Former Cape Vincent town councilman thanks the Article X board for, "setting up all these rules".

Mr. Mason is a wind lease holder and former
town of Cape Vincent board member.

In the matter of the rules and regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16NYCRR,Chapter X Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities. I would like to thank the board for their hard work in setting up these rules. I think that this area needs all the benefits that come along with the wind farm. Such as the hugh boost to the economy while they are in the building stages. The high paying jobs that will come after they are built. All of the moneys that will come from the contracts that the land owners hold. Most of these moneys will stay local and help the local economy.  The Schools  will be able to restore many of the programs and jobs that they have had to cut in the past years with the extra moneys. The county could use the money to help stabilize their tax rate and continue to improve our roads and bridges. The Town government could use the extra money to help found additional water districts that brings in additional growth to the area, the local development corporation to help start up new business and the list could go on and on. Wind is a win win for this area.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Marty Mason

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