven voter fraud and their petition was presented under false pretense to many who signed.

    I am sorry that Mrs. Burton is now caught up in all of that. But I can't and will not agree with her.

  20. Anonymous5/02/2012

    "Prepare for the battle of your life Mrs. B."

    More like, prepare for the perpetual ass-kicking that you deserve as long as you hold this perverted, un-American view of yours.

    2:1 seasonal to year round? more like 6:1

  21. Anonymous5/02/2012

    It is obvious that Voters For Wind have no shame, and will keep at this. Well, there are a lot more seasonals that are still unregistered. And when morons like Burton (or whoever wrote it for her) keep sending in letters like this, it will only get more seasonals to register. It almost makes me wonder if this wasn't written by an anti-wind person!

    Expect more seasonals to register now.

    In the words of Randy Bachman, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

  22. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Forgive her for she knows not what she has herself invloved in. She is a nice lady but a victim of friends who use her and her huband to do their dirty work. The people who use the Burtons as their spokespersons (neighbors of all people) will pay a price for their cruelty.

  23. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Shr wrote that letter herself with NO coaching from anyone. She only says what she belives in.

  24. Anonymous5/02/2012


    I am saddened to hear that.

    I misjudged and thought she was nicer than that. But thank you for making it clear.

  25. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Her letter is right out of the scourges playbook. It's nothing new. She is being used like many of the others were in the past seven years.

  26. I am glad that I didn't see this letter before I left for work this morning. It would have had me fuming all day long.

    I have a suggestion that Madame (Lafarge) Barton may find acceptable. Why don't we just set up a guillotine on the village green and start taking care of those wealthy aristocrats who are planting their boots on the necks of the struggling peasants.

    This is really getting to be embarrassing for Cape Vincent. I hope the hard-working middle class cottage owners (who dominate seasonal home ownership in Cape Vincent) take offense at this kind of claptrap.

    It is a technique as old as the hills to try to discount and marginalize the legitimate voice of some people by defining them as "wealthy." Take a hard look Madame Barton before you start throwing the word "wealthy" around.

    The minority part of the town for whom you speak and who share your sentiments may not appreciate that statements like yours are doing them no good. But believe me, you are doing Cape Vincent no favors by expressing the thoughts you expressed in the paper today.

  27. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I have been fuming all day too.
    Was not going to respond.
    But the wind voters have to be told
    with Harold and Gary at some
    point that they are way out of line
    here and a shame to our town.
    How can one be so off about
    democracy in America.

  28. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Maybe the farmers wouldn’t be struggling if they would actually plant crops in their fields instead of drinking beer, raising llamas, working water and wind scams, stealing money from the town dump and looking for every opportunity to suck on the welfare bottle.


  29. Anonymous5/02/2012

    My wife and I made $71,000 last year. We both work two jobs and we own a trailer in Cape Vincent.

    Holy shit we must be rich!!

    I guess we'll change our voter registration to the Cape now so we can push around our financial strength.

  30. Anonymous5/02/2012

    The attitude from that letter is not only should you not have the right to vote, but how dare you win and look into our questionable dealings.

    The former gang of town and planning boards members felt they had no accountability to the citizens.

    Really if this is their best shot, then they really don't get it and probably never will.

  31. Anonymous5/02/2012

    They're done like toast. They will never hold elected office in this town again.

    As they say, the party is over. It will take them a few years to get over the sting.

  32. Anonymous5/03/2012

    as happy as pig poop that our newly elected councilman, John Byrnecalled up Mrs. Burton's husband to serve on the committee surveyig the water districts. How sweet...

  33. Anonymous5/03/2012


    I am glad you feel that way. Especially after the voter for wind conflict of interest candidates were defeated by John Byrne. Mr. Byrne is a very nice man and a valuable addition to the town board.

  34. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Voters for wind are vicious campaigners for their own pockets and self interest. Last school election I was told by more than one voter for wind that Michael J. Geiss had a mission to close Cape Elementary school. In the meantime voters for wind were manipulating to put pro-wind, conflict of interest candidates on the board in the event of an eventual industrial wind PILOT agreement vote

    Using our children and our schools to achieve their own personal gain is deplorable.

    Again, voters for wind are supporting a industrial wind conflict of interest candidates with no experience.

    For them, it is not about the children, or Cape Elementary, but about their own green greed.

    Michael Geiss is fair and as former Board President, he is experienced.

    Vote him back on the TI school board.

  35. Lady liberty5/03/2012

    Military out of town people living in the Cape are voting against Mrs. Burton's conflict of interest element too.

    Last fall's election of Hirschey, Byrne and Schneider was a lesson in American Democracy.

    It is very clear to this community that political leaders Harold Wiley and Gary King who paved the way for Mrs. Burton's prejudice are slow to learn their lessons in democracy.

  36. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Anon. 9:11 said,

    "I guess we'll change our voter registration to the Cape now so we can push around our financial strength."

    I hope you do. If you are here 30 days then you can register and vote here. It is very easy.

    Then, if your assessor gets a letter from Gary King and Harold Wiley harassing you and intimidating you and trying to get your STAR revoked talk to your assessor.

    Then tell Gary King and Harold Wiley to go piss up a rope.

    You will feel real good on the next town of Cape Vincent election day.

  37. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Count blessings. Burton just did the wind fighters a very big favor.

    Register to vote in Cape Vincent.

  38. Anonymous5/03/2012

    JLL and Pandora - please provide a link on both your blogs to Mrs. Burton's letter. Make it easy for anyone to access. When seasonal Cape residents return perhaps they would like to see that Jim Crow is still alive and active in Cape Vincent and that the Freedom Riders want and need their votes. Please consider registering to vote in Cape Vincent and the party of choice is Republican.

  39. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Mrs. Burton I live in CV six months of the year. I checked the rolls. You pay less taxes than I do.
    If you hate us so much, why don't you tell the world that we should not have the right to pay taxes either.
    Summers out number regulars 2 to one. What a dumb thing to say about your FORMER friends.

  40. Anonymous5/03/2012


    There is a link to the WDT letter Burton right in the text of Wiley's post. You missed it.

  41. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Wiley's link is in the sentence

    "Mrs Burton's letter as it appears in the Watertown Daily Times:"

  42. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Let's not forget that the only one who lost in the election due to summer residents was Kirk Grant.
    The Town Board members were elected by the majority of locals, most of whom are lifelong residents.
    Ms. Burton's letter is pointless.

  43. Anonymous5/03/2012

    Burton and the rest of the green shirted gang know their conflicted town board good old boys lost the election among full-time residents - they know that. What they are doing is an outright lie that serves their devious purposes. They want to divide our community in hopes it might allow them to take back what they believe is their town.

  44. Anonymous5/03/2012

    "Ms. Burton's letter is pointless."

    Not exactly, it will help convince more seasonal people that they need to register!

    Thanks Marlene! :-)

  45. Anonymous5/04/2012

    To 9:43: Kirk should have not thought he was a "shoe in". The person who "dared" to run against 2incumbents visited 90% of the homes in all 3 districts. Fro m what I see, Kirk is still very angry - why the feeling of entitlement???

  46. Anonymous5/04/2012

    That was a very good point.

    Kirk knows I am against wind. But I was going to support him. Instead of coming to my door he just bad mouth me. So when it came election time I voted for Knuth who I never even met until she came to my door.
    Same with Marty Mason. He assumed did stop by and I then met John Byrne for the first time and John got my vote.

  47. Anonymous5/05/2012

    "Natives" of Cape Vincent vs the
    "Non-Natives". What an absolutely ridiculous comment. I am sure the "Original Natives" would find this comment laughable.