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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The cheap bastard's only offered Cape Vincent 225 thou!

Holy Crap!

Amherst Island which is about 15 miles from Cape Vincent, NY and is roughly the same size as the Town of Cape Vincent is calling an offer of 7.5 million per year to crap up their island with only 33 turbines an insult. Holy Crap!

You-know-who is only offering the Town of Cape Vincent 255 thousand a year to crap up the entire town of Cape Vincent with as many as 150 wind turbines.

Here is what I just read in a Kingston Whig Standard article written by Danielle VandenBrink:

A company looking to build a controversial wind farm on Amherst Island has quietly offered Loyalist Township an payment of $7.5 million annually, the Whig-Standard has learned. But the proposal doesn’t sit well with the head of a group opposed to the construction, who decried the payments as shameful. Janet Grace, president of the Association for Protection of Amherst Island, said she believes the proposed payment is a response to mounting pressure from community members opposing the project.

The offer — which is conditional upon final approval from the province — would see the power company forward a voluntary payment of $7.5 million to Loyalist Township each year, beginning in 2014. Sean Fairfield, senior manager of project planning for Algonquin Power, said the draft agreement is based on the capacity, or price per megawatt, of the 33-turbine wind farm. The facility is expected to generate 247 megawatts of electricity annually. “We want to build a partnership with the community,” Fairfield said. “Looking into our modelling, we felt ($7.5 million per year) was reasonable. “We believe that offering this would help the municipality in relation to another project they may have.”

To add insult to injury, I have also heard from many reliable sources that the  Cape Vincent leaseholders did not do so well when compared to other projects in the world, either.

Holy crap! Amherst Island only getting insulted. Cape Vincent is getting screwed.