Former Cape Vincent town councilman thanks the Article X board for, "setting up all these rules".

Mr. Mason is a wind lease holder and former
town of Cape Vincent board member.

In the matter of the rules and regulations of the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16NYCRR,Chapter X Certification of Major Electric Generating Facilities. I would like to thank the board for their hard work in setting up these rules. I think that this area needs all the benefits that come along with the wind farm. Such as the hugh boost to the economy while they are in the building stages. The high paying jobs that will come after they are built. All of the moneys that will come from the contracts that the land owners hold. Most of these moneys will stay local and help the local economy.  The Schools  will be able to restore many of the programs and jobs that they have had to cut in the past years with the extra moneys. The county could use the money to help stabilize their tax rate and continue to improve our roads and bridges. The Town government could use the extra money to help found additional water districts that brings in additional growth to the area, the local development corporation to help start up new business and the list could go on and on. Wind is a win win for this area.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Marty Mason

Note: The PSC comments that have been posted on JLL have not been edited and appear exactly as presented on the PCS website.


  1. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Good morning JLL,

    Mr. Mason is a key player in the past wind corruption in Cape Vincent.

    He is a wind lease holder and while serving on the town board and at a town board meeting, he told the citizens of Cape Vincent that Attorney General Cuomo's industrial wind code of ethics was a waste of time.

    As a wind lease conflicted member of the board, the Cape Vincent code of ethics rules said that he was not even supposed to discuss wind. He was supposed to be recusing. But, Mr. Mason was not only discussing wind and violating the code of ethics, he was supporting the industrial wind development by saying that when our Governor Andrew Cuomo's was the AG his industrial wind code of ethics was a waste of time.

  2. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Marty, could you at least take the time to spell check or ask your wife to read over what you know will be shown to others and be public record? Monies. It's spelled monies. Do some homework instead of ranting about these gigantic noisy machines that will ruin our area.

  3. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Someone should put a post on the PSC's website listing all of the Cape pro-wind commenters who have leases with wind companies. Since they all talk about money but rarely say they will financially benefit from wind development.

    At the same time quote the section of the BP wind lease that says all leaseholders should fully cooperate and assist BP to get their project approved, and that would include commenting to the PSC about what a wonderful idea wind is for the Cape.

    All of these comments by locals to the PSC smell like Chandler has come to town and is now directing our local wind lobby.

  4. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Anonymous said...
    Ironically, one of the ART 10 rules is that no one connected to industrial wind companies in anyway can serve in the decision making process of the siting boards.

    Marty is a wind lease holder. Sorry, Marty your opinion does not count. But you can still vote in Cape Vincent, tho.

    Also, I am very pissed that you are a village employee but yet you are advocating that a State Agency take over local rule that could affect every person who has invested in this village. Many especially the owners around the outside of the village will lose money on their property because of what village employee Marty is asking the State to do.

    So Village employee Marty is ok with sticking it to the people in the village.

    Thanks, Marty you Bozo.

  5. Stay Focused5/05/2012

    Again -- I suffer embarrassment for Cape Vincent when I read these comments sent to Albany.

    They are so bad, both in substance and composition, that I truly wonder if they were written that way on purpose to invoke sympathy in Albany.

    Maybe the bureaucrats and lawyers reading these will say, “Gee – these poor folks are really up against it. We have to help protect them from the fat cat idle rich who have swept in and subjugated the indigenous “real” citizens.

    But then I remind myself that the lawyers and bureaucrats are not stupid. They are probably enjoying some good laughs – at the expense of all of us.

  6. Anonymous5/05/2012


    That's how many times marty used the word
    in his letter

  7. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Actually it was moneys, moneys, moneys, moneys,moneys

    In the plural.

    Spelled wrong, but monies just the same.

  8. Anonymous5/05/2012

    When Mr. Mason was on the town board he joined D. Mason and Mickey Orvis in passing a resolution that was intended to stop newly register voters from voting in Cape Vincent, NY.

    Within hours, the New York State Attorney General said their voter resolution was unconstitutional and said he was glad he did not have to deal with it meaning that it would be a federal 1963 Voter Act offense that would see serious action.

    The AG's immediate response set the town of Cape Vincent up for massive and very expensive federal voters civil rights actions against the town.

    Wisely, Mr. Orvis joined the two dissenters who voted no on the resolution and added his Aye vote to repeal the illegal and unconstitutional resolution.

    That illegal resolution was born out of political maneuvering by Voters for Wind and the Chairmen of two Cape Vincent political parties.

    Mr. Marty Mason and Mr. Donald Mason, both wind lease holders voted against the repeal of the illegal and unconstitutional resolution.

    Another blatant sign of industrial wind corruption in Cape Vincent, NY.

  9. Anonymous5/05/2012

    It was good that Maggie Joliff brought this blog and our comments to the attention of the PSC. State lawmakers are already aware of Cape's wind corruption. Because of such wind corruption AG Cuomo spent millions of taxpayer money in legal work while developing the industrial wind developer code of ethics.

    If members of the PSC and the people in New York State now come to JLL and Pandora they will get a feel for Cape Vincent and whether they want to come near us with any recommendations for State forced energy sitings and ignoring the local laws.

    For one, they will be able to hear about a town board member who mocked Andy Cuomo's wind codes of ethics by saying the AG was a waste of time.

    That person doing the mocking was wind lease holder Marty Mason, a village employee who was sitting on the Town Board and had signed an agreement that said he would do all he could in the siting of industrial wind turbines in the town of Cape Vincent.

    The perfect definition of government conflict of interest.

    Fortunately the people in the town of Cape Vincent took matters in their own hands and voted him out of office despite the best efforts of the wiley/kings.

  10. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Geeeze Marty

    Thanking the government for taking away local rule which is guaranteed in the New York State Constitution?

    How greedy does one have to get to throw former friends, neighbors and former political supporters under the bus?

    No insult intended to your competition, but the Republicans could have run a pasture pie against the wiley-kings last year and you still would have lost.

  11. Anonymous5/05/2012

    More proof of wind lease corruption.

    Everyone of the wiley-king candidates had conflicts of interest with industrial wind.
    Including Judge Grant who did not like me because I hate wind. Who did not stop to ask me to vote for him. But who I voted for anyway.
    Four wiley king candidates and all with wind leases and a judge with family with wind leases.
    How difficult is it for the AG to investigate and make a determination on this one.

  12. Anonymous5/05/2012

    This guy has fallen for the job provision hoax. That has already been proven wrong as the union has already asks them to take the local job requirement out of the PILOT agreements.
    As for permanent jobs. 8 at the very most and wind turbine cowboys don't want to live anywhere near turbines. They are required to wear hard hats when some of the neighbors don't. We got a few of the guys at some local businesses but most did not want to live near them while building. They came from Utica every day. When they were done everything else went with them.

  13. Anonymous5/05/2012

    I love the "FORMER" CV Town Councilman....all because of his greed and only looking out for his own financial interests. Greed corrupts!

  14. Anonymous5/07/2012

    Marty refused to rescind an illegal voter resolution which was illegal unconstitutional and reckless.
    It could have caused our town a lot of money and illegal grief if Micky Orvis had not abandoned the corrupt members and given his yes vote.

    Such bad judgement by Mason worries me since many village residents are summer people that Marty and votes for wind are targeted with their prejudice.