JLL Political Analyst Carol Rove weighs in on proposed Watkins Glen Wind turbines.

I don't care much for car racing. I don't watch it and I don't care who wins.  I only get interested after the finish when the cute drivers shed their fireproofing and show their sweat for me and the cameras. Dana ain't so bad either. (Wink! Wink!) I always blush when she throws one of her little hissy fits, if you know what I mean.

Car racing does serve me a purpose. It keeps my boyfriend, the little sweetie, on his bum, on the couch in front of the speed channel and away from me for a few hours,  if you know what I mean.

Now my boyfriend is all excited. Oh, not in the way you may think. I mean about Watkins Glen getting wind turbines at their car racing place. He takes me to the Glen sometimes, warns me to keep my shirt on, goes and gets a bucket of beers and then ignores me for the rest of the day. Other guys don't though. Some go to the Glen to see girls who get drunk. I'm not like that.

I don't have  the heart to tell the little dumass that those Glen windmills will be made in Denmark or some foreign place like that, are being bought by the government with his money and don't save nobody from foreign dependance on nothing. It's all a scam.  Even my brother Carl admits that. But only to me. 

Carl's so cute. He will say anything for a buck. Like telling folks that wind makes us buy less foreign oil. I love the little worm, though. I know some of his secrets so he tells me the truth.

Anyway, as far as green energy goes, these Watkins Glen wind turbines are a real oxymoronic kind of thing. And, whoever decided to put turbines at the Glen has the moron part down to a "T". The worst way to make energy right along side of the best way to waste energy. My boyfriend will now be able to sit on his ass watching cars burn up a zillion gallons of canned energy while going around in a circle real fast getting nowhere and at the same time the  little hunk of love can watch some wind turbines, too.

Talk about testosterone!

Like I said, I don't like that racing stuff at all and those turbines will make the Glen even uglier.  But, when they drop that green flag,  I get a break, a little rest and a few hours to think politics, if you know what I mean.

(JLL Note: You can read about proposed Watkins Glen wind turbines at this link.)